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Predicting a rise in people “poking” Lance Bass

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Thanks, Superfan Sammi for finding some great photos of Lance from the Social Network Premiere!

“I guess I’d write, ‘Oh gosh, gee, I’m just a happy-go-lucky guy enjoying life.’”—Lance Bass, on how he would re-write his Facebook “About Me” section during the Cinema Society screening of The Social Network Wednesday night


Facebook has 500 million worldwide members and counting—but is it bigger than Justin Timberlake? The pop star was on hand for last night’s Cinema Society sneak peek at The Social Network, the much talked-about film that claims to tell the true and tumultuous story behind the paradigm-shifting site’s creation. In what has to be considered one of the year’s more interesting casting choices, JT plays Sean Parker, the hotshot Napster entrepreneur who helped sink the traditional music industry. As Timberlake rather diplomatically put it, “I kind of identified with both sides of the fence.”

Neither Eisenberg nor Timberlake has a Facebook account, but Lance Bass does and was happy to discuss his methods. “If you’re not on my cell phone, you’re not on my Facebook—but I do have a fan page,” he offered. As for Facebook’s flirtatious “poke” feature? “I’ve never even experimented with the poking,” Bass said. “Too many people to poke.”


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