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Wow, take a few days off and miss a ton!

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Courtesy Sarahmoffet.com

Howdy, Superfans!

I was away for a bit… after Celebrity Day I took a much needed break. But now it’s August and coming up on charity season! Time to get BUSY!

I could not BEGIN to catch up with all that has happened this week… let’s just say:

Please check out our JT affiliate JT4Breakfast for LOTS of updates:  Justin films his first 901 ads, continues filming Friends with Benefits with Mila Kunis and also some clips of Yogi Bear have been released. He really does sound like Boo Boo. It’s eerie.

Check Kirkpatrick.Nu for a chance to ask Chris a question… sort of. One of the K.Nu staff will be attending the Medicus Golf Tournament coming up! She’ll be meeting Chris and asking him some of your questions. Send them to stephanie@kirkpatrick.nu!

The new July calendar is up at JC-Chasez.net. GOODNESS THAT BOY IS FINE! Ahem…. sorry about that. And also, it’s almost JC’s birthday. You KNOW we’re gonna celebrate!

Lance is still touring the country for some odd reason… his latest conquest is Vegas. I’d like some of his frequent flier miles.

And Joey has been making me jealous by tweeting from the beach and posting about eating lobster. Get back to work, Fatone! Not enough of you on my TV!

Did I miss something big huge important? It takes a fandom to keep this thing rolling… let me know! Shoot me an email at stillnsync@gmail.com or tweet me @stillnsync. You can also post a question/comment/story on our facebook page: Http://facebook.com/stillnsync

Thank you for your loyalty to this site and to *NSYNC!

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