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MMMonday! JC Chasez’s Best Moments: 2004 CNN/ AH- ProBowl Cancellation

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2004 – CNN and AH – ProBowl cancellation

2004 should have been a banner year for JC Chasez. Hot on the heels of a popular single from the Drumline Soundtrack, JC was set to perform the halftime show at the ProBowl and beyond that, who knows where he could have gone? It was not to be, however. The NFL was skittish, still reeling and reacting from the now infamous Nipplegate incident during The Superbowl Halftime Show.

JC’s song choice, Some Girls (Dance with Women), was too suggestive, they said. They requested that he replace it with the also suggestive but more popular “Blowing Me Up (With her Love). The wardrobe was changed, words were removed from the backing soundtrack and to top it off, they demanded a lyric change. Eager to please and sympathetic to the NFL’s position, JC readily agreed.

After a tumultuous back and forth, amid fears and backlash from the SuperBowl Half time, the NFL eventually nixed JC’s show. They did, however, offer to let him sing the National Anthem… at which the normally mild mannered, agreeable JC went on the warpath.

Appearing on CNN and Access Hollywood, JC was stoically polite but didn’t mince words. He was angry, and it showed in his voice, in his face and in his words. JC is known as one of the nicest guys in music, never has a cross word for or about anyone. Even his America’s Best Dance Crew judge critiques are uplifting and encouraging, so for JC to give interviews in which he appears to be angry, hurt, disrespected, and ready to fight –a mode we never saw him in before and haven’t seen him in since– makes these interviews memorable. Not to mention that angry JC is hot, hot, HOT!


If you need a reminder of what things could have been like, I’ve added performances for “Blowing me up” and “Some Girls”. Quite frankly, there’s no such thing as “too sexy” when it comes down to JC ;-)


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