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*NSYNC Timeline – November 2007

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01 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia

01 – Lance scheduled to do a book signing at Barnes And Noble at the Grove, Los Angeles

03 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, Australia

05-06 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia

07 – Lance scheduled to speak at the University of Delaware

07/08ish – Lance back to performing in Hairspray

08 – JC photographed at the Motorola 9th Anniversary Party, at The Lot, Los Angeles

09 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, Burswood Dome, Perth, Australia

10 – Stagehands on Broadway go on strike, no Hairspray for Lance

10 – Joey appears on MAD TV

12 – Lance scheduled to speak at the University of Southern Carolina

13 – JC photographed at the Rock The Vote party at Kitson, Los Angeles

14 – From ContactMusic: Former ‘N SYNC star Lance Bass is dating fashion designer Narcisco Rodriguez. Openly gay star Bass, who has also recently been linked to hairstylist Ben Thigpen, and Rodriguez have been enjoying a series of dates in Miami, Florida in recent weeks. An insider tells American magazine the Star, “Lance and Narciso started off as friends, but things heated up.”

15 – Justin wins the Breakthrough Artist Award at the Billboard Touring Awards

15 – Joey photographed singing with Drew Lachey, Joey M, and Joey I at the Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors’ 3rd Annual Road To A Cure Gala at the Beverly Hitlon Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA

15 – From Reichen’s MySpace: Star Magazine and The National Enquirer (Reichen) Lawyer Articles
In response to all of the MySpace email I am receiving surrounding this matter…
Please do not take literally the stories running this week in these particular magazines about me and my ex-relationship. No one is suing anyone, and all is well.
I chose to NOT fight back against the slander, fed to the media by my ex-relationship, by using my own gift of a voice in the media, as a way to air my own many and very strong personal feelings about my past relationship.
Instead, my representation, in an act of concern, simply sent an appropriate letter to those responsible, asking that attempts to paint me in a negative light with blatant and unnecessary lies and deceit, please stop. It ends there. Nothing else is happening.
The request is simple. It is my wish that my ex-relationship discontinue referring to me in the media in association with expressing his personal feelings about me, that he discontinue attacking my current relationship(s) in the print-media and, more than anything, that all events, including the drama surrounding them, from that year of my life, simply go away. I choose to no longer pay attention to it.
These and various previous slanderous remarks about me are invalid, false, and meant for damage, and are being used in an attempt to sway public opinion in the favor of another’s image in an unfair way. I prefer to no longer be a part of these attemps. I prefer to be removed from any such plan to promote another.
For my own peace of mind, this is a time that I would like to forget ever happened.
The relationship in question, and the drama that surrounded it, destroyed much of what I have worked to accomplish and stand for, what I’ve worked to be associated with, and how I am viewed as an individual. I could have never imagined the severity of damage such a relationship would inflict on me and those around me. It is up to me to ask that efforts to continue this type of negative impact on my life discontinue, which is what I have done, through my representation.
My final wish, surrounding this matter, from an overall outside perspective, is that I am no longer associated with this ex-relationship or the people involved in prolonging its existence, and that I’m no longer associated with that time of my life, in general. I do, however, continue to wish all those involved–the very best in their own lives, away from mine.
I stood as my own person before all of it (when I was not considered “so-and-so’s boyfriend”), and will be much happier to be considered, and to consider myself, someone who stands on his own, once again.
Thank you,

16 – Justin and Jessica Biel spotted at Blue Diamond bar, Melbourne

16 – Lance photographed with his mother at Christie’s fashion show to preview the upcoming Rock and Pop Memorabilla auction

16 – Joey and Chris photographed at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino’s Grand Opening Weekend

17 – Justin and Jessica Biel spotted with some friends having post-show drinks at South Melbourne nightspot Seven

18 – Justin and Jessica spotting having dinner at French Bistro Sou Sou, Melbourne

18 – Chris hosted a benefit concert for Boys’ Haven at Saddle Ridge, 4th Street Live, Louisville. The concert headline was Jason Eustice, Chris’ uncle

18 – American Music Awards show, Justin nom for Accepts two awards live via satellite.

19 – Justin and Jessica spotted at Portsea, playing golf and swimming, before dinner in St. Kilda. Lynn and Paul also in Australia with Justin

19 – Lance hosts the unveiling of Bloomindale’s Holiday Windows, NYC

20 – Lance to appear on the Montel Williams Show

22 – Justin ‘blown away’ by private show
Pop sensation Justin Timberlake and his actress girlfriend Jessica Biel were “blown away” by their traditional Maori welcome to Aotearoa on Thursday night.
The SexyBack singer spent Thursday afternoon practising his golf swing at Northland’s exclusive Kauri Cliffs golf resort, before heading to the powhiri in Auckland, performed by the Tira Hoe Waka group.
The 30-strong kapa haka group were impressed by the famous couple’s down-to-earth nature, and over the moon at Timberlake’s generosity in gifting them 50 free tickets to his Friday gig.
“Justin wanted to see the ‘Ka Mate Ka Mate’ haka, so we incorporated that into the welcome,” Kylie Poihipi, who was Timberlake’s usher, said.
“He was scared as [radio DJ] Stacey [Morrison] and I ushered him towards the kapa haka group. He asked, ‘Are they going to kill me’? We explained that we had to see if he came as a friend or an enemy. He said, ‘I come in peace’.”
Morrison and her Maori TV presenter husband Scott were asked to organise the welcoming party for the superstar at Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour. Morrison had printed flyers for Timberlake’s 100-strong crew with explanations of Maori tradition and expected behaviour.
“After we made our traditional speech of welcome Justin responded,” Scott Morrison said. “He said ‘kia ora’ a couple of times, and said he was really amazed by the performance, and humbled by the experience. We insisted he sing a song – as tradition expects us to do – and he started singing, You Are My Sunshine. He sang it alone for three lines before his crew joined in.”
Timberlake and Biel mingled after the formalities, much to the Kiwi group’s delight. Biel admitted she had seen a powhiri before but felt it was too touristy, Poihipi said.
“Jessica was awesome and we loved showing them how us Maori roll in Aotearoa,” she added.

23-24 & 26 – Rescheduled dates for Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand. Rescheduled from October 23-24

23 – Justin concert in Auckland

23 – JC on tv?

27 – Deluxe edition of Justin’s FutureSex/LoveSounds is released, videos and alternate versions of some songs

27 – Joey spotted watching the finale of Dancing With The Stars at Southern Hospitality, NYC

27 – Lance photographed at Club Tenjune

28 – Broadway strike ends, shows (including Hairspray) scheduled to resume on November 29

29 – From MTV News, about the end of the Broadway strike: On top of run-throughs, some actors, such as Lance Bass, who guest-stars as Corny Collins in “Hairspray,” spent Thursday afternoon hitting the stage for a refresher course.
“I was a little nervous coming back,” Bass said. “I had to visit my vocal coach about an hour ago to make sure my voice was in shape. I didn’t know if my voice would be like it was, but luckily, it’s actually better than it was before, so maybe my voice needed that rest!”

29 – Lance photographed at the 40th Anniversary of Wilhelmina Models party at the Angel Orensanz Foundation, NYC

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