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ABDC 5 Season Finale- The CrankyCap: Winner Takes It All

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ABDC 5 – Episode 11
The CrankyCap – The Winner Takes It All

Tonight, one crew will be crowned America’s Best Dance Crew. But that’s going to take a while yet. First we get to sit through an hour of filler stuff. Doesn’t that sound like fun? *g*


Mario welcomes us to the LIVE season finale and tells us they received 15 million votes and that this was the closest race in ABDC history. I don’t know about you but I’m totally not buying that one. Later on, the winner will be revealed.

But first, we welcome back all the Season 5 crews and we kick off the finale with some reunion performances and the crews from each region will perform together on stage.

First up is the West. Omarion tells us he felt the West Coast had the most competitive edge. He says Heavy Impact always kept their groove and always had an energized element. He felt Hype 5-0 were true to their name and that every time they hit the stage, they gave a 110% and that Poreotix brought a different element of entertaining and that all these West Coast crews coming together, is going to be crazy.

It’s you that’s crazy, Steve Urkel.

I’m not a fan of these group performances but this one is actually pretty good. I like how they don’t stick to their own crews and “mingle”. The tutting part in the middle of the routine is a lot of fun and the transitions from one crew to the next are quite smooth.

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it.

I really enjoyed this one. Not once did I have the urge to fast-forward and that’s saying something.

Next up is the East Coast. Lil Mama says season 5 was phenomenal and that the East Coast crews definitely brought us new styles that we’d never seen before. She feels Static Noyze brought us theater and story-telling. She says Blueprint Cru is a very intricate crew and you just know they’re going to bring precision and they could possibly be America’s Best Dance Crew. She feels Saltare is going to bring passion and tricks to the group performance and she knows these crews will represent.

The East Coast is dancing to “Hot mess” and that’s really kinda what the performance is too. All the crews try to use the ropes and while it’s cool to see them trying to incorporate it, it’s also a bit of a clusterfuck and very reminiscent of Saltare’s performances when they were on the show. On a side note : Static Noyze is still a member down which is slightly worrying and makes me wonder how serious Enrique’s injury was that he’s still not performing with them now all these weeks later. Anyway, the ropes. Sad to see all the mess ups from all the crews and I’m sure that’s not what they wanted for this performance either. I’ve read somewhere though that they were given a second chance after the show and did it perfectly so you might want to check out the numerous repeats on MTV.

Even here it looks like people are out of position.

Let’s just quickly move on. Layla is backstage with Poreotix and Blueprint Cru. She tells Poreotix they have a great sense of humor and they’re always joking around but sometimes it’s hard to tell what they’re feeling behind those robotic moves. She asks Justin what it would mean to them if they won the title tonight. Justin tells her they’ve been auditioning since Season 3 and didn’t expect to get this far in the competition. He says they are really grateful for just being here and they want to thank all their fans for supporting them and that if they win tonight, it’ll be a dream come true.

Over to Blueprint Cru. Layla says that after being in the bottom three times, the voters finally made them number one last week. She asks TL how they feel now that they’ve finally won the hearts of America. TL replies by saying it’s been really difficult for them and having been in the bottom so often, meant having to prove themselves every single week but that’s it been the experience of a life time. Their goal was to win America over and they feel they did that last week and they’re really grateful for it. She says to them they’ve already won and ends by thanking the voters.

Up next is the South but first, we pause to admire/swoon/drool or just hump your screen if you feel so inclined. I had to wait a good 15 for this but man, was it worth the wait!

[bows down to the altar of The Chasez]

Right, the South, gotta focus! JC says he thinks Season 5 is probably the most balanced season we’ve had so far and he’s excited about the Southern performance because the South was really good this year. He felt Swagger Crew’s name summed them up and that Royal Flush will bring tricks with their flips and their breaking. He says Jungle Boogie has given us high energy performances every week and that they brought so much power to the stage. He feels all three of these crews have that Southern spark, the bounce, the flavor and the energy and he thinks the South might just leave a hole in the floor and crush it.

I’m slightly disappointed. I expected much more from them. The energy was there but not to the extent I know these crews are capable of. I never really cared much for Royal Flush and that didn’t change with this performance. All it really made me think was that Jungle Boogie should have been in the final. Oh, and shirts came off.

For those who are into that sort of thing ;-)

Overall, I’d say better than the East Coast performance but the West Coast had this one in the bag!

Gratuitous JC picture. It’s the end of the season. Sue me :-p

Back to the show and we get a rundown of the crews’ journey to the final. Poreotix is up first and they say that with their first performance, they just wanted to give America a piece of Poreotix and using the Taylor Swift song was just perfect for it. They are proud of what they’ve done and they’ve shown people something they’ve never seen before. They feel they’ve shown people you can just have fun on stage. They said they’ve been getting a lot of flack from the judges saying they weren’t dancing but they feel poppin’ and robot IS dancing. They say they may seem funny on stage but that they are serious about this and that they take risks every time they hit the stage but never compromise their style.

Now let’s take a look at Blueprint Cru’s historic rise. They tell us they went into the auditions just wanting to show that there is talent coming in from Canada but they didn’t expect to be on the tv show and stepping up on stage for the first time felt like being in a dream. Week to week, they wanted America to see Blueprint at its finest and they say Lady Gaga week was the turning point. TL tells us that they went into the competition wanting to win America over and knowing that they achieved that goal feels like they already won. They feel they’re living a dream right now and if you have a dream, you have to keep following it. They say they feel really blessed and want to thank us for letting them show us who they are.

Blueprint Cru and Poreotix will now perform together. For the record, I watched this performance twice and I still can’t find anything nice to say about it. Poreotix starts off completely off beat which annoys me no end. There’s this really weird drumline theme going on and when the rhythm picks up, both crews are stepping. Stepping, people! What the hell? It’s awesome when it’s a crew like the Strikers All Stars because that’s what they do! But this is just slightly embarrassing to watch. The only cool thing is to see Poreotix do something else than their robotix stuff but quite frankly, they’re not very good. Blueprint’s solo part of the routine is as precise and intricate as always but even that can’t save this performance. In short, I’ll just say that this was a huge waste of my time. Don’t do that again, abdc!

Are we there yet? Sheesh, this is just dragging on something fierce!

We now get some final thoughts and memorable moments from the judges. JC gets to go first and will talk about Blueprint Cru. He tells them they came into the building as outsiders because they’re from another country and they were the underdogs week after week but they rallied around each other and became a team and landed in the finals and he says that’s something to be very proud of. He says that teamwork to him was really evident in the Lady Gaga challenge, which was one of his favorite performances from this season. He says everybody had moments in this crew. He points out Nicolas with his bboy moves and Vince who shared the classically trained technique that everybody should appreciate. He commends Vanessa for being strong when holding down the handstand in the Usher challenge and says TL has emerged as a disciplinary and that this is Blueprint’s style. They’re disciplined and clean, they’re tight and fast. He feels this togetherness is what being America’s Best Dance Crew is all about and they’ve done Canada, themselves and ABDC proud and he wishes them the best of luck.

I could just listen to him talk all day. Though right now, I’d rather rip off the bowtie and open some buttons on that shirt, um, what?

Back to reality and Omarion will share his thoughts on Poreotix. He starts off by saying this has been a journey for him as well, being a judge for the first time but now they are added to the abdc history as well. He says he’s been a tough judge. More like an idiot judge but whatever. But he says he was a tough judge because he wanted them to seek greatness and to test every move and he feels they’ve done that, challenge after challenge. Clearly there’s a rule written somewhere that in the final a judge isn’t allowed to say anything negative. He points out the “take that and rewind it back” Usher challenge and the Lady Gaga challenge as memorable moments and tells them he’s proud of them.

Lil Mama gets to talk about both crews. Oh boy, I’m so looking forward to this. Not! She first wants to thank JC and Omarion for touching bases that she definitely wanted to cover. You know, not to state the obvious here but if they already said what she wanted to say, can’t she just let it be and shut up?

She tells Blueprint Cru that the first moment she saw them, they brightened up her day. She says they carried their faith, determination and inspiration throughout the competition. She points out one of her favorite moments which was Natalie levitating in the Illusion Challenge. She says they showed their growth throughout the competition and that they are greatness and a very powerful crew.

She tells Poreotix that they definitely grew on the show and that sometimes they were a little stubborn and that they didn’t want to hear certain things but she feels they definitely represent what the youth is all about because they were open hearted and they grew on the show. My head hurts. Seriously. What the hell is she talking about? She calls them edgy, youthful and fun. I call them arrogant and trying-too-hard-to-be-fun but maybe that’s just me. She points out the dolphin wave and mentions yet again that they’re fun and humorous but show athleticism and that they are serious about being here and she respects that. I can’t help groaning out loud here.

She says both crews always put on a show and are dedicated and strong. She’s happy they could all be here and with the votes being so close, it shows why they’re all here and why these two crews are going for America’s Best Dance Crew.

I’m happy she’s done talking.

We’re finally nearing the moment everyone’s been waiting for.

Both crews prove they have the skills and spirit to win it all but only one will have the honor of holding the trophy. Fifteen million votes were cast and this is the narrowest margin of victory in abdc history.

The crew that will take the $100.000 dollar grand prize and earn the right to be called America’s Best Dance Crew is ….


Gee, what a surprise. Not!

Anyway, Randy comes up on stage to hand Poreotix the trophy and reveal the champion banner. Poreotix then gets to perform one more time which just looks like any other performance they’ve done. And that’s it. The season is over!

Let me just take a moment to share my thoughts on the entire season. It was definitely a step up from last season, not that that was going to be hard. I loved the audition footage and the regional episodes at the start of the season. Some crews I expected more from, like Swagger Crew for instance. Some crews blew me away as the season went on, like Jungle Boogie.

The highlights of the season for me were Blueprint Cru’s Lady Gaga challenge and JungleBoogie’s Disco challenge.

It saddens me to think the only reason Blueprint Cru might not have won is because they’re from Canada. So MTV needs to either change the rules or the name of the show or not let non-US crews through to the show. There has been far too much hoopla about this. My take is, they got through the audition process fair and square and worked just as hard as every other crew and deserved to be here, no matter where they come from.

Leaving the “America” part of the title aside, this is supposed to be about the BEST dance crew. It’s not supposed to be about the most popular dance crew. There’s absolutely no fun in watching a show like this when you know from the very first episode who’s going to win, just because they have such a huge fanbase. 15 million votes isn’t much compared to seasons 1 and 2 but I think that’s normal because most people probably didn’t bother voting as the outcome was already so blatantly obvious.

It’s mindboggling to think that the most consistent crew of the season and the crew that gave us the some of the best performances EVER, didn’t win!

It’s that kind of voting that ruins the show. It’s that kind of voting that leaves crews like Saltare on the show for way too long even with making mistakes in quite a few routines while crews like Static Noyze are sent home way earlier than they should be.

I don’t in any way mean to be disrespectful to Poreotix. They worked just as hard as anyone but they are not the best dance crew this season, no matter what that banner says.

And so that’s it. Another season bites the dust. What are your thoughts on this season? Feel free to discuss them in the comments!

Don’t forget to tune in next Thursday at the regular time when there will be a special edition of ABDC. All the champions will perform for charity so this is your chance to see Jabbawockeez, Super Cr3w, Quest Crew, We Are Heroes and Poreotix in action once again.

Hopefully at the end of that show, we’ll know if there will be a Season 6. Til then, have a great week!

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