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Added: Radio interviews from Debut!Sync Era

Submitted by on December 1, 2010 – 6:58 pm8 Comments

We’ve updated our Debut!Sync Downloads page with a few radio interviews with the guys. One is in 4 parts, and the other is one… REALLY CRAZY interview that one of our SN admins requested earlier today.

They are GREAT… and Chris is nuts. ENJOY!


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  • proudhebrew

    Do you know when exactly this interview took place? They all sound SO YOUNG.

    • http://www.stillnsync.com/ Still *NSYNC

      I don’t know for sure. They were Debut Era so.. 98-99 for sure.

  • http://www.stillnsync.com/ Still *NSYNC

    I don’t know for sure. They were Debut Era so.. 98-99 for sure.

  • proudhebrew

    Oh ok. I didn’t recognize Lance’s voice right away…I thought it was Chris or Justin. Wow. haha

  • http://twitter.com/theusagirl Stephanie Pena

    Totally lovin this..the way Lance spoke in that deep voice..wowww & LOLZ! Chris!

  • Jojie

    Amazing! i sudden having flash blacks listening to Rick D’s interview with JC.

  • Keith Curry

    HaHa!  My name is Keith Curry formerly from WSNX.  It’s hard to believe its been 13 years since I did this interview with the guys!  Someone actually taped this off the radio and made it into a cd.  I had no idea it was out there until a listener told me she bought my cd with Nsync.  I was like…Huh?  Unfortunately, no profits for me or Nsync, not that they needed them:)  Anyway, I was fortunate enough to know the guys from the very beginning.  I had done so many interviews with them at this point that we just decided to forget the traditional interview and just have fun  Chris took over from there!  I think they had just visited the Kelloggs factory in Battle Creek so thats where the cereal jokes were coming from.  It was so laid back that I actually forgot I was on the radio:)  They were one of the best bands to work and hang out with.  Anyway, its pretty cool that you have this site.   And to all of you die hard Nsync’ers, let’s not give of hope of a reunion!

    • http://www.stillnsync.com/ Still *NSYNC

      Wow, thanks for finding our little corner of the world! I love hearing stories from people who met/worked with them. They seem like a fun bunch.

      Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by.