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More on that Swedish song contest involving “Don’t Stop”

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from JC-Chasez.net

We suppose we should start with Mr Anders Fernette – who’s been the most talked about artist of the day, although for all the wrong reasons. His song ‘Don’t Stop’ was announced, and accompanied by a loud ”oooohh’ from most of the press present when it was revealed that it had been composed by JC Chasez (of *NSync fame), Carl Falk, and Kristian Lundin (of Cheiron legendary status). Unfortunately though, it was revealed later today that Carl had uploaded the demo to his myspace page earlier this summer, and it had been subsequently ripped and uploaded to youtube and *NSync fansites by excitable JC Chasez fans. So as a result, the song has been disqualified from the competition. However, SVT have said that the composers and artist have around one week to submit a new song. And if they think it’s as good as ‘Don’t Stop’, then they’ll be allowed to compete with it.

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