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ABDC 5 – Episode 9: CrankyCap – It’s Just An Illusion!

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ABDC 5 – Episode 9 – CrankyCap – It’s just an illusion!

Uhm, Spoilers! Duh.

We’re down to the last four. How the hell did that happen?

I love how the crews last week gave a little tribute to Saltare at the end of the show and came on stage with the ropes! These crews clearly get along like a house on fire! Very cool to see! Did they show that last week too? I must have missed it if they did. I guess I should keep watching until the credits roll. Oops?

Tonight’s episode kicks off with a group performance by the four remaining crews.  It starts a little slow but once we get to the stage, it really kicks off! Hype 5-0 finally displays some energy and we also see some dancing from Poreotix who seem to do just fine in keeping up with the other crews. Um wait, is that Lil Mama? It’s bad enough I have to listen to her yapping on every week, but now I gotta watch her dance too? Come ON! Guess she didn’t do too badly but seriously, if you’re going to have someone up on the stage dancing with the crews, can it please just be JC?! Make a note of that, MTV!

As far as the performance goes, I enjoyed it. High energy, great dancing! These crews deserve to be in the top 4, for sure.

Moving on! Mario is going to tell us the fate of the crews.

The first crew through to next week is Hype 5-0. I wish you could see the dramatic rolling of the eyes right here. Once again, Blueprint Cru is sent to the bottom two. You know what, dear voters? I get it, okay? They’re from Canada. But they auditioned just like everyone else and if the producers or whomever didn’t want a Canadian crew on the show, they would have said so. The point is, they’re here! Working hard! Being the most consistent crew on the show! Never putting a foot wrong! Can’t you just forget where the hell they’re from and vote fairly? Surely you’re not that petty! Step it up, people!

Okay, I feel better.

Tonight’s episode is all about magic and illusions. Yes, we’re recycling already, from season 3 to be precise. I hated it then, it’s gonna take quite a bit to stop me from hating it now. I can’t believe they’re running out of ideas already.

For their challenge, Hype 5-0 must make an object come to life. Considering they barely came to life themselves so far, I imagine this is going to be tough. They’ll be using sticks or canes in their performance.

They start off very energetic, which is nice to see. But then it slows down again. It’s almost as if they run out of ideas and they go back to what they’re used to. It’s all getting a little repetitive and like we’ve seen it all before. There’s nothing new.

The illusion is pretty cool though. I’ll give them that. However, I can’t help but feel those two girls are completely redundant in this crew. Especially with this performance right here, they barely do anything. And there’s the over and under flip thing again. Boring! I also feel they’re dragging this illusion thing on too long and they’re not in sync. Overall, I’d say I don’t think this crew belongs in the top 3.

Lil Mama thought the performance was good and wants to commend the crews for being able to pull together the opening performance and their own performances in just a week, because it’s very difficult and it takes a lot of energy. She feels they utilized their prop well. She appreciates that they showed a different side to their group by slowing it down and giving us moments.

I already have a hard time taking her seriously!

Omarion feels their choreography never changes. Uh oh. He’s agreeing with me? He thinks they did well with their challenge but thinks they could have been more creative with the illusion and they need to bring it harder.

JC says this is the moment right before you make a lasting impression because this is what could get you into the final. He says he can see them “thinking” on the stage and that there wasn’t a lot of choreography but a lot of running to places and if we can’t see them dance, we’re missing out.

Back on stage with Mario and the two remaining crews.

I already know where this is heading. The crew that will definitely return next week is Poreotix. I can’t even try to look surprised. Jungle Boogie gets to battle it out against Blueprint Cru later.

So, up next, Poreotix. For their illusion challenge, they have to move an object with their minds. I’m just going to say it right now: BeatFreaks did this with the glittery disco ball type thing in Season 3 and there’s no way any crew, and especially not these guys, are going to top that. Anyway, Poreotix hopes to move America with their minds and their robotic dance skills this week.

The energy is there from the word go and the robotic running man or whatever it is, cracked me up so that’s cool. But the level of choreography is going down again this week. There’s not much dancing going on. The illusion is nice but the idea of a flying box is just ridiculous.

Overall, I’d say they let themselves down this week. It felt like for the past two weeks, they were really picking things up and showing us what they’re capable of but this week, they went back to basics and it just didn’t work for me. The ending was cool but this didn’t even come close to the BeatFreaks performance. Although maybe it’s not fair to compare the two. However, I don’t care about the hype surrounding these guys. They are not America’s Best Dance Crew this season. They might win it because they have such a huge fanbase but that doesn’t make it right.

JC thinks they accomplished their task really well. He’s not sure the choreography was the best they’ve ever done but it was there. Do I need to point out the crowd’s reaction? You guessed it, a big fat “boo”. Are they watching a different show?

Let’s take a moment here. Nothing makes an ABDC episode better than Sassy!JC! He doesn’t care what the crowd thinks about his critique. He’s used to the boo’ing and you’re not going to make him change his mind, no matter how hard you try.

Are you kidding me?

But last night, he took it a step further and actually called the crowd out! Unholy love right here!

Do you guys really feel that that’s the best choreography they’ve ever done?

I am laughing so hard! Not just at that, but the reaction from the crowd who clearly don’t know how to react to this. Lil Mama starts laughing (quite unattractively I might add) and Omarion just sounds shocked!

Hey man, I take this judging thing really seriously!

JC is undeterred and goes on to say the choreography wasn’t bad but that they’re about to go into the finals and if they’re not going to do it now, when are they going to do it. He wants them to “KILL IT” or they might not win. He liked the weird running man and says they owned it by the end.

Lil Mama also liked the running man and the shout-out to the West Coast. I’m not sure why that particular part is relevant but chances are she doesn’t either. She thought the illusion was technically sexy. The mind, it boggles. She agrees with JC that the dancing wasn’t too difficult but she felt it was entertaining.

Omarion agrees that the difficulty wasn’t all the way there but that they came out with energy and they looked like they were excited. He feels they used their illusion to the fullest and they did a good job.

Layla is backstage to interview Jungle Boogie and Blueprint Cru. Raqi says they’ll just do what they did last time and have a lot of energy, have a lot of fun out there and leave their hearts on the floor. Layla then asks Blueprint’s TL what she thinks it will take to get America on their side. TL says they feel blessed and thankful to be on the show and asks America to keep voting for them. They want to go out there and kill it; leave everything on the stage and get everyone to fall in love with them. I don’t have the heart to tell them I fear they’re fighting a losing battle.

Blueprint Cru is up first. For their illusion challenge, one of them has to become lighter than air.

I love the whole set-up from the second they start. Their song is Pink’s “Funhouse” and it’s like being in a circus. They’re telling a story and it’s all very theatrical and slightly creepy, right down to the costumes. Their illusion is just awesome.

Natalie is floating above the stage and bboy Nicholas slides underneath just so we can all see there’s nothing there holding her up. The whole performance is just as we’ve come to expect from them. Meticulous, precise, perfect! They do not belong in the bottom two!

Omarion commends them for a great season. He points out they’ve been in the bottom a few times but they’ve always managed to stay afloat. He also wants to commend them on this performance and he feels this was really different from them because they went more into story telling. He tells them that whatever happens, they did a great job.

JC says there are so many things he likes about this crew but he feels the intro was a little slow, although he loves the fact that they used the whole stage for it. His perspective is, if you like execution, if you like lines, if you like diversity in style with classical styles and with bboy styles and with straight choreo styles then you have to love this group and he can’t understand why Blueprint is in the bottom this week because they just deliver. Say it with me now : BECAUSE THEY ARE FROM CANADA! So not fair! He thinks the illusion was really well done and creepy and it freaked him out a little. So overall, good job and as always excellent execution.

Lil Mama thinks they did a great job not only with the dancing but also with the acting and she feels they took it to the next level. She liked the intro and feels they really brought the performance to life like a theater show. She applauds them on their illusion and points out that they weren’t lazy because they brought other stunts into the routine as well. She finishes by saying this is a very strong crew.

Last but not least, it’s Jungle Boogie time. For their illusion challenge, they must pass their body through a solid surface.

They start off their performance by taking advantage of the fact they have twins in the crew. That’s really creative and it was fun to watch. They pull off their illusion really well too.

Up until this, I thought it was a tad slow but once they got the illusion out of the way, it’s Jungle Boogie all the way! Hard hitting and full of energy! But I don’t think it’ll be enough.

My top four of the night looks like this :

1 Blueprint

2. Poreotix

3. Jungle Boogie

4. Hype 5-0

Over to the judges.

Omarion starts off by saying Jungle Boogie have been one of his most favorite crews and he wants them to know that whatever happens tonight, this isn’t the end of the road for them because they are great dancers. He felt the opening was a little slow but once they got the illusion out of the way, they showed off their footwork. I’m really kinda creeped out by the fact that he and I seem to be on the same page. Make it stop!

JC thinks the performance was playful and likes how they played off the fact that there are twins in the crew. He feels they executed the illusion really well by showing that the mirror is a solid surface. He feels they danced their tails off tonight and that they tore the stage up. He doesn’t think these two crews should be in the bottom and that both these crews, apart from having some great guy dancers, have phenomenal female dancers too. Word.

Lil Mama says Jungle Boogie is off the hook and feels they brought the highest energy level to the stage tonight. She was impressed. Not that it takes much.

The judges will now deliberate.

Which crew will be making magic next week and which crew is about to disappear from the stage forever? Seriously, who writes this drivel?

Mario points out that the judges wanted him to say that they loved both of these crews and this was THE most heartbreaking decision of the season.

The crew that still has a chance to become America’s Best Dance Crew is ….


Again, I have to say I agree with this decision based on tonight’s performances. I’m sad to see Jungle Boogie leave because they gave us so much and there’s no way Hype 5-0 ever did better than they did. Jungle Boogie should have been in the top 3, not Hype 5-0.

As for Blueprint, they deserve to be here and I’m glad to see the judges saved them once again.

Next week, each crew has to perform twice. First they’ll have to master some of the toughest dance styles from the East, the West and the South and then they have to design their ultimate last chance performance with original tracks.

I’ll leave you with this cap. The three remaining crews, paying tribute to their fallen friends “Jungle Boogie”.

Til next week!

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    Yeah I have no idea what move he's talking about.

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    It's the part where the girls are upside down and I see them making some kind of hand movements but I can't see BBB in it at all!