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*NSYNC mention: Dave Holmes “My Year of Everything”

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FOL (Friend of Lance) Bob Merrick will host former MTV personality Dave Holmes on The Baub Show next Monday evening, 7PM. Dave will be talking about his project, “My Year of Everything.” From his blog:

“You know how every non-fiction book in the last three years has been about the author doing one odd, life-disrupting thing for one full year and then writing a book about it? I’m reading one of those books a week for one full year and then writing a book about it. It’s My Year Of Everything, and you’re soaking in it.”

The Superfans know Dave from some of the most pivotal times in *NSYNC history. Dave worked at MTV during the history making release of No Strings Attached, when it seemed like *NSYNC LIVED at the NY studios. Many people don’t know that Dave was present while *NSYNC was making their MTV Debut, during the competition to become an MTV VJ, “Who Wants to Be VJ?” Over the course of a few well-written, tantalizing, humorous (okay, Dave is actually hysterical if you follow him on twitter, just the kind of dry humor that makes my day) entries, he describes the audition process, almost not making it (in true MTV fashion, they didn’t call him until after midnight on the day they were supposed to call to offer him the gig) and that day at 1515 Broadway when these five guys showed up and sang and danced and waved at the German girls in the crowd.

Check out the entire blog, because Dave is my new obsession, but here’s the small blurb where Dave mentions the history-making debut of both a great MTV personality and one of the biggest bands in the world:

The first part of the competition would cut the field from 10 to 5, and it was to take place on that afternoon’s “MTV Live,” a 90-minute afternoon embryonic “TRL” hosted by Carson, Ananda Lewis and Toby Amies. We’d tape some interview segments in the early afternoon that would be interspersed through the show, then we’d go through some challenges for a panel of judges that included John Norris, Kennedy and Chris Kattan, and, oh, also there’s a musical guest on today’s show: some new New Kids on the Block-type of thing from Orlando. In Sync? Something. They’re big in Germany.

The one thing that sticks with me from this day is the enthusiasm. I’d spent the last five years in an office, trying to muster up some excitement for my job, and here these people were- moving faster, doing more, and genuinely enjoying it. It shouldn’t have seemed to foreign to me, and it upsets me that it did, but it did.

And it’s not hard to see why they loved it. This was a place where a whole bunch of people who loved music and television could just get on the air and play for 90 minutes. You can’t do that anywhere anymore, not even there.

Anyway, the show started, and the plane continued its climb. We took turns pretending to interview a pretend-belligerent Chris Kattan. We talked music with Carson and Matt Pinfield. I said my favorite song was Ben Folds Five’s “Philosophy.” N’Sync waved to the four German girls in Times Square with “ICH LIEBE NSYNC” signs, and did backflips in their performance of “I Want You Back.” Justin Timberlake’s hair looked like Gary Spivey’s and Chris Kirkpatrick’s was worse. We lined up by the window during the final commercial break. I waved to the German girls. The VJs called the names of the five finalists: Jesse, then Kiele, then Ducci, then a gorgeous African-American woman whose name I can’t remember, then- after an endless pause that existed only in my head- me.

Geronimo. [source]

While you’re over at Baub’s site, check out the archives! Lance’s interview and the BEST Chris interview I’ve heard in a long time are here. They’re both excellent!

Just in case you need a reminder of that performance (because I love old performances!), check out the Boys (and their pants, OMG)  (and Lance’s hair, OMG!) from this flashback to 1998. Their performance starts after some MuchMusic sillyness, around 2:30:

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