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*NSYNC mention: Worst Videos of All Time…. what?

Submitted by on November 25, 2010 – 9:59 pm2 Comments

I’m giggling at this list at Yahoo! because some of these videos… yes. Really bad. And then I see this:

The next time you finding yourself thinking Justin Timberlake is the Coolest Guy On The Planet, watch this video of JT and his former boy-bandmates portraying satin-pajama’d mental ward patients, and think again. This is more embarrassing than that time Justin was onPunk’d:

And I say whaaaat? That video was *NSYNC gold! The fab 5 in silk pj’s in a padded room, running around and stuff…Chris singing lead (which hardly ever happened)…did you SEE their security guard in bunny ears? And JC pretending to fly? AND THEN JUMPING THAT GUY ON THE TALK SHOW. And Chris singing to his shoe? And Joey in a Superman cape? WHAT VIDEO WERE THEY WATCHING?  Certainly not this one….

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  • Septemberwn

    I love this vid. The only concern JT should have is that frosted hair of his, lol.

  • Princessmeg07

    Oh my God how can you not love this video!!! It is hilarious… and just thinking of how much fun the guys must of had making it makes me smile. :)