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Tivo Alert: Joey to guest judge “Dance Your Ass Off”

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This just in from our Joey affiliate, Joey-Fatone.com:

Former ‘N Sync-er Joey Fatone is hitting the dance floor once again. The season 4 runner-up of Dancing With the Stars is taking his dance knowledge to Oxygen’s Dance Your Ass Off, where he’ll appear as a guest judge on Monday night’s episode. He took some time to talk about his guest appearance and what he’s got coming up in the future.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why did you want to be involved with Dance Your Ass Off?

JOEY FATONE: It’s an amazing show as far as getting a chance for people to lose weight and have fun with it. That’s the whole thing with it. It’s pretty cool where they do the whole Biggest Loser thing where you work, and you work, and you work. But in this show, you’re working out, but you’re also having fun. You’re learning a dance. You’re learning something that some of them have never done before. And to be able to feel free and to feel confident. It gives them great self-esteem to get out there and to go and dance. [source]

Joey talks more about his dance experience, his experience on the other side of the judging table, and a new project he has coming up as the voiceover announcer for the new Family Feud!  Dance Your Ass Off airs at 10PM Mondays on Oxygen.

I don’t know about you other Superfans, but there’s just not enough FATONE on my TV lately. I’ll be happy to see him anyway I can get him! And eagerly awaiting the release of his film, Inkubus!

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