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MMC!JC- Our contribution to JC Month

Submitted by on August 15, 2010 – 7:31 pmNo Comment

Our affiliate fan site JC-Chasez.net is celebrating JC Month, since his birthday falls in August. It’s been a great month so far, full of throwback interviews, photos and media that some fans (like me!)  have never seen.

Speaking of media that some fans have never seen… thanks to an awesome Superfan, Still *NSYNC is bringing you all 20 episodes of Emerald Cove, a soap opera aired within The Mickey Mouse Club.  JC superfans will remember that he had a recurring role on this show as  gnarly surfer Clarence “Wipeout” Adams. His hair was awesome and his vocabulary was… a stumper.

The episodes will be posted on the Forums. I’m a bit behind, so I’ve posted episodes 1-3. One episode will be posted daily  through the end of the month. Join us there for viewing, squeeing, and awwwwing at MMC!JC as Wipeout.  I first saw these episodes last summer and thoroughly enjoyed them!

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