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Lance Bass in Clinton, Mississippi

Submitted by on March 5, 2010 – 10:37 amNo Comment

Clinton, Mississippi is all  a-twitter about Lance Bass being in town. A few members of a local show choir are reporting excitement and awe at seeing Lance and being able to dance for him.

“lol. i still can’t get over that i danced for LANCE BASS today! lol”

“I met Lance Bass today. Rad.”

“lmao. you don’t kno who LANCE BASS is? lol he’s from mississippi”

“Ha Lance Bass is at my school! ”

“Omg! I just met THE Lance Bass. The Lance Bass of N*SYNC! He came to see our show choir!”

We’ll dance for ya Lance! No? Okay. Well, because it’s Friday, let’s have some fun! How about some old school Lance in Attache` to get your morning going?

Have you seen Lance around town in Clinton? Please be sure to send photos and reports to us at stillnsync(at)gmail.com!

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