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Wish we could just follow Justin around with a camera..

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‘Cause the guy doesn’t sit down!  What’s he up to now?

  • Justin roaming the set of Bad Teacher on a golf cart… because why walk when you can ride? These pictures remind me of the making of Pop. He also dribbles a basketball and looks pretty bored.
  • Okay this is just a rumor but two of my fave male celebs together makes me *squee* so I’ll be waiting to see how this whole RENT thing turns out.
  • “I’m just taller than you…” If you haven’t seen Justin and Jamie Foxx in this promo for the NBA, please bring your eyes right here and LOOK at it, because it is made of awesome. I LOVE that Justin is taller than Jamie (and that Jamie points it out). I also love Justin’s laugh… always have. This is cute as hell:

That seems to be it, from Justin-land! If you hear of news/events/photos/rumors about any *NSYNCer, please be sure to Facebook/ tweet/email us. We can’t be everywhere, lookin’ at everything, all the time. We count on you fans to keep us updated about your faves!

That’s it. STAY *NSYNC!

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