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Olivia Wilde to Justin: “Call me Mama”

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Olivia Wilde will play Justin Timberlake’s mom in Andrew Niccols’ new untitled project (formerly named Im. Mortal) — wait, what? Yes, you read right. Wilde, who’s actually younger than Timberlake by 3 years in real life, will play his mother in a film where people age until they hit 25-years-old, then they stop. Now, that makes more sense.

EW says that said film centers on “a society where aging stops at 25 and time has become the currency. As such, even a 50-year old can look 25. In this world, the rich are immortal and the rest struggle to stay alive.”

Timberlake will play Will, someone who is accused of murdering a wealthy man for his time and kidnaps a girl named Sylvia (played by Amanda Seyfried), holds her hostage and goes on the run.

Niccols’ has been wanting Wilde for the part for quite some time now, but due to the actress’ busy schedule she was unable to fully commit. She’s still a regular on“House” and was recently cast in The Change-Up with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. With this project, Wilde will rejoin her Alpha Dog co-stars Timberlake and Vincent Kartheiser.

Niccol won’t only direct the film, he also wrote the script. This project has an amazing cast lined up, but even more than that, this story sounds intriguing.

Source: Screencrave

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