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photo courtesy celebrity-exchange

Doing a quick roundup, because it seems like it’s been a BUSY few days in *NSYNC world!

FIRST of all, Celebrity Day is COMING! Saturday, July 24th marks the 9th anniversary of the release of *NSYNC’s Celebrity album. We’ll be celebrating the album and your experiences and memories throughout the day. This is an ALL CALL for anyone who wants to contribute material– send your stories, fan art, pictures, thoughts ,dedications, etc to us via


Deadline is THURSDAY, July 22nd, 6pm! We’ll need time to compile everything so that deadline is solid! We want to include you, so get your material in on time!

More under the cut!


Chris fans! Keep your eyes out for information on a Charity Golf Tournament to benefit the Chris Kirkpatrick Foundation on October 2nd!  Please bookmark http://kirkpatrick.nu and check back often for more details!

Also, the 2010 Mask Car Aid Bash is approaching. This is an annual fundraiser held during Halloween weekend. Chris provides Halloween costumes, a haunted house and takes the kids trick or treating– events that don’t usually happen for underprivileged children. Follow CKF on twitter or friend them on Facebook. Get involved, buy a ticket, make a donation!  Every little bit helps!


From our JC affiliate:

JC possibly attending Starkey Hearing Foundation 2010 Awards Gala

Join us for an electrifying evening with remarkable performances for a great cause! You’re sure to be entertained with outstanding performances by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers, The Doobie Brothers and many more surprises!

Celebrities in Attendance

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne, Chace Crawford, Whoopi Goldberg, Magic Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Nick Lachey, Vannessa Minnello, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez [spelling corrected by stillnsync], Lou Ferrigno, Erik Estrada, Scott Carpenter, Shawn Pyfrom, Robert Loggia, Kevin Sorbo and many more! (Celebrity attendance is subject to change)


I know, I know, 4/5ths are listed, but I want to remind Superfans who might be anticipating an almost reunion that “invited” does not mean “confirmed”. Since JC has attended in the past, it is likely he’ll attend again. The other three should be considered big question marks……….. though, it would be really nice to see some *NSYNCers in the same room, huh?

And also, after more than 20 years in show business, I was kind of hoping people would learn how to spell Chasez. It’s not Chavez.


From our Joey affiliate:

Joey completed one helluva run as Franz Liebkind in Pittsburgh CLO’s The Producers on Sunday night. His lederhosen are now hanging out to dry and Joey is at home enjoying those adorable little girls he and Kelly have. During my research on the ‘net for info about the show, so many people were wildly excited to see Joey and he did not disappoint. He was hilarious and a perfect fit, and I hear they even worked in a Bye Bye Bye joke. He’ll never live it down.

We hope.

Congratulations, Joey!

Also if you live in the Orlando area, support the Fatone Family Foundation by attending the 5th Annual White Party benefiting The Fatone Family Foundation, in support of “My Healing Harmony” on Saturday July 24th. Admission is only $20. Go mingle for a cause! Check out the event via the Fatone Foundation’s Facebook page HERE.


Lance has been everywhere lately and we DO mean everywhere. He’s not getting there on time, or with his luggage or passport, but he’s been everywhere. Most recently Lance was in Miami. Check out pictures of him hanging and having fun with the Kardashians and friends this past weekend!

Also, if you’re bored and want to hear a few light Lance stories, check out the archive of  The Baub Show for Dave Holmes’ interview last night. A couple of Lance/*NSYNC stories there and an all around great interview with Dave. While you’re there, listen to Chris‘ interview and Lance’s as well! They’re in the archive.


Justin? Justin. I was going to tell you to sit down, but on second thought? Keep going. Here’s what’s up in JustinLand lately.

Have you SEEN the new Sony commercial, featuring Justin vs The Media Monster? No? GO SEE IT HERE or on Youtube HERE.

New photos have been added to the JT4B Gallery – Justin and Mila Kunis shooting Friends with Benefits & Justin taking a bike ride around New York looking yummy. What?

Justin moves into the Director’s chair for his new 901 Silver ad.

Sheryl Crow’s seventh studio album is out TODAY, July 22nd. It features a few great collaborations, including one sultry, smooth Justin Timberlake on background vocals in a remake of Sign Your Name. Haven’t heard it? Check it out at JT4B HERE and some background video HERE.

Also, as if you could forget, The Social Network opens October 1, but will premiere at the NY Film Festival September 24th! If you’re going to this showing, we want to hear from you! Send us a message if you’d like to be a report/review for Still *NSYNC!

That’s all, Shitty.

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