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Spirit Week: Bring Back the Boys!

Submitted by on March 23, 2010 – 8:58 pm3 Comments

I found this post via the magic of the internet. I think the idea of a Boyband themed Spirit Week is the best EVER! But aw, those poor sophomores that have to be LFO!  I wish we could get a picture of those halls decked with *NSYNC posters.

On a happier note, this week is Spirit Week at school and it’s pretty much my high school dream world – the theme is “Bringing Back the Boys” as in BOY BANDS. The seniors are *Nsync, the juniors are Backstreet Boys, and the sophomores are LFO. The senior lockers are all plastered with *Nsync posters, the windows are covered with lyrics to *Nsync songs, and *Nsync album covers line the walls. I’ve had several embarrassing obsessions over the years – Amy Grant, Hanson, No Doubt, Titanic and Leo, but the biggest of all was *Nsync. Particularly Justin Timberlake. The first car I drove was a 1987 Chevy Celebrity, which thrilled me for obvious reasons. I taped a photo of Justin to my dashboard. I went to three *Nsync concerts in high school (there probably would have been more if we hadn’t moved to Malaysia after sophomore year) – even making halter tops with my friends with “celebrity” in glittery silver. I taped The Rosie O’Donnell Show when they were on and downloaded every possible obscure song  by *Nsync I could on Naptser (Spanish version of “This I Promise You”, anyone?) I plastered my walls with dozens of posters and magazine articles about them.

Oh, 1999.

So, maybe you understand now how my heart gets aflutter and I am giddy as I walk down the halls, singing *Nsync and Backstreet Boys songs to myself. Twelve years since I bought my first *Nsync CD and they’re still popular with high school girls. Have I mentioned I love working at an all-girls school? This week. Is. Awesome.
We agree. :) Thanks for an awesome post!
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  • nsyncismylove

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!!!
    I would've been sososososo happy if my school did that!!
    that sounds like *NSYNC heavennn! :D

  • Sifjada

    I so need to pitch this idea to my school… IT NEEDS TO BE DONE!!

    • http://www.stillnsync.com/ Still *NSYNC

      Sounds like a fun idea, hm?