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Recap w/SNARK-ABDC S05E06: Adventures in Gagaland

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Dear holy goodness, we love this woman! YAY!

ABDC S05E06: Adventures in Gagaland- Googoo for Gaga

By MusicBox Girl


It’s heartbreaking to watch Royal Flush talk about how well they did last week and how they still got eliminated. I know, bbs. I feel for you!

Going into this week we have Jungle Boogie as the last stand for the South. (I can’t be the only one who thinks there is a massive conspiracy for another East coast/West coast dance crew battle.) Blueprint Cru, Static Noyze and Saltare for the East. Poreotix, Heavy Impact!!! and Hype 5-0 for the West.

In an actually shocking move we find out that MTV had ‘technical issues’ that effected the votes from last week. I have to wonder if this maybe happened before (with Royal Flush) and went unchecked. Hhhhmmm Something to ponder. We find out that, wait for it, NO ONE WILL BE ELIMINATED TONIGHT and TWO CREWS WILL BE ELIMINATED NEXT WEEK. SHOCK AND AWE! Saltare is especially happy of this noise because they were sure to be in the bottom this week (re: last weeks sad and upsetting showing).

This week is the LADY GAGA CHALLENGE!!!!! And while I am super excited for an hour worth of Lady Gaga, I am already cringing at the fashion on stage. Apparently, Lady Gaga Challenge means go find some leather and glitter and stick it all together in the most odd and horrible way possible and call it an outfit. Just stop, guys. You have nothing on the Queen of Odd. Just saying, stop trying. Vincent is even wearing this faux metallic jaw thing that is creepy looking. Please make it stop. Actually, it looks like a neck brace now but is still disturbing.

So the mission is to take Lady Gaga’s groundbreaking style and infuse it into a routine that defies expectations. And then, the judges in all of their golden nuggetness of wisdom, will choose one crew to grant immunity to for next week. I have a feeling that is everything goes as planned, immunity will go to Blueprint Cru because the judges love them.

Lady Gaga Challenge

Static Noyze – Layla is back!! Whoo. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich is the song they got and it is one of my least favorite Gaga songs, if not the very least favorite but this isn’t about me. Baby Gaga must be creaming his pants to be able to do this challenge. There’s a lot of table choreo and that is what they are aiming for. I hope they manage their prop better this week than with the shopping carts.

Let’s talk about how it took me more than half of the performance to realize that Baby Gaga wasn’t Suzette. I don’t even know why, I assumed he’d be in drag and yet I was looking at him and wondering when Suzette put blonde in her hair. *headdesk* Jessenia is leading the WTF Parade with her weird plastic ball dress thing. I don’t even, what is that? I can’t lie, I kind of loved this routine. I think they used the table well and Baby Gaga was working the Gaga vibe all the way through. The attitude was definitely there. I especially loved the (very unexpected) backflip by Enrique and, well, Baby Gaga.

Omarion – *snort* Grammy nominated. He thought it started slow but they kept the energy going. He liked the foot tutting section. It was creative and Baby Gaga/Peter did his thing, playboy. Um. Yes. Mario can’t stop saying Baby Gaga (or Lady Gaga, it’s anyone’s call).
JC – There should be a youtube video of just JC’s facial expressions when he’s judging on this show. Thought the opening was interesting and different from what he’s seen though he’s not sure it was particularly difficult. He liked how they used the table. The foot tutting was dope. Are the fires freezing over in hell? This is like two weeks in a row that JC has verbally confirmed that he is agreeing with Omarion. First signs of the end of the world? He also thought Enrique’s backflip was unexpected but awesome and then Peter/Baby Gaga rolling under the table. Why do they keep calling him Peter/Baby Gaga? Stick with one name and just go with it! Lady Gaga is about drama and attitude and they had that. They gave the audience *spaztic hand motions* the thing. How so eloquent, JC?
Lil’ Mama – They worked the two props from beginning to end. The transitions were smooth, sexy and aawwn point. Shout out to Jessenia (of course she’d call out that outfit) because them bubbles is hard and Jessenia has to preach to the masses about this. It’s hard to dance as a persona and still make yourself shine. They did an awesome job of expressing themselves through their theme.

Blueprint Cru – Layla asks them how they feel about the voting screw up and TL actually tries to make us feel bad about the fact that they’re Canadian and Canadian’s can’t vote so their friends and families can’t vote to keep them in the competition after Headstandgate ’10. What’s that sound? Is that? Yep, it’s the world’s smallest violin playing for Blueprint Cru‘s woe. On the other hand, as far as outfits, they have the best so far, with the exception of Vincent who looks like a reject terminator.

I fear the egg chairs. Fear. They got Bad Romance. Hhhhmmmm I find it interesting that they’re attempting to rip the moves straight from the video? I don’t think that will go over well at all. They are aware that this isn’t last weeks challenge, right? TL is complaining that the video choreo is awkward and messy and it’s tricky for them because they are used to precise movement. Teresa is intimidated by trying to embody Gaga because if you do it wrong you just look bad. They’re going to try to do Gaga’s floor work while keeping a bit of themselves in it. They have to do the video justice to make up for their mistakes last week.

I am happy that they didn’t actually rip it all straight from the video because what they did instead was amazing. Right from the get go the boys come out strutting their Gaga attitudes down the catwalk and I can’t even hate on Vincent’s headgear. Ok, I can hate a little bit, it still looks weird and gross but is awfully fitting. The girls look hot and take straight to the floor (but in a good way!). I loved that they embraced the gothic/horror side of Gaga and kind of ran with it. The choreo is jarring and precise, the stunts are big and attention grabbing. If anything, last week lit quite a fire under these guys. My favorite was probably Derty and BBoy Hero’s trick where BBoy Hero just like flung around Derty’s torso. It was nuts. TL’s strangulation scene was amazing if only because of the illusion of her actually being lifted into the air by her throat and then, then, like the nail in the coffin to guarantee success, the last move where the girls’ snap the boys’ necks and lower them to the ground. Pretty much genius.

JC – Best performance of season 5. I loved his little ‘I’m unhappy’ fake out. He thought their look was the most daring (it is hard to pull off just red lace), the neck brace and the strutting was just Gaga all day long.
Lil’ Mama – Loved the TL lift and the illusion that shows their team work and dedication. Derty and BBoy Hero’s bboy section on the floor in combo with the girls still working on the floor to make sure everyone is entertained.
Omarion – He was in doubt but is now speechless. I like it best when he has nothing to say.

Jungle Boogie – Beyonce and Lady Gaga – Video Phone. I won’t comment on my annoyance that they had to use a Beyonce song in this challenge. Whatever. They want to focus on the chair dancing which is new to them. BeeJay informs us that they want to bring out some of that groove out. They’re having a hard time pulling off something so extravagant.

I love when Raqi gets to be sexy. Loved, loved, loved the intro when she’s sitting in Anthony’s lap and just going to town on him. The chair flipping was a bit off. And then they did the headstands on the chairs that in concept would have been awesome but in practice didn’t work out that well. And then Raqi ditches the poncho for a sexy little unitard thing. I can dig. There was some sexy grooving going on and then the boys pulled some 540′s while Raqi flipped into BeeJay’s arms. BeeJay then did the move that made this entire performance for me, he turned his lower body to the judges and kept his head turned to them while he shook his ass. Perfection. And then BeeJay went all wacky on us which made me sad. The end confetti/jizz move was also pretty priceless.

Lil’ Mama – Thinks they are hard workers that are able to dominate whatever gets thrown at them which is why they will do well in this competition. They are versatile and she respects that. There are risks you take, like flipping onto the chairs, that can get sloppy. But the energy was on (because they can convert their energy from on to off. I think she has them confused with a generator. . .).
Omarion – They are dope. Codie and Twain’s 540′s were also dope. BeeJay got a little lost. Raqi has awesome energy. In conclusion: Dope, dope, lost, energy.
JC – The other judges covered it. The flips onto the chair were clumsy but the commitment to the naughty was nice. Raqi didn’t stop working even when she was crawling (and bouncing) and it was unbelievable (btw that means he couldn’t believe it). BeeJay got lost but the body contortion/ass shaking was dope. The end was hilarious.

Heavy Impact!!! – OMG MAKE THE FAT PUNS STOP!! Love Game FAVORITE! They relate to Lady Gaga because she’s always been different and they’re different. They want to incorporate the subway dancing and, are you ready? THEY GO TO LEARN POLE DANCING! Be still my heart! Gregory seems to get that the challenge is to take the videos as inspiration and not necessarily to duplicate it. The choreo is going to be difficult but they’re willing to put in the work to get out something that is very different. I love these boys’ commitment to being fantastical.

I just love that they went for it. They went for the sexy and it was good. Loved that they lifted Isaac over the bench. It was a little weird to just have Isaac standing there waving around his disco stick. I think they could have come up with a little something more there. There was a moment in the routine when I feared the bench would tip over. O.O I’m a little confused about the shirt lift moment. It lasted much longer than I would have liked and seemed to be a focal part of the routine and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why they would spend so long on something so utterly pointless. We get it, bbs. You guys are big dudes and you dance, maybe it’s time to embrace a new angle? CooLeon missed a flip off the bench but at least he didn’t bust his face? I expected there to be more pole work but did love the end when Stephan hung upside down off of one of the poles. Not superb but also not bad.

Did anyone else catch the sign with the overly rotund person wearing the I ♥ HI shirt? I am a little freaked out by it.

JC – It was surprisingly athletic with all the flips they did. He calls CooLeon on the missed flip. The funniest part for him was the part where they lifted Isaac over the bench. The choreo was a little blah and overall, he didn’t love it. :-/ I can’t even be mad at him for not liking it either.
Lil’ Mama – They took it to another level as far as swag (does she even know what she’s saying?). Thought the little lift was cute. Very Lady Gaga and cute. JC chimes in that the lift was not little. Dearest JC, Stop beating the dead fat horse. K? THX! MAMASEZ agree that they have to step up their performances. More dead horse beating when she slow-mos CooLeon’s stripper pole spin and then his failed flip.
Omarion – They always stick to their strong points. He had a bit of a moment when he had to question how comfortable he was with his masculinity because he was about to watch guys dancing with poles. He thinks they did good with a difficult challenge for them.

Hype 5-0Poker Face They have to be unique. They are going to work on hand dancing. They are sad they can’t dance big and are still totally corny.

I am digging the intro with half the crew tucked into KC’s very big dress. Other than that though, nothing really stood out of me. They didn’t do anything wrong but there was nothing really attention grabbing or surprising about it. The group sliding across the floor was pretty cool, though.

Omarion – Felt the choreo was cool. Felt the choreo could have been better. They stuck to the challenge and did it well (the crowd boos him even when he’s saying something nice) but he feels like Hype 5-0 is energetic and he felt there were some moments when they could have brought more energy. He’s having a lot of feelings tonight.
JC – In a move that even the dance gods could not forsee, JC starts off with an apology to Hype 5-0 and Omarion for saying the dismount was sloppy last week. Lil’ Mama would like to take the credit for making JC see the light. My brain just went to a place where they talk about ABDC after hours. . . like maybe in his bedroom. . .on his leopard print sheets. I mean, WHAT? The opening was great, it was avant-garde. (“You had a lot of dudes in your dress. That was weird.”) The body positions, the lines in the choreo is all stuff we’ve seen in previous weeks. He would like to see something new. He liked the travel to the side and that they use the stage well.
Lil’ Mama – The knee travel is what popped for her. We all know they can dance, it’s obvious but now it’s about taking it to the next level. In a challenge like this when you can get wild, do something unbelievable. They did the hand movements well and she liked the white wigs, cute (complete with scrunchy face and JC laughing)! MAMASEZ is alive and well, people. Alive and very, very well.

PoreotixPaparazzi In a move that shocked no one, they’re going to be robots. . . on crutches. Oh my, how innovative.

Popping and lots of it. The pictures of the judges was pretty hilarious. I don’t think the judges were thrilled about Paper!JC kissing Paper!Omarion, or maybe I’m projecting. I don’t think there was a point to having them up, though. And then, was that the sound of gauntlets being thrown? They just jumped rope over some crutches. Really freakishly weird shapes as they move across the floor. One guy has gone Exorcist on us, walking in his back bend while the other one is all scrunched up into a weird baby/ball morph thing. I don’t even know. Some blind tutting to end the show. I’m going to gripe on two things: 1. What was the point of the props? The photos were point less and the crutches were used as jumpropes because. . . 2. Can these guys do anything else?

JC – They stuck to their strengths, popping was handled well. The moving thing was an *avant-garde* looking whatever it was. Gaga is about the avant-garde and that was an interesting looking picture and it moved across the stage. I think JC had a word of the day. The choreo got a bit boring in the middle but he liked the reverse tutting because it’s hard to do that when you can’t see what you’re doing.
Omarion – They stick to their isolations and popping. He can tell they are trained. The reverse tutting was both *dope* AND ill. That’s like, super duper dope. They came out with a whole bunch of confidence even though they always have confidence, I’m pretty sure that at this point he talked himself in a circle and isn’t even aware of it.
Lil’ Mama – She thinks they have some of the most interesting transitions. And they are very fun as a group of young men (because young men aren’t usually fun?) and she never wants them to lose that. Just take the routines to the next level. It’s obvious they don’t take the critiques lightly, everything was precise and aawwn point. The crowd (director) cut her off before she could say something bad about them. LULZ

Saltare – Layla gets to talk to them about how they fucked up royally last week and how they feel about not having eliminations this week. Lisa says it’s good to know they won’t be in the bottom two this week even though they prepared with an amazing routine to wow up anyway. The verdict is in: Crews that messed up last week are very happy that there will not be eliminations this week. Crews that didn’t mess up were not interviewed. Just Dance They’re going to do something unexpected and start this week *without* ropes. Poreotix should take some notes. They’re focusing on a marching section which is just a weird section to focus on. I’ll be interested to see what their ropeless choreo will look like.

I love that they start off ropefree for a whole 7 seconds. Good try! They go straight into some fun jumps that finish in a tower with Chaz sliding under them and that was cute. I can’t deny that the rope tricks are entertaining and impressive, they really really are. But the choreo is just, weak. It’s jammed into 3 and 4 second bursts between really awesome tricks like they’re trying to distract us from the fact that when you get down to it, this isn’t a dance crew, it’s a competitive jump roping team. That being said, the jump roping was awesome, the flips and (especially the boys’ roundhouse backflip with the ropes) were awesome as well as the bouncing helicopter move. When they do what they do, it’s good.

Lil’ Mama – Decent recovery. The choreo was a little one and two and. . . just smooth it out. Lots of power. The tricks were stupendous. Keep your head up and keep fighting.
JC – They are are fantastic and they’re growing as we watch. They are evolving with each week. He seems to be shocked at the magical 7 seconds of no ropes during the intro though he calls them on the weak choreo. I was starting to worry that he had gone soft on us. But when they grab the ropes they do what no one else can. He enjoys that they are evolving.
Omarion – They kill the ropes, clap it up for the ropes. Why is he clapping like that? He believes (instead of feels) that they are stepping up to the plate. They need to keep doing themselves.

My guess for the golden child is Blueprint Cru and it is HIGHLY DESERVED. Believe me, I want to hate them and I just couldn’t tonight. They were absolutely amazing.
1 for 1 Blueprint Cru

This is where it gets complicated. Based solely on tonight, vote Blueprint Cru (though they are safe from elimination next week). Based on what we have seen so far, vote Jungle Boogie. Based on entertainment factor, vote Static Noyze. Based on potential, vote Heavy Impact!!!.

Next Week
Disco Challenge

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