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In Case You Missed it: Joey on The Baub Show

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*NSYNCer Joey Fatone visited with The Baub Show host Bob Merrick last night… and it was so. much. fun!

Joey dished on his past work on Broadway and movies, his stint in Vegas as host of The Price is Right and his future gig up at Foxwoods Casino as host of Let’s Make a  Deal. And, of course, we wouldn’t let him get out of the (chat) room without some news on our favorite fivesome, *NSYNC.

Joining Joey was Joe Mulvihill, friend of the band, former Joey radio show cohost, and frequently mistaken as a relative of Chris Kirkpatrick. Joe supplied some great stories and stirred up great memories for Joey and Bob and their long, close friendship.

It’s a fantastic listen– Joey is laid back and funny and also GENEROUS… he shared two never before heard songs and let us tell him if we liked them. Verdict? Thumbs up!

Wanna hear it all, including the story about how the four men were RECENTLY in the same room together and *GASPJC actually paid for something?

Check out the archives at The Baub Show! You’ll be glad you did!

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