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*NSYNC Timeline – October 1999

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Chris Cuts If Off: After `N Sync’s tour wrapped up in September and sometime before the Autumn Leaf Festival on Oct 2nd, Chris had his trademark dreds removed. He’s now sporting a short hairdo reminiscent of `N Sync’s early days.

Britney on TRL, she are Justin are not dating, just good friends

late-ish – “The Because We Care music is pretty much finished and is awaiting storyboarding for the video. This is a music video ‘N Sync is planning to do for Child Watch, an international missing children’s organization.

02 – Chris attends Autumn Leaf Festival in Clarion, PA

05 – Photographed at the Essex Hotel, in NYC?

06 – TRL guests with Gloria Estefan and shut down Times Square

07 – Celine Dion Special taping

07 – Justin’s role in Model Behavior a.k.a. Cover Girls confirmed, alongside his role in the Transcon Studios Movie “Jack Of All Trades.” “Production on this project [Cover Girls] has just gotten underway in Toronto.”

07 – In other ‘N Sync TV news, the fivesome recently filmed a cameo for an episode of the CBS series “Touched By An Angel” in Salt Lake City. According to the AP, the shoot was meant to be a secret until local disc jockeys leaked the set location on the air, resulting in some 200 fans mobbing the scene. Good-natured as ever, the guys did manage to sign some autographs before departing.

12 – Louis J. Pearlman issues $150 million lawsuit against ‘N Sync and Jive. Boy band ‘N Sync and its brand spanking new label, Jive Records, have been slammed with a $150 million lawsuit filed by former ‘N Sync guru Louis J. Pearlman, his management team Trans Continental Media, Trans Continental Records, and BMG Entertainment, owner of ‘N Sync’s spurned label, RCA Records. The lawsuit (filed in federal court in Orlando, Florida) also targets Jive Records’ owner Zomba Recording and cites, among many alleged legal wrongdoings, breach of contract. One of Pearlman’s lawyers told MTV News on Tuesday afternoon that the suit also “seeks to obtain a court order to prevent ‘N Sync from existing” unless the group honors its management contract with Trans Continental Media and its recording contract with RCA… A spokeswoman for Jive Records told MTV News, “We have not been served with any papers from BMG or Trans Continental Records.” Last week, the Backstreet Boys also took a swing at Jive, charging that label with breach of contract and claiming that they were no longer on the label.

13 – ‘N Sync issues statement against Transcon: “Trans Continental’s conduct with regard to ‘N Sync is the most glaring, overt and callous example of artist exploitation that the music industry has seen in a long time,” the group argued in a statement issued to MTV News on Wednesday. “We look forward to the opportunity to air the full facts and will do so in the weeks to come.”

13 – In response, Pearlman’s legal team claims, “Louis Pearlman and Trans Continental Records created, developed, financed and groomed ‘N Sync and arranged, among other things, a very lucrative recording and distribution agreement with BMG that has been enormously beneficial to the group. They guided ‘N Sync every step of the way through the often arduous process that led to the group’s great success. Mr. Pearlman and Trans Continental have always acted in the best interests of the group and have tried for months to resolve any differences amicably. They have abided by the mutually agreed upon terms of their contracts, as they believe ‘N Sync should, on legal and also on ethical grounds… Jive Records’ scheme to violate Mr. Pearlman’s and Trans Continental’s exclusive rights with ‘N Sync should sound a sour note throughout the music industry. It is absurd to think that now that the members of ‘N Sync have been made rich and famous, they can just turn their backs on Mr. Pearlman and Trans Continental and go someplace else.”

17 – Chris’ 28th birthday

20 – ‘N Sync is announced to be on Rosie O’Donnell’s Christmas Album entitled “A Rosie Christmas” due out November 2, with track “Love’s In Our Hearts On Christmas Day.”

22 – Justin announces the Justin Timberlake Foundation to provide aid to the fine arts programs in public schools, namely music. He joins a panel of philanthropists at a conference given by the Clintons that helps promote giving.

22 – Concert of the Century rehearsals

23 – Concert of the Century: `N Sync were at the South Lawn of the White House to perform ‘Music Of My Heart’ with Gloria Estefan for a VH1 Save The Music special that aired live on VH1.

25 – Joey and Chris host TRL

27 – Pearlman Weighs In On ‘N Sync Lawsuit:

Trans Continental Media head Louis J. Pearlman may be named as a plaintiff in a $150 million lawsuit against ‘N Sync, but the boy band guru told MTV News that he is “caught in the middle” of legal wrangling between the chart-toppers and their old label, RCA Records… Pearlman told MTV News this week that he remains good friends with the members of ‘N Sync, whom he helped to mold into a multiplatinum boy band in the same Florida compound that produced the Backstreet Boys. That friendship didn’t come across in the days following the suit, when ‘N Sync released a statement that read in part, “Trans Continental’s conduct with regard to ‘N Sync is the most glaring, overt and callous example of artist exploitation that the music industry has seen in a long time.”… “That was a response to a statement that was made by some attorneys about some of the advisors for ‘N Sync,” Pearlman explained, “and I think that it’s being blown out of proportion. When there was a legal action brought, if we didn’t side with BMG, who they originally signed with, then we would be sued too… So it’s not us wanting to sue the boys,” he continued, “and that’s the last thing that we would ever want to do, is sue them. I think it blew out of proportion, because the paperwork looks like we are, but we’re still as friendly as can be, and it’s a tight family, and we’ll stay that way. I think that the response was based upon some response that the attorneys had been talking about and blew out of proportion.”

27 – ‘N Sync’s legal team countered Pearlman’s claims, telling MTV News, “While we cannot discuss the specifics involved in this case, for Lou Pearlman to assert that he is a mere sidenote in BMG’s legal case is ludicrous. Pearlman and his two Trans Continental companies are listed as the case’s main plaintiffs. We look forward to having our day in court where all the real facts will come out.”

28 – WB Radio Music Awards, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. GMHS nominated for ‘Favorite Make-Out Song’ Perform medley of TUMH, IWYB, and debut of BBB

30 – Joey and Chris appear as judges on the Say What Karaoke finals

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