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JC Month Day 22- He never, ever loses! + Emerald Cove Ep. 11

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JC!Month – Day 22

I never realized until today how often JC wins at games and such. He won the YoYo contest, the potato sack race, holding his breath the longest… *lol* But I’m pretty sure his team lost the Nsync or Swim showdown on the Rosie O’Donnell show in 2002. I think…? If not, it’s a fun one anyways ;-D [VIDEO]

ETA : nope, he won that one too. Maybe it was Nsynctionary he lost? He has to have lost something! *lol* [VIDEO]

Also, Emerald Cove, starring cute as hell JC Chasez, episode 11 is up at the forums!

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