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Justin Timberlake at NYFF/The Social Network Premiere

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This post will be updated with the latest and greatest links to media- photos, videos, quotes, etc from Justin at the Social Network premiere at the New York Film Festival and the subsequent promotion of the film.

Start at the bottom for the most recent media:

The New York Film Festival kicks off  (September 24th) and The Social Network starring Justin Timberlake is making its premiere as the festival opener! Not! too! shabby! Mr Timberlake!

Check out Justin in his snazzy suit, courtesy Timberlake-Justin.com.

  • 10 Quotes from the packed Social Network Press Conference (Timberlake-Justin.com)
  • Thanks to Sue Hcsh (@heishotashell) for her photos and videos of Justin at the NYFF Press Conference. Check out the latest photos on our Facebook page! And while you’re there… Like us! Or Fan us! Or whatever.
  • Video of Justin speaking at the NYFF Press Conference now up on our Facebook page. Take a look-see!
  • New York Film Festival Afterparty at the Harvard Club – Sept 24 (Photos) (Timberlake-Justin.com)
  • Justin escapes injury at The Social Network Premiere (Video) (JT4Breakfast)

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