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Vintage MTV.com video of *NSYNC being… well… *NSYNC

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Vintage Video: NSYNC Talks About, Well … Their Butts

After these amazingly Glambert-ine photos of Lance Bass surfaced this week, we started thinking about the glory days of NSYNC. Specifically the late 1990s when NSYNC ruled the world. But heavy is the head that wears the crown, my friends. With all their popularity came a great toll on their physical well-being, as you will soon learn from this rather odd vintage MTV video interview with John Norris, JustinJ.C. and the boys.

Things start innocently enough, with talk of life on the road. But soon it gets slightly more … intimate. Before you can say “bye, bye, bye,” NSYNC regales us with stories of “Dr. Buzz the butt doctor,” who administered shots of, no doubt FDA-approved medicine to the band’s bottoms. If that weren’t jarring enough, Timberlake pops up, as it were, to announce a recent, um, cleansing.

Funnily enough, Norris mentions Janet Jackson and her particular style of digestive maintenance. Good to know!

Anywho! Enjoy, if that’s the right word, this vintage interview.

Note to Self: Something we need to add to the *NSYNC Quote generator: JC didn’t get a shot, he got his colon cleaned!” ~ Justin


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