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*News- This Just In!

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Updates from the  world of *NSYNC (aka affiliate sites and fans):

JC is a man of many hats (despite the fact that he only wears the one) and talents. Aside from his duties as America’s favorite judge on MTV’s hit show America’s Best Dance Crew, he also writes and produces music for other artsts…. and plays the drums!  JC-Chasez.net recently updated their site with JC’s album credits from Backstreet Boy AJ McLean‘s debut solo album, due out in the US this summer. JC is credited as writing and producing two songs as well as playing drums on a song called “Love Crazy”. Check out the full list of credits at jc-chasez.net.

Also from JC land– we love the smile, we love the laugh, we love the easy going jovial nature, but when JC is working, JC is working, and that goes for everyone, apparently! What did JC say to make Samantha Ronson turn off her twitter stream and get to work? Read it here! It almost made me close twitter and get back to work! Yes sir, Mr. Chasez, sir!

Lance and his hair are still in New York… I think he really wants to see if people can see his hair from China. He’s visiting Yankee stadium today and tweeted a couple of pictures.  Yes, that’s  FOL and Reba star Joanna Garcia! Check them out!

He’s also been updating his Facebook recently about the Second Chance Prom, to be held in Tupelo, Mississippi  on May 8th. We’re proud to support Lance, standing up for a cause he believes in! Can’t wait to hear reports about how much fun everyone has. I wonder if Lance has a prom date???? I’m busy, anyway. SIGH.

Has anyone seen Chris??? Buehler? I hope this means there is Nigels11 music coming. I’m just sayin’.

We hope Joey is getting limber in preparation for his Design a Dance performance with Melissa Rycroft next month on Dancing With the Stars. I can’t say how excited I am to be looking forward to Joey on TV! In case you missed, Melinda from WEG management passed along a message from Joey. He said to say that he still doesn’t twitter, but thanks for voting, we’ll see him in May. YAY!

FINALLY there are pictures of Justin from the set of Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz where he is not schlepping back and forth on a golf cart! JT4Breakfast has some footage from the set last week! Check it out HERE!

Also, as we mentioned previously, Justin will be One on One with legendary singer-songwriter Bill Withers (“Lovely Day”, among others). The three-day EXPO will take place at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, April 22-24, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. I hopehopehope we get some footage or someone takes notes as to what questions Justin asked of the music legend. Can’t wait to hear how it went!

  • Programming Notes: Don’t miss JC on ABDC’s Champions for Charity on MTV, Thursday at 10PM, and Justin on”Saturday Night Live in the 2000s: Time And Again” on NBC, Thursday 9-11pm.!
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