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Justin Timberlake- “30 Days to 30″- Day 5

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It’s hard not to think of Justin whenever we talk about Saturday Night Live. He has given us countless moments of laughter with his several appearances on the show. He truly is an amazing comedian and I’m grateful that we’ve been able to experience this artistic side of him.

So on the 5th day of our “JT Special” I’m presenting you with the best gift ever! Released on December 2006,  it is Justin’s most iconic SNL digital short to date.

The sketch featuring comedian & SNL cast member Andy Samberg became a classic holiday hit all over the world and won Justin his first Emmy for “Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics” in 2007.

Quote from Timberlake:

The weird thing about the digital shorts that I’ve done with Andy [Samberg] and the Lonely Island guys is that we wrote this song in a delirium of no sleep on a Wednesday or Thursday of the week. We recorded it that night, and we were laughing so hysterically — and probably through the delirium of trying to write something so funny, this came out of it. We knew it would be funny on some level, because we were laughing with each other on the Friday we filmed the video. And then on Saturday they edited it, and Saturday night it was put out on television. … We weren’t parodying anyone in particular. I think the style in which we were doing the song was early-’90s R&B, so when we had that as a basis, we said, ‘How very ridiculous can we make this?’ Because then at that point, it’s just about making it as funny as possible.

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