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If it’s Monday, it’s MMM-JC Chasez’s Most Memorable Moments!

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Today’s Memorable Moment Monday, brought to you by JC-Chasez.net!

The Grammy Awards 2003 Tribute To The Bee Gees

This is a memorable moment for two reasons. First, the stunning tribute of an acapela medley to the Bee Gees. The boys had done a similar medley early in their career, but this was a version that showed off the maturity and skill honed after years of experience. I remember watching in awe, scared to take even one breath lest I miss a single note of what to me was pure perfection.

The second reason this performance is memorable, it was the last time most fans would see JC perform with Nsync. Sure some lucky fans saw them sing the national anthem at CFTC that last time, and there’s some video of it floating about out there. But this was the last performance. And boy what a performance it was!


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