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JC-Chasez.Net:’ABDC’ Champs Pop, Lock And Flip For Charities

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‘ABDC’ Champs Pop, Lock And Flip For Charities

On Thursday night, “America’s Best Dance Crew” champs JabbaWockeeZ, Super Cr3w, Quest Crew, We Are Heroes and new winners Poreotix joined forces for a live charity special to honor five heroic young individuals, in partnership with DoSomething.org.

After all five groups collaborated for an electric opening number, each crew got their own chance to shine. Video footage showed how the crews were each partnered with a young volunteer who taught them about the charities they’ve founded. Then dancers performed routines in their honor before the organizations were given checks for $10,000.

Poreotix, the most recent champions, put together a fun, animated routine set to sped-up “Alvin and the Chipmunks” music in honor of Jackie Rotman, the creator of Everybody Dance Now, an organization that teaches dance to underprivileged kids.

“You guys have a lot of nuts; I said that on live TV,” joked judge JC Chazez.

All-girl season-four champs We Are Heroes were up next, dressed up as powerful female doll figures (including Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and a princess). They tumbled and flipped and delivered precision dance moves to techno backbeats. It was all in homage to 16-year-old Sarah Cronk, who started the Sparkle Effect to encourage cheerleaders to start squads for special-needs kids.

Quest Crew followed with a routine for 14-year-old Jordan Coleman, who made the film “Say It Loud” to promote education among his peers. The crew performed a throwback to the big-band era of music, impressing Omarion with their energy and air flares.

“That was professional, right there. I got to give you guys props on your energy, your creative, unique choreography,” Omarion said.

Season-two winners Super Cr3w did a fun tossup to 1980s breakdancing, entertaining with head spinning, halos and windmills. Their honoree was Marvelyn Brown, who founded HIV/AIDS education organization Marvelous Connections after contracting HIV herself. Super Cr3w had a secret weapon for the night: an 8-year-old pint-size dancer who hung in there with the big boys.

“I’m almost speechless. … This kid is only 8 years old. That is unbelievable. It’s great to see you guys again,” Lil Mama said.

Lastly, the masked men of the JabbaWockeeZ took the stage, and by the end of their performance, the entire audience was donning their trademark masks. They popped and locked and closed the show out on a high note for the sake of Paralympic skier Josh Sundquist, the creator of Less Than Four, a social networking site for amputees.

Welcome home, gentlemen,” Chasez told the group. “Congratulations on all your success. You guys are still world class. You give sound a shape, a visual shape. It’s artistic and it’s beautiful.”

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