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ABDC 5 – Episode 8: The CrankyCap – Take That and Rewind It Back!

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You know the drill! Spoilers, and things like that. Let’s GO!

ABDC 5 – Episode 8
The CrankyCap – Take That and Rewind It Back!

It’s Usher week! [flails about] I’ve only been waiting for this since season 2!

Usher welcomes us to tonight’s episode with wise words: get into the groove or be gone from the game! Right. Might wanna work on that wisdom just a little bit.

As per usual, Mario introduces us to the five remaining crews. They are Poreotix, Saltare, Jungle Boogie, Blueprint Crew and Hype 5-0. I’m already not liking this set-up. It’s not going to bode well. I can feel it.

First up, Jungle Boogie and Blueprint Crew. One of them is safe, the other crew will have to battle it out in the bottom two. The crew who received enough votes to return next week is …. Jungle Boogie!

Kinda what my face looked like too. Utter shock!

I knew it! I frickin’ knew it! Y’all are just hating on the Canadians, aren’t you? Not cool! So not cool!

In case you missed it, let’s just repeat once again, that tonight’s episode is all about Usher. Seriously. It’s like a show for dummies. We get it! Move on already!

Each team will get an Usher song (no shit, Sherlock) and a specific challenge they need to incorporate into their routine. You know, à la Usher. Because it’s Usher week. Get it?

We kick off with the Jungle Boogie. Their song is “Love in This Club” [guh] and Usher tells them he wants them to incorporate some hot glides. Antwan feels that because Usher is from their hometown, it puts extra pressure on them to live up to his expectations. Dude ain’t there, kids. He’s not gonna care. Codie explains you can’t just learn gliding overnight and it’s not for everybody.

They start off with an interesting looking up and over flip [I don’t know the technical terms, sue me] and go straight into quite an Usher groove. It looks good. What looks even better, are the knee glides.

Nasty! I like!

Their challenge was the glide and it was there, but I didn’t like it. The knee glide was way better! Overall though, I felt it lacked the energy that they brought last week. The routine went a little hot and cold. There were some nice moments but it didn’t really wow me.

Over to the judges and pop impresario JC [New title. I approve] says the routine was hot and cold for him. Is he reading my thoughts? That’s kinda freaky! This comment evokes another boo from the crowd. He’s used to it by now. JC says the routine was full of moments but doesn’t think it was magical all the way through. Not sure what magic has to do with Usher but whatever. JC liked the knee glide. It was sick. But he didn’t like the foot glide because he didn’t get the illusion that the guy was floating. Okay, seriously, man, get out of my brain! You really don’t wanna know what’s all in there, trust me! He finishes by saying it started slow and ended high but it was just moments for him.

O-idiot starts true to form by being an idiot. However, he feels that today Jungle Boogie showed they have musicality. To be honest, you’d make a really crappy dancer if you didn’t have musicality. He felt Codie embodied Usher with the glide and that they did great on their challenge. Overall: great job.

Say it with me now: i-d-i-o-t

Lil’ Mama says this crew is hot and they work really hard. She felt they were very clean from beginning to end. She felt they hit it hard and smooth at the same time and they did Usher. There’s something really wrong about that entire sentence.

The three remaining crews are up on stage, waiting for Mario to reveal who is safe and who isn’t. The first crew that’s in the top three and will be back next week is … Poreotix! And the other crew that received enough votes to be on the next episode is … Hype 5-0! Which leaves Saltare to battle it out against Blueprint Crew later.

Alright! Next to perform is Poreotix! Charles explains that now they got JC back on their side, it’s going to be hard to top that this week and keep the love that he had for them last week. The Usher song they’ll be dancing to is “Yeah” and their challenge is to bring to life the lyrics “take that and rewind it back”. So in other words, do some great Usher choreography and then do it in reverse. This sounds really cool! I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Whoa! Talk about energy! They come out fighting. I love this song and they do a great job of catching the vibe of it! I also like how they’ll always try to incorporate a little humor. I think they did a great job with their challenge.

Take that and rewind it back!

It was really creative and they’re even throwing in some bboy moves at the end of the routine. This is what I expected from them since day one. They’re finally showing us what they can do. Using the stage more, doing a lot more choreography and stepping away a bit more from the robotix. I get that that’s what they do and I don’t mind seeing a little of it but not a whole routine. So, looks like they surprised me again. Good job!

Lil’ Mama thought they were really clever. She says she almost fell to the floor. I kinda wish she would. She shows a replay of the “take that and rewind it back” moment in the routine and she felt they were really on point.

JC explains how “Yeah” was a smash hit in the clubs and Poreotix played into that by making it look like they walked into a club and shut the place down. Some loser in the audience yells out “yeah” in the middle of JC’s critique. It doesn’t throw him off though.

He just laughs at your stupidity.

He thought it was really really (yeah, twice!) fun and they had a positive attitude. He says they’re finally starting to show a bit more dimension other than just the poppin’. Dude can’t stop talking. He must really like this routine.

Omarion thinks they have tremendous potential though he would like to see them level up the difficulty of their choreography, which has the heckler in the audience yell out “WHAT?”

Was that a scream? Ha! Wishful thinking, much?

But he thought they did a good job.  One of these days, Omarion will do a good job too. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Hype 5-0 is up next. Their Usher track is “U Don’t Have To Call” and their challenge is to choreograph a section of their routine using shoes with wheels. They explain that Usher is all about the groove and the swagger and they don’t think it’s their genre because they’re more about intense choreography. Are they saying Usher doesn’t do choreography? Be that as it may, I’ve yet to see Hype 5-0 show any intensity so whatever. Anyway, they’re in the top 5 and they don’t want to go home. Who does?

The beginning already looks sloppy to me. I don’t even get what they’re doing but then they make way for the guy playing Usher who rolls down on the wheels in a slightly cool way. And that’s about it for me again. I keep saying it, but they’re just meh. Nothing in this routine stands out for me. I think the wheels held them back and they looked very uncomfortable, especially the girls.

O-idiot starts off by saying this is one of his favorite Usher songs. I’m sure that critique is super helpful to them. He thinks they did a good job because he felt like joining in. Again, I ask, how the hell is that helpful to them? Idiot.

Lil’ Mama says they definitely stuck to their challenge and stepped up their choreography. I wish security hadn’t removed that heckler. She thought they were swaggerific. I say she’s one sandwich short of a picnic. She felt the choreography was in line with the music, which, um, isn’t that kind of the whole point? She points out her favorite part of Josh doing a double backflip. I guess she liked it.

JC calls Lil’ Mama crazy. Can’t blame him. He tells Hype 5-0 that the opening was fun because it immediately showed that they owned the prop but he does feel that they might have gotten caught up in the prop too much and it might have taken away from their choreography. That’s kinda what I said so I agree. He won’t let them use the wheels excuse because Season one’s BreakSk8 did all their routines on roller skates and they wore it out. The floor work at the end got really hot. Really? I must have missed that. He points out the chain and sliding back move that are very much Usher.

I missed that part too. Clearly I don’t pay enough attention when they’re on stage. Oops?

JC finished by saying the elements were there but he doesn’t know if the whole routine was crispy. It’s like I said, meh.

Coming up: the battle of the bottom two.

Blueprint Crew is up first and they get Usher’s latest hit “Hey Daddy”. For their challenge, they need to do a freaky hand section which highlights one of the members in their crew. Blueprint say Usher is a real music and dance icon and that it’s a real honor to be able to dance to his latest track. They say it’ll be a little difficult to turn their hard hitting movements into a smooth and sexy vibe. I have no doubt they can pull it off.

I really like their outfits. Sexy and pink! What’s not to like?

Dude is having the time of his life!

In any case, this is typical Blueprint Crew.  Precise as always with a little bboy thing and the sexy Usher vibe throughout, including taking off their shoes at the end of the routine! Ha! I love little details like that! This crew is by far the most consistent of the season. It would really suck if they don’t reach the final purely because of their nationality.

No comments from the judges just yet. First we watch Saltare battle it out. Their Usher song is “Caught Up” and for their challenge, they need to drop some dope fighting choreography into their routine. Can’t we go one week without the ridiculous dope word? Pu-leeze! A Saltare crew member explains that Usher’s style is really smooth and sexy and it flows and theirs is very bouncy and stiff and they’re going to have to try and mesh that together. Way to state the obvious. They know there is no room for mistakes anymore and that they need to nail this challenge.

They start off their routine without ropes. That’s brave. Some crew members are doing floorwork and two are in the center trying to cook up some sort of sexy vibe but failing. The guy’s okay but that girl can’t dance to save her life. It’s all a bit stiff and very uncomfortable looking. But then the ropes comes out and it’s as impressive looking as always. They sail through their challenge although to me, it looks more like helping a guy do a backflip as opposed to a true fighting scene.

Impressive though with those ropes flying around.

Overall though, I would say that this is probably their best performance to date. The choreography, if I can call it that, is still a bit stiff and all one-and-two but at least they tried. And it’s good to see them coming out and trying to leave the mistakes from the past weeks behind them, which they did. No mistakes in this routine that I could see. Still, I don’t think they’ll advance and in all fairness, they should have left weeks ago.

Time for the judges to speak their minds.

Omarion gets to go first and he’ll talk about Blueprint’s performance. He says he’s really taken aback every time he watches them perform. Technically that’s not how he said it but I’m correcting his crappy grammar as I go. He commends them on their dedication, especially Nicholas who has to drive three hours to get to their practice and then back again. He says they did well on their challenge and also points out the moment where they took off their shoes because it’s all so Usher and that they captured a lot of elements from the video in their choreography. He tells them not to feel any regrets and that they did a great job.

Lil’ Mama points out Saltare started their routine without the ropes and that the two people were sexy but a little stiff. I’m beginning to think she has no clue what the word sexy actually means. She thinks they got a difficult challenge having to do a fight scene with ropes and expected someone to get choked.

So many things I could say to that but I won’t.

She says the crew was really stunting on us tonight and that both crews have come really far and that they’ve grown so much on this show, that it is impeccable. One day, we’ll get an impeccable sentence out of her. Today is not that day. She ends by congratulating both crews for making it this far and wishes them all good luck.

Time for the voice of reason who will share his thoughts on both crews. JC starts with Blueprint Crew and points out that they’re from Canada. No? Really? He says it takes courage for them to be the only away team playing against all the other home teams and that it takes a lot of heart to come up on the stage and know that people are rooting for everybody else except them. He says they showed from the beginning, through hard work and consistency that they absolutely belong in this competition. He points out the bboy move Nicholas got to do and praises his dedication and says they have chemistry because the crew members all believe in one another. A crew needs chemistry to come together and be a champion. Dude’s getting preachy. I like. JC then points out crew member Natalie and tells her she was sexy and she caught his eye. Dude! This ain’t a dating show! You’re a judge! You’re not supposed to hit on the talent! Smooth move though.

Someone’s gonna be having some nice dreams later!

Over to Saltare now before JC embarrasses himself further. He tells them that what they do is so unique and that people don’t quite understand what they do. He says the last time he checked, what they do is to music and it’s timed. That it’s about creating body lines and positioning each other on the stage. And all of that is essentially choreography. Rawr! Really! Keep going, JC! In tonight’s performance, he felt the floorwork needed a bit more conviction but when they got the ropes, they did what they do best and they exposed what they love and just showed millions of people what they love to do.

Mmmm, I wish I could show what I’d love to do to you.

He says it takes courage and dedication and that they’re willing to fall down in order to stand higher than anybody else.

He says tonight’s dance-off was great, between two outcasts, very unique and very hardworking crews.

And he’s done. Whew. I’m exhausted. The judges will now deliberate.

Which crew will be back to show some love in this club and which crew will be ushered out the door? Get it? Oh man. Anyway!

The crew that still has a chance to become America’s Best Dance Crew is …..

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That was the only logical decision to make. I don’t think Saltare will argue this for one second. They had a great ride and I’m happy for them that they were able to go out on a high. Their banner must fall but before leaving the stage, they show some more jump rope tricks that leave the judges in awe.

Except the dummy in the middle.

Next week, ABDC is recycling the magic challenge from season 3. Are they running out of ideas already? Til then!

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