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Heat Magazine favorites JC’s “If U C Kate” by McFly

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Yeah, JC pretty much rocks. It’s nice of UK’s Heat Magazine to take notice and spread the word, though!

From JC-Chasez.net:

Heat Magazine : JC’s “If U C Kate” a favorite on new McFly album

From UK’s Heat Magazine. Thanks to Hollie for typing this up.

McFly – Above The Noise (from Heat magazine)

Screams at the ready – the McFly boys have just had a major overhaul. The result? A brave, mature new sound for the band, with US super producer Dallas Austin as the hidden fifth member. Party Girl leads the way with its big, belting vocals and sparkly production, while the super-suave I’ll Be Your Man takes the lads to a hot new level of musical prowess. Our favourites are definitely If U C Kate and This Song, though.

5/5 stars

JC Chasez mention in McFly interview

McFly have revealed that they hope to continue working with US producers in the future.

The group, whose latest album is called Above The Noise, worked on the project with producer Dallas Austin, best known for his efforts with TLC, Pink and Gwen Stefani.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Danny Jones said: “We definitely want to work with Dallas if we can, and Max Martin would be great too.

“One thing a lot of producers out there were surprised about was that we can actually sing and play our own instruments – I think they were relieved to have some of the load taken off them!”

Discussing the album track ‘iF U C Kate’, he revealed: “That was actually the only track we didn’t write. It was done by Dallas and JC Chasez.

“We were obviously a bit skeptical about it as we always write our own songs, but it was an amazing track and we really wanted it for our album.”

Above The Noise is on course to chart within the Top 20 this Sunday. [digital spy]

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