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*NSYNC Timeline – August 2007

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02 – Manband / Chris does an interview on the Wendy Williams show?

02 – From Lance’s MySpace: Hot off the presses!
Howdy!! I just got the cover from my publisher of my book! It is under my pics because I dont know how to post it here.
And since we are on the subject I just want to say I do not want my book to flop! One funny night I decided to “jokingly” say “oh it will probably flop” to a TMZ “reporter”. (like all my quotes?) Again it was a joke. Im not an idiot– I wrote this book so that it might help those out there interested in the music industry, space, and/or coming out story.
On a side note– rehearsal is going great for Hairspray and I am having the best time ever!! I hope you all get to see it, because it really is an amazing show and the cast is incredible! Hairspray on Broadway – Official Site – Broadway’s Big Fat Musical Comedy Hit
Start the 14th- Jan 6 2008
But, remember I am taking 2 weeks off to do book tour mid October. Made a photo album just for the book tour– so every city I can post all the pics of you all!
How great is Joey doing on NBC’s The Singing Bee?!! Such a great show!!
Have a great one! LBeezy

02 – Justin and Fifty Cents appear on BET’s Access Granted with their new video?

02 – Lance spotted partying with some of “Hairspray” castmates at Brother Jimmy’s midtown location

02 – 2nd Annual Rock On The Moon & Sing With The Star Charity Celebration, “Joey Fatone and his closest friends… Jordan Knight, Deborah Gibson, Alfonso Ribeiro, Joey Macintyre,” in conjunction with the Fatone Family Foundation, at Howl At The Moon, Orlando, FL

03 – Rumors that Justin was seen shopping in Santa Monica, CA for a promise ring for Jessica Biel

04 – Lance spotted at gay bar Barracuda (with dark-dyed hair)

05 – From the Sureshot MySpace: Here are some of our upcoming TV appearances – more to come!
Monday Aug 6 – appearing in the 7AM hour LIVE! on CW11 Morning News (local NYC)
Monday Aug 6 9:00AM EST LIVE! – The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet (FOX) – (Airs nationally – check local listings: http://www.mandjshow.com/where_to_watch.html)
Thu Aug 9 The View ABC (11AM)
Sat Aug 11 VH1 Top 20 Countdown (studio guests)
Hope you enjoy the show tomorrow!

05 – Lance photographed at Hiro at the Maritime Hotel, NYC (Pedro’s bartends there)

06 – Chris, Jeff, and Rich promote Mission: Man Band on NYC’s CW station on the Morning Show, and on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliette

06 – Justin receives his Memphis “Note of Fame” in front of B.B. King’s on Beale Street.

06 – Article on Justin in People Magazine (about new restaurant)

06 – “Mission: Manband” debuts on VH1

06 – Chris and Lance photographed at the “VH1′s “Mission: Man Band” Screening Party” at Gramercy’s Runway Club in NYC

06 – Lance spotted at Constantine Maroulis’ solo show at Solo, NYC?

06 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with Timbaland and/or Good Charlotte, Memphis, FedEx Forum

07 – Man Band / Sureshot guys doing press interviews

07 – Man Band / Sureshot guys film an appearance on Tyra Banks show, to air sometime in early September

07 – Lance does a guest commentary on LogoOnline. Singer Lance Bass offers his take on why our next President must make gay marriage and gay rights a priority. It’s about worth and human rights.

07 – Justin nominated for MTV Video Music Awards: Male Artist of the Year, Most Earth-Shattering Collaboration, Quadruple Threat of the Year, Video of the Year, Best Director, Best Editing, and Best Choreography. The VMAs will be presented September 9

07 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with Timbaland and/or Good Charlotte, Atlanta, Gwinnett Center

07 – Joey photographed at the “Birthday Bash for Meagan Good presented by Hardball Productions” at Les Deux, Hollywood, CA

08 – JC’s 31th birthday

08 – JC celebrated his birthday at Crimson in Hollywood, with Adam Brody, AJ McLean, and Josh Henderson

08 – Man Band / Sureshot to appear on CNN’s Showbiz Live

09 – Man Band / Sureshot to appear on The View

10 – Lance scheduled to appear on Live With Regis and Kelly

10 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with Timbaland and/or Good Charlotte, Boston, TD Banknorth Garden

10 – Kate Hudson spotted at Justin’s show, and joined him at the afterparty at “downtown dive bar” J.J. Foley’s

11 – Man Band / Sureshot to appear on VH1 Top 20 Countdown as in-studio guests

11 – Justin reportedly at his restaurant, Southern Hospitality in NYC

12 – Justin reportedly at his restaurant, Southern Hospitality in NYC

13 – In Touch Magazine runs a four page “Design Spotlight” piece on Chris’ house, and Manband / Sureshot.

13 – STAR Magazine runs a page and a half spread on Mission: Manband

13 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with Timbaland and/or Good Charlotte, East Rutherford, NJ, Continental Airlines Arena

13 – Justin reportedly at his restaurant, Southern Hospitality in NYC

13 – Lance and Pedro photographed at DFC Design Cocktail Party, Maritime Hotel, NYC

14 – Gossip/rumor that Justin and Jessica Biel are planning on househunting together after Justin finishes his world tour

14 – From the NY Daily News: Now that Lance Bass is opening in “Hairspray,” some other boy-band vets are flocking to Broadway. ‘N Sync’s Chris Kirkpatrick and 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons (both of VH1′s “Man Band” reality show) were spotted breaking bread together at Times Square eatery Hawaiian Tropic Zone.

14 – Lance’s official start date playing the part of Corny Collins in Hairspray on Broadway

15-16 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with Timbaland and/or Good Charlotte, NYC, Madison Square Garden

15-16 – Justin reportedly at his restaurant, Southern Hospitality in NYC

16 – Justin’s MSG show recorded and aired on HBO September 3rd. A record 43 cameras were used to film the performance

16 – Justin, Lance, and Ashley Parker Angel all spotted at Southern Hospitality, NYC, where the afterparty for Justin’s MSG/HBO show was held

18 – Clear Channel radio stations are running a Mission: Man Band contest. The grand prize is a trip for 2 to Orlando for 3 days/2 nights, dinner with Chris, spa treatment, nightclub entry and ground transportation

18 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with Timbaland and/or Good Charlotte, Montreal, Bell Centre

19 – Lance spotted at Hiro, refuses to have his picture taken?

20-21 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with Timbaland and/or Good Charlotte, Toronto, Air Canada Centre

20 – Jessica Biel spotted at Justin’s concert

21 – News that Joey has been named co-host of TV Guide Network’s red-carpet coverage for all awards shows through 2008, working with Lisa Rinna

21 – From The Village Voice’s Michael Musto: …But stop everything! I just learned something far more devastating than the fact that nightlife has died again. Lance Bass has broken up with Brazilian hottie Pedro Andrade! Ain’t no lie, Pedro, bye bye bye.

21 – During a BSB radio interview, Nick mentions that AJ and JC wrote a song together, that Backstreet recorded a few days previously

21 – Entertainment tonight Canada reports that Justin and Madonna will be performing together at the VMAs in September

21 – Jessica Biel spotted at Justin’s concert

21 – Joey spotted with Joey Lawrence, Joey McIntyre, and Drew Lachey at Moon Nightclub, Palms Hotel, Las Vegas

22 – NY Post’s Page Six reports that Britney backed out at the last minute from recording a duet with Justin last month. Justin wrote the duet specifically for her, to be produced by Timbaland. (Not to be recorded together, voiced mixed together later.)

22 – News that Justin is going to be appearing in Mike Myers’ new comedy, The Love Guru, playing Jacques Grande, a professional hockey player

22 – From Sureshot’s MySpace: Give us a call!
Hey Everyone. Call us! We are gonna be checking our messages and we might even call you back. Here are our numbers:
Rich: (617) 830-2448
Bryan: (405)445-0077
Chris: (407)982-5135
Jeff: (818)287-8963
Talk to you soon,
Chris, Bryan, Rich, and Jeff (SURESHOT)

22 – Justin tells Access Hollywood that his reported duet with Madonna at the VMAs is just a rumor

22 – Justin and Jessica Biel spotted at Southern Hospitality, NYC

23 – Access Hollywood has a short clip with Lance backstage at Hairspray

23 – From Lance’s MySpace: Perez
Im hearing yet again goodole perez has posted something, imagine this, not true.
I guess someone said i was rude to them at a club and told them “dont even think about taking a picture”
Pretty sure the smart ones know this by now, but, that never happened. I couldnt be mean to anyone and go waaaaaay out of my way to make everyone happy. So this guy obviously wanted attention , and i guess he got it. Congrats!
Love when “journalists” get their facts first! lol

Added a little later: P.S. As for my stage door at the end of Hairspray everynight– I sign EVERY autograph that is put in front of me, and never once was wisked away to my “limo” right after a show. Um, never taken a limo in NYC. Again , just another made up lie.

23 – Lance attends the “Fergie for Kipling” Handbag Collection Launch Party, Gin Lane, NYC. When leaving, two drunk girls hijacked his cab as he put his hand on the door handle

24 – JC spotted in LA

24 – JC filming scenes for Las Vegas television show

24 – A new video blog with Chris on the Sureshot MySpace, including Chris saying that if we keep writing in and requesting, there might be a second season of Mission: Man Band

25 – From ContactMusic: Former ‘N SYNC star Joey Fatone turned wedding planner on Saturday (25Aug07) when a power cut disrupted his brother’s nuptials. Fatone’s brother Steven and his new wife Whitney were only 30 minutes into their reception at Lake Las Vegas, when a power cut plunged the party into darkness and severe humidity after the air conditioning went off. Joey used his star credentials to get in touch with Planet Hollywood Resort owner Robert Earl and asked if the wedding party could move to one of his resort venues. Planet Hollywood public relations director Amy Sadowsky says, “The catering department mobilized and everyone was able to pitch in and help. We were happy to make Whitney’s dream wedding reception come true.”

25 – Lance parents spotted at Hairspray

25-26 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with Timbaland and/or Good Charlotte, Winnipeg, MTS Centre

26 – At the Teen Choice Awards, Justin wins Choice Music: Male Artist, Choice Music: Payback Track, and a lifetime-achievement award

27 – Sureshot appear on Boston’s KISS 108

27 – NY Magazine article on Lance in NYC, with quotes from Lance dissing NYC, etc.

27 – Lance attends the US Open

27 – From Lance’s MySpace: Rumor control on New York magazine artice
Seriously! Here we go again! Cant believe I actually have to write this… this is just not a good week for me press wise… what did i do?!
So here goes… for those that read the New York mag article… I said none of those negative quotes! I expect bloggers to print fake things and its all in fun.. but when a real journalist misquotes me and prints fake quotes that I “said”.. that is just crazy!! And, I dont think legally they can do that! Can they? This dumb reporter just put words in my mouth and turned everything I said into a negative. I told her I love NY and I will probably be doing the bi-coastal thing now because I love it so much. I told her the first few apts I looked at were pieces of crap and the owners had no style at all… that turned into “Lance thinks New Yorkers have no style!” Then I told her I eat at Justins new place all the time, but it is really far away in the upper east side and always full of a college crowd. She turned that into ” Lance doesnt go to Justins restaurant cause its too far away and he doesnt like it because he is not in college anymore!” Um.. I didnt go to college, why the hell would I say that!
This girl should be working for the enquirer instead of a legit magazine!
If there ever was a need for a retraction this would be it– and hope NY Magazine will do the right thing and write one.
I am no longer going to defend myself on articles such as these. But, I felt I had to because I just moved to this amazing city and feel so at home.I do NOT want anyone here to think I hate it.
If you would like to write a nice little letter to the writer of the article her name is Jada Yuan and she works for New York magazine.
On a lighter note– went to the US Open today and watched Federer kick some ass and Spain’s Fernando Verdasco had the most amazing nail biting comeback I have ever seen!!!! He won in the 5th set.

27 – Sureshot scheduled to do a concert/premiere party in Boston at the Saint nightclub, Boston. Appearance only, no performance, as Bryan was home with his family and/or in rehab.

28 – Lance’s letter to New York Magazine: Last week your reporter called me on my cell phone to ask me a number of questions in conjunction with my joining the cast of the Broadway hit musical Hairspray. She came to see me in the show but she didn’t come to the after party so she requested an interview later.
I made the comment to her (that she recorded so there is no excuse for the misquote) that when trying to find an apartment here, the first two I looked at had no style. She reported that I said New Yorkers had no style, which I never said. What was conveniently left out was my statement that I am having a great time here, I love the city and I now plan to get a permanent residence here and be bi-coastal.
Later in the story the writer suggests that I don’t hang out at Justin’s restaurant. I have been to Justin’s restaurant a number of times, and have taken my fellow cast members to it on many occasions as well.
I’m sorry floral print couches were reported on in my piece and nothing mentioned of this incredible musical, Hairspray, that I am in and how excited I am to be working and living among some of the greatest people on the planet.
Lance Bass
Proud New Yorker

28 – From New York Magazine: Lance Bass Learns About Damage Control
In this week’s issue of the magazine, former ‘N Sync star Lance Bass talks to New York’s Jada Yuan about battling the city’s real-estate market (he’s in town to appear in Hairspray on Broadway): “There’s a lot of crap here for a lot of money,” he said. “I don’t think anyone here has any style. I was looking at fully furnished places and it was like, you can either have a bunch of floral prints or some dusty couch from the 1960s.”
He also told us about dining at Justin Timberlake’s restaurant: “I’ve been up there a few times … But it’s really up there. The Upper East Side? I’m not in college anymore.”
But now Bass feels compelled to impugn our reporting, both on his MySpace page and in a statement to Vulture. See the statement, and our refutation, below.
We were going to be nice about this, because we’re actually quite fond of Bass, but then we heard that he called Ms. Yuan a dumb reporter on MySpace. So we invite Bass to breath deeply, stop reading Perez Hilton (who posted the story on his own site under the typically over-the-top headline, “Lance Bass Hates New York City“), and take some lessons in reading comprehension. Bass’s beef boils down to two points — he says he didn’t say New Yorkers have no style, and he does go to Justin Timberlake’s restaurant. Oh, and he really loves New York!
New York would like to make the following points: (1) We stand by the interview; Bass was not misquoted. (2) Bass is not quoted as saying New Yorkers have no style — it’s clear that he’s referring to the apartments he looked at. (3) The piece also does not suggest that Bass doesn’t hang out at Justin Timberlake’s restaurant. In fact, it specifically quotes him as saying he goes there. (4) Though Bass’s quote about his dancing ability (”I was the worst dancer in the band”) has not been called into question, we’d like to reiterate that Bass was, indeed, the worst dancer in ‘N Sync. (5) Bass now says he’s going bi-coastal; he never mentioned that to us, but we’re glad to hear it! Welcome to New York, Lance.

30 or 31 – Reba McEntire in Chicago to tape an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show to promote her upcoming duets album. Justin and Kelly Clarkson are scheduled to perform with Reba. The show is scheduled to air the week of Sept. 18

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