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Come everyone, you know this one…On the 12th Day of *NSYNC…

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…. my Boyband gave to me….

Welcome to our annual “12 Days of *NSYNC” year end Celebration! Last year we took you through the beginnings of *N with flashbacks to 1998, a pivotal year for *NSYNC. This year, we thought we’d get festive with it and coordinate some photos and videos of the Boys celebrating the Holiday Season!

So, sit back and relax and for the next 12 days enjoy some *NSYNC!

Today is day 12, and really… no holiday is complete without a message from *NSYNC! Poor Melinda behind the camera and Lance in front of it, maintaining a tenuous at best hold on some kind of order. Uhm… it just doesn’t happen, if Chris and Joey are in the group. Because then Justin and JC have to join in. And Lance just gives up. Awww.

LOVE this one… Chris spazzing out behind everyone makes me crack up every time! “He’s 30!!”

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