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Justin and his haircut have been busy!

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Justin must be feeling light as a feather since he had his curls lopped off. Yes, I’m still bitter but I’m getting over it because have you seen the photos of him recently? He’s still kind of handsomely gorgeous. Squee! Let’s catch up with Mr TimberTimberTimberlake!

  • First of all, speaking of the Kentucky Derby, JT4B has photos in their gallery of Justin at the Derby here and here, in case they’re a little hard to find here at StillNSYNC.  I like the suit. I LOVE the hat. I thought he looked great.
  • Justin and Jessica were spotted walking around Manhattan, holding hands, all smiles and lovey-dovey. Photos are in the gallery here and here , headed to the gym to work on their fitness here and attending the Broadway show  In The Heights here.
  • Justin accompanied Jessica to the Met American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity Gala. Photos here.
  • The Gala After Party was held at The Mark Restaurant, where more photos were snapped. Justin is wearing a custom William Rast suit. GAZE upon it! According to his post at JustinTimberlake.com:

JT rocked a custom all-black tuxedo of his own design at the MET BALL in New York City on last night, April 3rd. “Made to Measure” by William Rast (AND…it measured just fine), Justin donned his cashmere wool blend tux with a satin lapel, satin band on the chest pocket and even an extra coin pocket (snazzy to say the least:

  • “That used to be me…” Part one of Justin’s Audi commercial has been released. It is short, but action packed. Can’t wait for the next installment! Check it out at JT4B or Youtube and get some background info on Justin’s character John Frank, a straight-laced IT specialist.
  • Justin took part in the I Create Music ASCAP Expo a few weeks ago. Says the blogger at the We Create Music Blog:

The conversation with Bill Withers and Justin Timberlake was absolutely hysterical. Withers has this natural Southern charm, melodious voice, biting wit, and relaxed attitude that combine to make him the kind of person you just want to have tell you a bed time story.

Photos and more detail on Justin’s involvement with the Expo are at JT4Breakfast.com.

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