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Chris attends Medicus Foundation 2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament

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First off, we’re going to have to try hard to get over our jealousy that Stephanie from K.nu got to attend this event, meet and talk to Chris and ask him some questions. I mean, it’s going to be really hard, but for the fans, we’ll power through.

This past weekend (August 7, 2010) marked the Second Annual Medicus Foundation Charity Golf Tournament, themed Gateway2 Giving. Medicus is one of the largest sponsors of the Chris Kirkpatrick Foundation and are involved in much of the fundraising for Chris’ charity. The weekend was full of wining and dining and the requisite golfing.

There are quite a few photos up at Kirkpatrick.nu, taken by Stephanie and fellow Chris fan Jill. Please go check them out and stay tuned for more photos and video from Stephanie’s interview! I have a choice few that I wanted to put up on the site, and you’ll find them under the cut.

Just a reminder to all CK and *NSYNC fans in the Orlando/ surrounding area, the Mask Care Aid Bash is fast approaching. This is always a fun event, so if you can go, plan to!  You’ll be seeing some posts here at the Still *NSYNC main site as well as the forums, facebook and twitter, banging the drum for CKF and for the Justin Timberlake Shriners Golf Tourney. All fans are encouraged to do what you can to support these great charities set up by our Boys. It’s important to this site to show *NSYNC that we still support them, even after the curtain has fallen.

Please feel free to contact us here at StillNSYNC or the admins at Kirkpatrick.nu with any questions!

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