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Memories – Rich & Chris in Mission:ManBand

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In 2007, Vh1 launched a reality show called Mission:ManBand, where four former BoyBand members moved into Chris Kirkpatrick’s house in Orlando and had three weeks to make lightning strike twice. Joining Chris were Bryan Abrams from Color Me Badd, Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, and Rich Cronin from LFO. Together, they were Sureshot.

The show itself was tough to watch. Dark and soulful, it gave us our first (shocking) glimpse of Chris, post *NSYNC and a fly-on-the-wall view into the lives that teen idols lead after the screams from the fans have died down and  the money is spent and they find themselves alone,wondering… what now? Mission:ManBand was the story of 4 men coming to terms with their lives and making a vigilant effort at getting back to their first love: music.

Chris Kirkpatrick and Rich Cronin have known each other since their days as label mates. *NSYNC and LFO were both signed to Lou Pearlman’s Transcontinental Label. Through the years they kept in touch and when VH1 came calling, were reunited for Mission: Manband. While the show itself was entertainment, the rapport between Chris and Rich was better than the show itself. Chris laughed until he cried and then laughed some more.

Earlier today the fandom received the sad news that Rich Cronin passed away. At the time of this post, the cause is unknown. This saddens us in so many ways, as it forces us to come to grips with the humanity of the people we idolize. They live largely and fully. And sadly, they die.

I’ve picked some great videos from Mission: ManBand to remember Rich by. He was hilarious, and had such an effect on Chris. He was easily my favorite, though it was probably from his wicked Bahston accent. Enjoy these awesome moments  (after the cut) and please keep Chris in your thoughts.

RIP, Rich Cronin

New Kids on the Block had a buncha hits… can’t post about LFO without that one!

Chris’ laugh makes me laugh until I cry. Warning, this vid is called Bathroom Humor. Uh, watch with caution!

Rich’s theory on Boo’s

Also, check out Mission: ManBand’s first episode, Parts 1, 2, & 3.

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