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*NSYNC Timeline – December 2007

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04 – Justin named #8 in MTV’s Year-End Top 10 Musicians-Turned-Actors. Justin and Jessica Biel #10 Smoking-Hot Couples

06 – Grammy nominees announced. Justin nominated in five catagories. Grammy Awards ceremony Feb. 10 in Los Angeles

06 – The Big Creek Golf Course near Millington, scheduled to be sold at auction, is purchased by Justin’s family (see Dec 13)

06 – Barbara Walters lists Justin on her “10 Most Fascinating People” show

06 – The final show of Justin’s world tour, Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

08 – Chris attends Howie Dorough’s wedding in Orlando

09 – Kenny Rogers attends the Sunday matinee of Hairspray, takes pictures afterwards with Lance, George Wendt, and Shannon Durig

09 – Justin photographed at LAX Airport returning home after the end of his world tour

12 – Lisa blogs about Lance: Laryngitis
Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that Lance saw the doctor for his Laryngitis yesterday. His doctor told him that he shouldn’t even attempt to sing until Friday.
He is going back in tomorrow afternoon (Friday) for a follow-up visit to see if he is able to do Friday night’s show. He is so antsy to get back in the show ASAP!!!!
Wish him luck and well wishes!!!!

12 – Fatone Family Foundation 2007 Holiday Party, Antigua Nightclub, Church St., Orlando

13 – Lance on the cover of the 1000th issue of The Advocate (Jan. 15, 2008) with an article “Why Wasn’t This the Year of Lance Bass?”

13 – An investment group including Justin, members of his family, and PGA professional Greg King purchased the Big Creek Golf Course in Woodstock, TN (near Shelby Forest and Millington)

13 – Justin filming a Pepsi commercial for the Superbowl. He perfomed his own stunts, including being rigged to a harness for a mock car hit and being dragged on a detached car door

14 – No Lance in Hairspray

14 – Lance and Emmanuelle Chriqui photographed at the premiere of the IFC’s “Framed” episode directed by Emmanuelle

15 – Lance back in Hairspray

15 – From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Chris Kirkpatrick thinks he has a way to ensure the Steelers winning seasons: Invite him to sing the National Anthem every year.
“I sang it three years ago, and they went 15-1,” he says. “I sang it the next year, and they won the Super Bowl. Last year, they didn’t invite me.”
And last year, the Steelers went 8-8.
Kirkpatrick, the former ‘N Sync singer who was born and raised in Clarion, Clarion County, again will sing the anthem Sunday prior to the Steelers game against Jacksonville.
“I grew up watching all the Pittsburgh sports teams,” says Kirkpatrick, who has lived in Orlando since 1990. “Now, I’ve gotten to go to the Super Bowl and to sing the anthem (before a Steelers game). It’s like my contribution to the team.”
Kirkpatrick, 36, contributed to another type of phenomenon when he was in ‘N Sync. With bandmates Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez and Lance Bass, he experienced a rarefied success and recognition he could not dream of growing up in Clarion.
The financial awards were nice — the first thing Kirkpatrick did was buy his mother a house — but the other aspects of fame were not as appealing.
“It was really difficult, because I did grow up in such a poor atmosphere, in a blue collar town where all my family worked at a glass plant,” he says. “And then, suddenly, I’m thrust in the spotlight and I’m hanging out with celebrities and people who have been well off all of their lives. It was very uncomfortable, because I never felt like I belonged.
“But at the same time, if it wasn’t for this, I wouldn’t have had the house for my mom; I wouldn’t be able to make music all the time. It was definitely not my social scene.”
Kirkpatrick feels more at home in Clarion, where he has a large extended family. Some of his favorite memories are of family gatherings where music was prevalent, especially at Christmas time.
“My grandfather was in bands; my great-grandmother was in Christian bands,” he says, noting other family members also have been musicians. “It was always fun for me to watch them when I was growing up, and it was natural for me to fall into it. Seeing my aunts and uncles doing it made me want to do it, seeing how much they enjoyed it.”
Noting his aunt, Marcy Eustice, and her blues band Strange Brew, Kirkpatrick quickly adds that he’s probably “not even in the Top Ten” when it comes to the family’s vocal talents.
Currently Kirkpatrick is gigging with a new band, Nigel’s 11, that he hopes to further develop in 2008. He’s also in the process of establishing a foundation, which he hopes will provide aid to young musicians.
“When I grew up in Pennsylvania, we were really poor,” he says. “We went through a lot, with welfare and other things. For me, to be so blessed with what I have now, I want to give back to other kids who might have grown up in (Clarion) or even down here in Florida. I want to be able to say, ‘I’ve been through what you’ve been through; just keep doing what you’re doing.’ I want to try to help them out in little ways, with food or electric bills. There are definitely a lot of impoverished and underprivileged kids (with talent).”

16 – Chris sings the National Anthem at the Steelers football game in Pittsburgh

16 – Timberland leaks Madonna and Justin’s song “4 Minutes to Save the World” at the Jingle Ball in Philadelphia

17 – Lance photographed at Club Tenjune

18 – From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The GBB got a chance to spend a little time with former ‘N Sync-er Chris Kirkpatrick before he braved snow and windgusts to belt out the national anthem prior to Sunday’s Steelers game. Boyfriend can sing, too!
As far as the game’s outcome? We ain’t going there today.
But Chris, who grew up in Clarion a die-hard fan of the Black and Gold, is cool people and much cuter in person.
While we were hotter than July after walking over to Heinz Field, Chris kept toasty wearing a scarf, Steelers jacket and knit hat while we talked in the lobby.
“I get to Clarion and Pittsburgh probably about four times a year,” he said. Believe it or not, he drives up from his home in Orlando. He said it’s just easier to get around and also, since he has a big truck, there’s room for all the goodies that his grandparents load him up with when he’s in town.
Chris’ grandma is a HUGE Jerome Bettis fan. “She made me read Jerome’s book,” he said.
Whenever he and his boy bandmates were in town, he said, they’d have a huge cookout and some of the Steelers would come through, including Jerome and former QB Kordell Stewart.
But what’s he been up to since he, Justin, Joey, Lance and JC all decided to do their own things?
“I’ve been doing a lot of producing and writing,” Chris said. He’s got a band called Nigel’s 11 and he thinking about touring with the group, possibly next summer.
“It’ll be fun to get out and play music. I’ve been holed up in my studio writing.”
There’s also the burgeoning Chris Kirkpatrick Foundation, which aims to help some less fortunate youngsters who are interested in music.
“We didn’t have a lot of money and we were real poor,” he said. Ironically, it was the youngsters from the more affluent school districts who received the music scholarships, he said.
“It’s the old saying, the rich get richer, so I’m going to try and change that.”
Believe it or not, NSYC was not the first group Chris was a part of. After moving to Orlando to live with his dad, he began studying music at community college and then at Rollins College. He eventually met boy band Svengali, Lou Pearlman, who told Chris he had a lot of money to back a group. Of course, Lou’s in a whole lot of hot water right now over charges of investment fraud and some other stuff. But we didn’t get a chance to ask Chris about that.
“I put together a few groups with Lou and they didn’t work out,” Chris said. “Guys would quit.”
How did he help form the group that did work? “I knew Joey and Justin and Justin knew J.C. and Lance,” he said.
“We all love music and we also just had a great, great work ethic.”
Chris recalls going to Europe where the group had gold records before anyone knew their names in the U.S.
“We land in Europe and there’d be kids everywhere,” he said. They had to have security. But coming back to the U.S., their parents would forget to pick them up from the airport. Of course, they eventually became a boy band phenomenon.
“We went from nothing to craziness to back to nothing,” he said. “We were really just kind of burned out for a while. We all had things that we wanted to do. It was fun and it was cool to get to have some time to ourselves. It’s been fun to be able to branch out.”

26 – Joey photographed at Blue Martini Orlando

29 – From JC’s MySpace: Date: Dec 29, 2007 12:02 AM
Subject: Before…
Body: I head off to South Beach tomorrow to celebrate New Years, I wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year!
Also, check out my special guest appearance on “Las Vegas” January 4th 10pm on NBC!
Happy Holidays!

Date: Dec 29, 2007 1:51 PM
Body: I’m on my way to South Beach to ring in the New Year!
Be sure to checkout my guest appearance on NBC’S “Las Vegas” January 4th at 10PM!!!

29 – JC spotted with actor Chace Crawford, having dinner at a Stereo NYC hosted event at the Kobe Club, then at The Florida Room’s pre-New Year’s Eve party at the Delano, then at Mokai for the Marquee NYC & Kritik Clothing Party

30ish – Chris at Walt Disney World

31 – JC photographed at the Belvedere & Knights Head Present New Year’s Eve at the Raleigh Hotel, Miami Beach, FL

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