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First Impressions: Pop Odyssey Tour

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Originally posted at popgurls.com on 06-13-2001

First Impressions

Written by AmyMelyneeAmanda

Once upon a time, three gurlies went to see *NSYNC perform live, at Giants Stadium. Let’s see what they thought…


  1. Chris was hot. And got to sing by himself!
  2. Lance was hot. With a surprisingly cute little butt.
  3. Justin was hot. And cried one. Perfect. Tear.
  4. Joey was hot. HOT. Rawr.
  5. JC was hot. And. Um. The bull-riding. Was. Like nothing I have ever seen.

Oh yeah.

Pre-concert perception: Lance looks really fabulous. All muscular and confident.
Post-concert perception: He’s double extra fabulous. Breathtaking.

Pre-concert perception: Joey without facial hair is really pretty un-hot. His poor leg!
Post-concert perception: If you bring back the goatee, and have him all growly right in front of you, it’s enough to make you want to find a counter, immediately, for some hoisting. Regardless of his poor leg.

Pre-concert perception: Poor JC just hasn’t been looking all that happy or well-groomed recently.
Post-concert perception: He tends to ride his mechanical bull like he. Um. Means it. And I might have fallen down, at one point. Thank goodness there was a chair handy.

Pre-concert perception: Justin is quite humbling, even in photographs. He doesn’t have, like, flaws.
Post-concert perception: He has one very big flaw: he’s a slut. A beautiful, fluid-hipped little slut. He’s out of control, and it’s damaging to the female psyche.

Pre-concert perception: Chris often appears to be a funny little elf.
Post-concert perception: Still short. But. Wow. Hot. Tight copper leather pants become him.

OVERALL IMPRESSION (stolen shamelessly from friend Alana): Blown away, overwhelmed, oversexed and satisfied.


Uhhhhm. So. Close. So. Close.

Justin: It really should be against the law for someone so young to thrust so well. Thank god he’s legal, or one could sue the government for entrapment.

Lance: The boy just owns it. Seriously. He owns it, and he knows it and he doesn’t care. And that is so fucking hot.

JC: He gets really excited, and it’s adorable. And he does this jumping thing. It’s very nice. I would like to jump around and throw him against a wall. Yes.

Chris: Honey, photos don’t do you justice. Wait until after this tour – there will be much Chris!Lust, I promise!

Joey: Did I mention how close he was? Like, so close that I had to hang onto Amanda so that I could stay relatively vertical? And that he was shiny? And big? And I wanted to do more than throw him up against a wall? And that simply thinking about it still makes my head tingly? Mmm…

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