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This Week in *NEWS

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Happy Friday, SUPERFANS! A little bit of *NEWS from this week for you!

We finally found Chris! Sort of… K.NU has some CK updates:

Chris will be participating in this weekend’s Jason Taylor Celebrity Golf Classic hosted by Miami Dolphins All-Pro Jason Taylor. Photos will be posted as soon as they show up!

The Chris Kirkpatrick Foundation website is receiving a face-lift. Look for an updated site sometime in June– we will keep you posted on that and other details as we draw closer to the annual Mask Car Aid Bash.

Keep your eyes (and tummy!) open for a fundraiser called “Cupcakes for a Cause” . Details and info SOON!

Keep up with Chris and CKF related information by regularly checking kirkpatrick.nu or following @kirkpatricknu on twitter!

Some JOEY reminders!

Joey has been blogging lately! Well, not regularly or anything, but catch up with him HERE! Today he posted the preview to his single “Radio” which comes out on TUESDAY 5/18! We’ll definitely keep you posted on where you can find it.

Also, do NOT forget to catch him on Dancing with the Starts Tuesday night as well! He’ll be dancing the TANGO! YESSS!

According to some various internet sources including our affiliate Joey-Fatone.com, Joey is set for a pretty busy summer, with working on the Producers, possibly releasing another single as well as a full album and rumored to be in production on two films. I’m READY TO FALL for Fatone again!

Didja see what I did there? HA.  Need moar Joey news and media? Check out Joey-fatone.com or follow them at @joey_fatonecom on twitter.

Lance posted a great article from Paliban Daily to his Facebook page about the success of the Second Chance prom last Saturday:

“It was wonderful to see this community come together to celebrate and embrace diversity in a welcoming and fun atmosphere,” said Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the AHA. “Acceptance and love transcended the bounds of hatred on Saturday night, and I hope all Americans will find value in what has taken shape.”

Check out his page or the StillNSYNC Facebook page for a few pics of the shindig. Looks like a great time was had by all!

Who else is loving Lance on twitter? How did we ever survive without him? I mean, how else would we find out that Lance wants to marry his Kindle because he loves Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and is amused when he’s mistaken for a Backstreet Boy. And really… aren’t we all?

If you haven’t seen Episode 2 of Audi’s “Next Big Thing” starring one JustinTimberlake, here it is! As well as some video from his appearance on Oprah to surprise a great fan out on the golf course! Vids are courtesy our JT affiliate, JT4Breakfast! Stop by to watch some behind the scenes footage, and follow them on twitter @jt4breakfast.

StillNSYNC Gallery updates:

Thanks to the lovely ladies at K.Nu, we got some gallery updates! If you have photos or HQ scans that you want to add, register at the Photo Gallery and load them up! Or email them to us at stillnsync@gmail.com and we’ll load them up ASAP. I’ve got a set from MMC to be added that were sent in by a Superfan, so be on the lookout for those!

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