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Justin & Jess Brunch it out + movies & Glee?

Submitted by on May 6, 2010 – 10:26 amOne Comment

So, Justin’s not really working but he’s oh-so-busy. When he actually starts working, I am going to need a replacement keyboard!

New updates at JT4B- mic check one-two:

  • Photos of Justin and Jess on the way to brunch have been added to the Gallery. Hey, I LOVE brunch! And I’m always free… gimme a call!
  • Justin may just be too perfect for Glee. Are they holding out on the SexyBack? Check out the Access Hollywood article.
  • If Justin does anything well, it’s comedy. Let’s hope he has chemistry with Mila Kunis in this new film he is rumored to begin shooting, Friends With Benefits

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  • jdisintojc

    WHY NOT PUT NSYNC AS THEIR EPISODE!!! Epsiode about boy bands and all… kyaaa~ and justin and jc be on it… i love to see them act together!