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Justin Bites: Movies, Music & Christmas

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A few bites of Justin info that didn’t garner their own individual posts…. dig in!

At JT4Breakfast.com, the 5th Yogi bear promo is up. Click the photo to view it!

From Timberlake-Justin.com

Justin Timberlake’s Christmas wish list

In his Santa bag: “Anytime when you can zone in on one thing somebody said they needed and get that for them, that’s always the best gift,” says Timberlake, who usually heads home to Memphis for the holidays. “So it’s usually small things.”

On top of his wish list: Hands-down it’s “the California Wine Club,” he says. Timberlake gets to sample a new vintage each month courtesy of his mother, Lynn. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving. She gets it for me every year, and I love it.”

Personal wish: “just some sleep.”Timberlake started shooting the sci-fi movie Now in October with Olivia Wilde.

Professional wish: “Listen, I have three movies coming out in the next year, so I’m hoping that people like [them],” he says, including comedies Bad Teacher with his ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz and Friends With Benefits opposite Mila Kunis. ” just hope to continue to be inspired because I feel really lucky to be doing what I’m doing.”

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Justin Timberlake: On My iPod

”The Social Network” star will next be heard as the voice of Boo Boo Bear in ”Yogi Bear,” but first, he fills us in on what he’s listening to right now:

Drake ”The Resistance” ”What he reminds me of is what I grew up loving about hip-hop, which is grooves. It’s like if Tribe Called Quest was still making music.”

Ray LaMontagne ”Jolene’‘ ”It reminds me of a character from, like, [1980 John Travolta movie] Urban Cowboy. It reminds me of Tennessee and how tough the guys are where I grew up.”

Radiohead In Rainbows ‘‘I really loved [the whole album]. Maybe it’s just where my head was the time it came out, but every song on that record is f- - -ing so good. ”House of Cards” might be my favorite. My mom and dad loved Roger Waters; Thom Yorke is my Roger Waters.”

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