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*NSYNC Timeline – November 1999

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01-02 – Epcot taping for Christmas special

02 – at Epcot in Orlando, taping for the Very Merry Christmas Parade. “The taping had to be delayed by a day because rain. Anyways, the guys performed “Merry Christmas” and God Must Have…” and did a taping for a New Year’s Bash, where they sang “Tearin Up My Heart” and “I Want You Back”. During the taping, the guys were clowning around on stage (Justin did an impression of Ricki Martin) and J.C. gave the crowd quite a thrill between tapings, when he bent down to tie his shoes. The girls began screaming loudly because J.C.’s butt was facing the crowd, and that’s when Chris yelled, “There’s a full moon out tonight.” It was so funny and cute because J.C. turned bright red and ducked behind Chris. They did a wonderful job and to thank the crowd for coming out, they sang their new song “Bye Bye Bye”

02 – ‘N Sync, Diane Bass, Lynn Harless, and Johnny Wright launch a countersuit against Lou Pearlman for $25 million dollars, slams ex-manager as “unscrupulous, greedy” in legal papers. ‘N Sync first struck back on Tuesday by filing a countersuit against Pearlman and his three Trans Continental business holdings citing fraud, breach of contract, and Pearlman’s breach of fiduciary duty while he was the group’s manager. BMG Entertainment is not named in the lawsuit… Chasez also claims that Pearlman dissuaded the group from consulting lawyers, never showed them contracts for their BMG or RCA label deals, and pressured them to hire Wright and pay him more than the Backstreet Boys did in order to shift Wright’s focus to ‘N Sync… ‘N Sync’s Joshua “J.C.” Chasez called Pearlman an “unscrupulous, greedy” businessman who “while hugging us and calling us ‘family’ was picking our pockets, robbing us of our future and even endangering our health.” Although ‘N Sync’s debut sold three million copies by November 1998, Chasez says the group only received a $25,000 advance (which they assumed was for their RCA Records signing) and a small weekly salary during their 1999 tour. The boy band’s lawyer said that by 1996, when two of ‘N Sync’s members were still under 18, Pearlman had bound the band to a “web of confusing contracts fraught with self-dealing.” In his statement, ‘N Sync lawyer Adam E. Ritholz claims that those contracts brought Pearlman “50% of all recording royalties and 100% of all advances, plus a further 25% of recording income as management commission.” Ritholz goes on to claim that Pearlman cut himself a similarly large slice of ‘N Sync’s touring pie as well… Chasez concluded that, “We are painfully aware our careers may be brief. In truth, our fans made us a success… an injunction may be the end of ‘N Sync. However we cannot work with people who have lied to us.”

02 – release of A Rosie Christmas – ‘Love’s In Our Hearts On Christmas Day’

03 – Responding to the counterclaim, BMG and Trans Continental Records issued a joint statement claiming that the ‘N Sync camp “invented facts” in the court papers. “The false and inflammatory rhetoric contained in the court papers filed yesterday have no place in a court of law, where we are confident that the group’s exclusive obligations to Trans Continental and BMG will be upheld,” the statement concludes.

03-09 – Dollars To Dreams Auctioning off an `N Sync package. Starting November 3 several one-of-a-kind celebrity items will be up for auction on eBay as part of the ‘Dollars To Dream’ Auction. Among the items is an `N Sync Las Vegas Package that offers four concert tickets, two nights at the MGM Grand Hotel and… a meet & greet with `N Sync. All proceeds go to the Dream Foundation.

06 – taping for ‘Home For The Holidays’ for CBS, to be aired Dec. 23

08 – “Buy NSA The First Day” campaign established

09 – release of Pokémon Soundtrack ‘Somewhere Someday’

09 – release of Light it Up Soundtrack ‘If Only In Heaven’s Eyes’

09 – release of Gift of Christmas compilation ‘It’s Christmas’

09 – release of Totally Hits ‘God Must Have Spent…’

13 – Joey’s parents and some friends of the Fatone Family are running a studio in Orlando called Act III Acting Studio. They had a conference on Nov 13th in Orlando

14 – Touched By An Angel episode aired

16 – Justin participates in Team Harmony VI in Boston, an event billed as an “interactive rally against racism, hatred and discrimination of all kinds.” The event will bring together students from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, and New York at Boston’s FleetCenter for a day of education and discussion about combating racism.

17 – Justin, interviewed by the Boston Herald, denied dating Britney

16 – original scheduled release date for No Strings Attached

20 – Fan rallies held at Planet Hollywood in New York and Orlando. Bev Eustace, Karen Chasez and Dax were at the Orlando one.

20 – Additional affidavits were drawn on Saturday by ‘N Sync’s Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Lance Bass, who stated that Justin’s mother, Lynn Harless, was more responsible for creating ‘N Sync than Pearlman. Bass also claims that only after ‘N Sync hired a lawyer did they realize how “Big Poppa” Pearlman lied and cheated, “duping us into believing he was one of us.”

21 – Chat on AOL

22 – The Pearlman camp countered ‘N Sync’s cries of financial mistreatment on Monday with an affidavit stating that his Trans Continental Records shelled out over $13 million dollars to the band over the last two years.

24 – Both sides are expected to be present on Wednesday as the battle between boy band ‘N Sync and Trans Continental Media honcho Louis J. Pearlman enters an Orlando courtroom. There, lawyers will argue before a judge regarding the $150 million dollar lawsuit filed against ‘N Sync and the group’s subsequent countersuit.

24 – It seems that round one of ‘N Sync’s legal fight with estranged manager Louis J. Pearlman goes to the boy band. ‘N Sync and Pearlman were present (and dutifully ignored each other) in an Orlando courtroom on Wednesday as things got rolling in the $150 million lawsuit that BMG Entertainment and Pearlman’s Trans Continental Media filed against ‘N Sync and its new record label, Jive Records, last month. The boy band scored an early legal victory as Judge Ann Conway denied Pearlman’s request for an injunction against ‘N Sync for now and said she will be inclined to deny the injunction. According to an attorney for the group, the judge is studying the facts further, but ‘N Sync for now is free to continue their recording career with Jive Records. However, Pearlman and BMG’s lawsuit against ‘N Sync hasn’t been thrown out, and following the hearing, both parties met with a magistrate to discuss a possible settlement. In one strange turn of events, Pearlman’s lawyer admitted that he did not know how much the ex-manager had actually made off the group, but that the figure was at least $7 million. Since ‘N Sync has made only $7 million collectively, that would mean Pearlman’s portion of the cut is at least 50 percent and not the one-sixth he had originally claimed.

24 – Celine Dion Special, perform MOMH with Gloria and “That’s The Way It Is” with Celine

26 – Guests on Rosie for the full hour, perform BBB and TIPY. Afterwards, the chairs they were sitting on were auctioned on eBay. The final totals were: Justin, $3100; JC, $2550; Lance, $1775; Joey, $1325; Chris $1175. Reported from somebody who attended the taping, when asked about girlfriends: Justin denied dating Britney, but later said he had a girlfriend; Lance said he was single; Chris and Joey said they were taken; JC said that he was dating someone.

26-27 – rescheduled concerts at Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Grand, originally scheduled Sept. 17-18 (Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now tour) (with Wild Orchid, A*Teens)

28 – rescheduled concert at Reno, NV @ Lawlor Events Center, originally scheduled Sept. 16 (Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now tour) (with Wild Orchid, A*Teens)

29 – rescheduled concert at Oakland, CA @ Oakland Arena, originally at Concord, CA @ Concord Pavilion Sept. 15 (Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now tour) (with Wild Orchid, A*Teens)

30 – rescheduled concert at Sacramento, CA @ Arco Arena, originally scheduled Sept. 14 (Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now tour) (with Wild Orchid, A*Teens)

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