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What’s UP, Superfans?!! Ready for the latest and greatest in the World of *NSYNC??? Here we gooooo…..

I’m a dork, I can’t help it.

Joey Blogs. Life has meaning, again.

In case you missed it, a recent update from new papa, Joey Fatone. Joey blogged on his Myspace page yesterday, captured at Joey-fatone.com:

“Hey everyone I know it’s been a long time but with the new baby it’s been kind of busy … Alot of stuff is going on amd really big one is I will be FINALLY putting out a single ! It’s called “RADIO” and will be on iTunes , amazon , Aol and all on Internet sales . It comes out mid May and very excited about it also on May 18 my ass will be back on DWTS to dance with Melissa Rycroft do a one night dance for the design a dance that they did on the web …. I Keep you posted that’s for following and will keep you more updated from now on !”

Exciting Joey news! We’ll keep you posted on Joey’s single and make sure we don’t forget about his DWTS return! So exciting!  Don’t forget, New Yorkers, Joey and Melissa will be at Madison Square Park from 12-2 this afternoon! If you go, take pictures. If you take pictures, send us some!

Updates from JT4Breakfast.com:

  • Shrek Opens The Tribeca Film Festival- Justin opted out of the premiere, but Shrek Forever After, the 4th Shrek film to be hitting theaters, kicked off the Tribeca Film Festival this year at NYC’s Ziegfield Theater.  JT4B has video of Cameron Diaz chattin’ it up about working with Justin on Bad Teacher.
  • Back To Golf- Justin made it back to his new favorite past time… GOLF. Last week he was seen hitting a few balls at Toluca Lake. Check out the Gallery Update at JT4B! Speaking of Golf, Mirmichi, the course he owns was named the first  Geo-friendly golf course in America.  What’s that mean??? Read about it HERE.
  • Shabby Chic? – Justin appeared in the video Love Dealer with his protege Esmee Denters. He’s looking kind of…well… take a look.
  • I love the NBA…. commercials…- The second NBA Playoffs ad has aired, starring Justin and Jamie Foxx. It’s funnier than the first one but still has that trademark Timberlake chuckle. View it at JT4B or on Youtube.

Lastly but not leastly…

We’re extending our support to Lance, who is working to make the Second Chance Prom a raging success on May 8th, in Tupelo, MS. Says Lance, “QuestLove has agreed to dj for Second Chance prom and he’s doing it for free!” AWESOME! According to Mississippi Safe Schools, the prom will include:

…dinner, a formal program, music and dancing. Celebrity appearances and support are expected.

This event is made possible through the generous support of funders, both in and out of Mississippi. These sponsors include MS native Lance Bass, who is both a vocal supporter of Constance and a sponsor of the event. Other major sponsors include Green Day, the American Humanist Association, and Cat Cora. With A-list celebrity event planner Michael Russo of Roses-n-Lollipops [SN note- the Event Planning co. started by Kelly Fatone]  at the helm, the prom will be open to Mississippi students ages 15-23, and is sure to be an unforgettable evening for all those in attendance.

Hope everyone has a fantastic time at Second Chance Prom!

Did we miss something BIG? Small? Need something *NSYNC related tweeted, Facebooked or blogged? Let us know via twitter (@stillnsync), Facebook, or shoot us an email – stillnsync [at] gmail.com! We’d LOVE to hear from you!

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