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RIP Michael Jackson – Flashback!

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It has been one year since the death of pop icon Michael Jackson.  His influence on music artists across genres is legendary, long-lasting, and unforgettable. His willingness to share a stage with *NSYNC not once or twice but three times gives us memories of a wonderful time in music. The tunes are everlasting and still echo in our heads, the images still bring a smile, the moves still make us want to dance.  He was, and always will be, the King of Pop.

Ready for a little flashback? How about some *NSYNC featuring Michael Jackson and some The Jacksons featuring *NSYNC!

RIP Michael Jackson– Remembering when NSYNC enjoyed the honor of sharing a stage with him

Join us over at the forums for remembering *NSYNC’s reactions to the death of Michael Jackson – articles, videos, tweets!

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