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Fangirl Review: The Social Network by MusicMel

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I have a saying, when a movie or a TV show is going to feature a member of *NSYNC– it SPARKLES. Because, you know… they were sparkly! So when a film starring *NSYNCer Justin Timberlake is about to hit theaters amid much fanfare, even more than Rolling Stone and Ebert and the New York Times film critic reviews, I look forward to Fangirl Reviews- actual FANS who’ve seen the film and give an honest reaction.

One such SuperFan, MusicMel, had the chance to view an advanced screening of The Social Network and graciously allowed us to post her review here.  Thanks so much Mel! Feelfree to post your comments about the film, either here, on the forums or on our Facebook page.

I’d also like to thank SuperFan Sue, who attended the New York Film Festival Press Conference and film premiere Red Carpet and shared her exclusive photos and video with us at Still*NSYNC. I love Superfans with connections! Check out her photos on our Facebook page.

Mel’s review of the Social Network continues after the cut. There are no spoilers in this review!

I got to see an advance screening of the movie last week and well without giving too much away here is my review. If you have seen it (or when you see it), tell me what you think of the movie :)

The Social Network Review

I walked into the theatre already knowing a lot about the movie and had read a hundred or so reviews, but I still didn’t expect the outcome of this movie as a whole to be as great as it is. Clearly the movie defines a generation and the actors playing the cast of characters were outstanding. They were all a perfect fit for their character.

Jesse Eisenberg nailed his performance as Mark Zuckerberg to the wall. With perfection he delivered line after line, convincing you that he was this ‘impersonal computer geek.’ He surprised me with his performance and made me see him a different way.

Andrew Garfeild made me want to help Eduardo Saverin in his quest to get his friend back, the friend he lost to Sean and his ideas. I wish that he could have brought him back from the other side.

Justin Timberlake delivered undoubtedly the performance of his career. Justin was Sean Parker through and through. That egotistical person you hate but yet is right when he talks about endeavors. As a side note, I think his entrance couldn’t have been any more memorable. What a way to introduce his character to the audience. But it really was the perfect entrance for who Sean is as a person. Justin wasn’t Justin on the screen, he was Sean Parker.

Another surprising delivery was Brenda Song, who delivered the psychotic girlfriend, Christy, with ease. The reality of her character is that quite scary because this is exactly how others react to something that was posted on Facebook. There are relationships that have gained and lost through Facebook.

I only had one minor complaint. The ending, it made me want more. I wanted more details or more to happen, I was sucked in at that point but it just ended.

The Social Network defines a generation and is the movie of the year.

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