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ABDC 5:Episode 10 – The CrankyCap – Do you have enough junk in your trunk?

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ABDC 5 – Episode 10 – The CrankyCap
Do you have enough junk in your trunk?

Beware of spoilers if you haven’t yet watched last night’s episode.

Only three crews remain as we near the end of this season. All three will perform a routine that has to incorporate various styles. One will be eliminated and the two final crews will lay it all down in their last chance performance to win over the viewers and get the votes to be crowned America’s Best Dance Crew.

Left to right : Blueprint Cru, Hype 5-0 and Poreotix.

Last week, America voted and the crew that received the most votes is in the final. The other two will battle it out for the last spot in the championship. One of these crews has their sights locked on the ABDC title. The other two are in danger and could fall off the radar tonight. The crew that received the most votes last week and has locked down a spot in the LIVE season finale on April 8th is …


I did NOT see that one coming! Obviously, neither did they! Those facial expressions are priceless! Well done, America! You finally saw the light! Well deserved, Blueprint Cru!

Time now for the Hip-Hop Nation Challenge! Each crew will have to incorporate styles from all three regions into their routine: New Orleans Bounce from the South, Baltimore House from the East and Turfin’ from the West. I can’t even pretend to know what the hell they’re talking about.

So Blueprint Cru is up first! They explain that they don’t know any of these regional dances, seeing as they’re from Canada. The style that worries them the most is Turfin’ because it’s very floaty and being on your toes while their focus is more on being clean and looking like a unit. They feel this is the most difficult challenge they’ll face because it involves incorporating styles they didn’t even knew existed.

The performance starts off with a high level of energy but I feel they lose it somewhere in the middle. It’s obvious they put a lot of hard work into this but I’m not sure if it hid the fact that they were completely out of their comfort zone. There are times when you can almost see them thinking and I don’t feel they were as precise as they normally are. I liked the performance but it wasn’t their best one and that could cost them the votes they need.

Let’s hear what the judges have to say.

Omarion says he imagines the challenge was hard for them because everything about them is structure but he feels they did the challenge pretty well. He congratulates them on being in the final three and tells them to keep doing their thing. I congratulate him on keeping it short and sweet and hopefully someday I can congratulate him on actually giving useful criticism. Actually, I take that back because that would mean he returns for another season and I really hope they’ll replace him. Get on that, MTV!

JC first points out that they are the first crew to make it to the final and we’ll definitely see them next week. That’s right, Omarion. Final two, not three! Keep up! JC says it’s a huge undertaking because they’ve had to bounce back so many times and it looks like they finally won America’s hearts. He’s not sure he liked the Baltimore section because he doesn’t know if they had enough junk in the trunk to pull it off. Bet he does. But the section he did like was the hand-weaving thing and he liked the variations in style. He’s not sure this was their best routine but they have one more to win everyone over and they have to go all in. Is it me or does that last part sound dirty? In any case, clearly he agrees with me. Again. I could so be a judge on this show, man. Someone hire me!

Lil Mama feels they were taken out of their element and it was “sooooo funny”.

The only funny thing in this here joint is you and I don’t mean that in the haha kind of way!

Apparently it was humorous because they worked so hard and it doesn’t matter what challenge is thrown at them, they always take it and embrace it. I wish someone would throw something hard at her. I don’t appreciate this “critique” one bit. I don’t know if she meant it to come across as a form of mockery but that’s what I take from it.

Let’s just move on. Poreotix is up first. The style they are the most worried about is the New Orleans Bounce because they have Asian Booty Disease, which basically means they have no booty to dance with. They said that themselves, by the way. It’s not me. They’re also not used to moving their shoulders and gyrating because their style is more about staying in an isolated zone. Yes, we noticed the lack of dancing.

Whoa! I mean, really, WHOA! Where the hell did all that come from? That was a great performance! They nailed the challenge and it was all very energetic! I like how they held up signs with each style because it was creative. They used a big part of the stage and everything seemed to flow almost effortlessly together. It’s obvious they were having fun. I wish they could have shown us more of the same the rest of the season. But in my opinion, one or two great performances do not make you America’s Best Dance Crew. Still, purely based on this performance right here, I can’t help but be impressed.

JC thinks they are funny dudes. Unlike Lil Twit earlier, he totally means haha funny. Just so we’re clear.

Poreotix makes JC laugh. JC makes me …. um, laugh too ;-)

He mentions them holding up the signs to introduce each style because it made it easier for the judges and he feels they handled their business today. I’d love to handle his ….. right, let’s not go there. JC feels they handled the Turfin’ masterfully. He points out Jet-Li who got lost during the Baltimore House section, which is greeted with the usually “boo” reaction from the crowd but he’s right. I love that he noticed that because I missed it. I also love MTV for showing the slow-mo. It’s like a “shut up” to the haters!

Ya see? It’s an oopsie! Nothing gets by the all seeing oracle that is JC, people!

JC says it was a good routine but we can’t see those mistakes and if they get one more chance, they have to make it happen.

Omarion tells them he’s been waiting for this “the whole damn season” and that the people who are watching at home are going to feel this energy. He tells them to keep doing their thing and that they had a great performance tonight. He’s done talking again already? I’m not knocking it. In fact, I could totally get used to this!

Can we skip Lil Mama? No? Shoot. She wants to name this the “smoov criminal” performance. Say what? Also, smoov is totally not a word. Someone should tell her that. She feels they brought Poreotix, slow-mo effects, athleticism and they kept a dangerous speed throughout their entire performance. She feels they kept it fluent and clean and she respects this performance because it was flawless. Still don’t understand what the smooth criminal stuff is about but chances are, neither does she.

Last up, it’s Hype 5-0. They know it’s really important to step up their game this week because everyone will be doing the same styles. They say they’ve been working really hard to impress the judges but they feel it has watered them down so with this routine, they intend to stay true to themselves and just bring back Hype 5-0.

Yes! Yes! YES! What a fantastic start! They’re serious! They mean business and it shows from the get-go! Such high energy and passion! This is what I expected from them from the start and it’s so good to see them just go back to who they are. They are really throwing down the gauntlet here and giving us that real battle feeling by actually “dissing” the other crews.

You just know the Poreo fanatics didn’t appreciate that one!

Personally, I thought that was the best performance of the night! Way to go, Hype 5-0. Pardon the lame-ass rhyming.

Lil Mama says they definitely made it clear that this is a battle. She felt they went hard and showed us something different every second and she respects that. She feels they did their thing. I hope you all don’t mind but I skipped over part of what she was saying because it made no sense whatsoever. Clueless, this girl.

Omarion thinks a lot of people may feel weird about their performance but he knows exactly what it was and that it felt like something of a self-check. He points out the moments when they “dis” Blueprint and Poreotix because this IS a battle! Funny how the crowd barely reacts to the Blueprint moment and goes “boo” with the Poreotix moment. And I don’t mean haha funny, but more of a rolling of the eye funny. I’m just sayin’. Omarion tells them that with greatness, you will always have people who won’t like you, because that’s what greatness is. How he was chosen to be a judge on this show is absolutely beyond me.

Available soon : Words of wisdom, by O-idiot.

JC says he was actually pleasantly surprised to see Hype 5-0 tonight. He feels they got back to being themselves. He liked the opening of the routine with the big moves and the high energy and it gave an impact. He thinks they brought passion to the stage and a great battle attitude and that they did a good job!

They’ve done all they can and now it’s in the hands of the judges. I believe Hype 5-0 had the best performance of the night so far but I’m pretty sure they won’t be saved. Call it gut instinct.

Which crew will have a chance to be named king of the hip-hop nation and which crew will lose their shot at the crown? The crew that will face off against Blueprint for 100.000 dollars and the title of America’s Best Dance Crew is ….

No kidding?!

I don’t think their Hip-Hop challenge was better than Hype’s so based on that, I’d have to disagree with this decision. Plus, are we all supposed to ignore the fact that Jet-Li had his oopsie moment while Hype’s performance was faultless? However, it’s been clear all along that Poreotix would be in the top two so I’m not surprised at all.

The following brought a tear to Lil Mama’s eye. It’s adorable and I don’t think we’ve seen a moment like this before. I guess it just shows that the crews this season really got along.

So cool! I can’t even be cranky about that!

So it’s goodbye to Hype 5-0. They can leave with their heads held up high! I hope they are proud of what they accomplished because they should be!

Alright, we’re down to the last two and it’s time for the last chance challenge. Try saying that when you’re drunk. Each crew was given total freedom to create one final routine and prove to America why they should be the champion. They got to pick their wardrobe, design their choreography and pick their music with help from superstar producer Swizz Beatz to take it to the next level. Apparently this is exciting stuff. I wouldn’t know who he is so I’m really not that bothered.

Blueprint Cru is up first. They want to start off really powerful and then go in to some intricate beats that they can do quick movements to. This performance is their last chance to show what they’re about and how people will remember Blueprint.

The performance is called “Come to life”.

They’re coming to life. Get it? Anyone else getting an Nsync vibe here? ;-)

That’s a creative start. I approve. Right from the top of the routine, you can feel that this is more the Blueprint we know and love, as opposed to the previous routine. They’re precise and intricate and even when the speed of the music picks up, they don’t miss a beat. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: for me they are this season’s best dance crew. They didn’t have one single bad performance. Not one! They are the most consistent crew of the season with strong choreography each and every time, very well rounded and able to fuse different styles.

Poreotix is up next. They want their routine to have a videogame feeling to it and they want to add some sort of sound effect to match their movements. On a side note, we’re in like a really dark studio so why the hell is that Swiss cheese dude wearing sunglasses? Can he even see where the frickin’ buttons are?

Their performance is called Tetreotix.

Get it? Tetris? Robotix? Yes?

They start off with a nifty looking tutting section. Or at least I think that’s what they call it. I really need to brush up on these technical terms. And then it’s straight off into what they’re known for : the robotix and showing their sense of humor. Some of the things they do are actually really cool. They create nice moments. But I just can’t watch a whole routine of the same tick-tick-tick (tm JC Chasez) stuff. I can’t help it but I get bored. They’re great at what they do but in my opinion, it’s not dancing and it’s not what I look for in the country’s best dance crew.

As far as both last chance challenges go, neither one really blew me away in a way that I would expect a last chance challenge to do. Look back to season 3 for instance with Quest Crew or even season 4 with We Are Heroes. Those are memorable performances. Those are performances that will make people vote for you.

No comments from the judges anymore. They get no say. The decision is now entirely up to the viewers. It’s time to pick the champion!

For those who want to vote, you can do so until next week Thursday, April 8th, 1pm EST. Then make sure to watch MTV for the LIVE finale to see who will be crowned this season’s best dance crew!

Til then, have a great week!

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