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*NSYNC Timeline – May 2007

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01 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

01? – Lance photographed at the booksigning event of Jeffrey Epstein and Eddie Shapiro’s updated version of Queens in the Kingdom: The Ultimate Gay and Lesbian Guide to the Disney Theme Parks at A Different Light Bookstore in Hollywood.

02 – Lance spotted partying in Hollywood

03 – US Weekly has a spread on last week’s Hot Hollywood party, including a picture of JC, Joey and Lance, and a quote from Lance: It’s contracted that no more than three ‘Nsync members can be seen together at a given time, to avoid new album rumors.

03 – From Lance’s MySpace: My Birfday!
Since I can not reply to most of the emails, I just want to say thank you very much for all the birthday wishes!!
I actually like getting older (for now). 28 is a good one though because you can still say you are in your 20′s and sound young– but have a better understanding of this crazy world.
Many have asked what I am doing to celebrate so here goes—-
Tonight I am having a lil fun poker tourney at the house for some friends, take it a little easy so I can last the weekend. Friday night Pink vodka (which is oh so good) is throwing me a nice party at my friend’s new place called Parc. That will be nice because I will get to see many people i only get to see once a year!
Then it’s off to Vegas! Woo hoo! So many things are going on this weekend I dont know what Ill end up doing— there is the De la hoya fight, Britney is performing, another friend’s Bday, another friend’s bachelor party, etc! I am tired just thinking about this.
So that’s it– have some really cool projects to tell you all about when the time comes. Should be in a few weeks. And how freakin good has Joey done on Dancin’!!
Have fun and be safe! LB

03-05 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, SECC, Glasgow, Scotland

04 – Lance’s 28th birthday. Pink Vodka throws him a party at Parc

04 – According to Extra, Lance has secured the rights to Marilyn Monroe’s song Down Boy, and it may be used for Britney’s ‘comeback’

04 – Joey and Kym (and Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough) are attend the annual Barnstable Brown Gala on Derby Eve, Lexington, Kentucky. From USA Today: Dancing With the Stars contestants were having fun, but not too much fun. The slimmed down Fatone, one of a handful of celebs to run across the muddy grass to sign autographs for fans, and his pro dance partner, Kym Johnson, spent Friday rehearsing and planned to rehearse two more hours Saturday morning before heading to the track. Which horse does he like in the 133rd run for the roses? “Nobiz Like Shobiz,” he said with a grin. Apolo Ohno and his partner, Julianne Hough, did a few steps for photographers. Also from USA Today about the gala: Fatone was flanked by [Gene] Simmons and Regina King as Michael McDonald performed I Heard It Through the Grapevine. Later, Fatone took the stage with Lachey to sing Celebrate and Superstition.
Joey and Kym were also photographed afterwards at Stuff Magazine’s party, hosted bt Taryn Manning.

05 – Joey and Kym attend the Kentucky Derby

05ish – Time has Justin on it’s list of 100 Most Influential People, at #42 overall, and #4 in the category of artists and entertainers.

05-06? – Lance in Las Vegas, celebrating his birthday

06 – Justin attends the LA premiere of Shrek the Third. Cameron Diaz is also there.

06 – Britney ‘performs’ at HOB Las Vegas? Lance attends?

06 or 07 – JC filming a part in an indie film Dead Of Night, at the Chambers Hotel in downtown Minneapolis

07 – Troy Alexander (aka “Royal T”) is suing Nsync and Jive Records, accusing them of plagiarism, claiming that he wrote “Up Against The Wall”

07 – News that Joey will be doing the DWTS tour this summer

07 – On the cover of the current issue of TV Guide, the final five couples from DWTS: Joey and Kym, Laila and Maks, Ian and Cheryl, Billy Ray and Katrina, and Apolo and Julianne.

07 – Joey and Kym perform the waltz (for a score of 26) and the mambo (for a score of 29) on DWTS, and end up second in scores for the night. Chris is in the audience. From People.com: Chris Kirkpatrick sat front and center and watched his former ‘N Sync partner Joey Fatone perform. “I heard from my family about it and they said, ‘Can’t you make it out there to see him?’ So I came,” Kirkpatrick says, noting that he’s not surprised that Fatone is connecting with fans. “He’s a character. It’s funny to see him with the outfits he wears. When we were on tour we could always rely on Joey to have the funniest outfits of all time. There was never a dull moment with Joey.” Speaking of clothing, Kirkpatrick and several friends in Fatone’s fan section wore homemade airbrushed t-shirts emblazoned with Fatone’s face (a photo of him sticking out his tongue) and the words “Vote For Joey.”

07 – JC photographed partying in Atlanta

07 – Joey spotted leaving Parc, asked his opinion on Paris Hilton’s sentence

08 – Via nsyncline.com: One thing not on Joey FAtone’s slate any longer is the redo of “The Odd Couple” he and former `NSync mate Lance Bass were set to do. “We had the script and everything, but the CW canned it, which was kind of odd because the script actually was very funny,” he says. “I was totally surprised by how funny it really was. But they’re not doing it anymore, and I’m like `Whatever. I’m moving on. I’m going for something else altogether.”

08 – Joey and Kym end up in the bottom two on DWTS. From People.com: As one of the two lowest rated teams this time around, Joey Fatone and partner Kym Johnson are dancing by a sequined thread. “In a way this is a good thing,” says Fatone. “It gives us a good kick in the butt. We have a lot of work to do.” What was he planning to do after Tuesday’s show? Maybe a stiff drink and then back to the studio. And Kym? “Back to the studio for sure. We really have to wow them next time.”

08-09, 11 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, NIA, Birmingham, England

09 – From Lance’s MySpace: From a myspacer
(From Jessica- and i agree!)
I have one thing to say to all you *NSYNC fans out there…HOW THE HELL DID WE LET JOEY FALL INTO THE BOTTOM TWO?!
C’mon people! I know there are still millions of crazy *NSYNC fans out there, so there should be no reason that he should have been on the chopping block this week. Let’s never let that happen again, and let’s make sure he wins the competition.
His dance routines with his partner Kym have consistently been both entertaining and technically good. They have been at or near the top of the Judge’s Leaderboard every single week, so what that tells me is that all of you fans out there aren’t taking the time to vote! WTF?!
It’s very simple…call toll-free 1-800-VOTE4-05 (1-800-868-3405) every Monday night during the live show (and up to 1/2 an hour afterwords) at 8pm EST standard time. Or, you can vote online at www.abc.com .
We are now in the semi-final rounds, and there are only 4 couples left. It is imperative that we vote in the next coming weeks!
Spread the word by copying and pasting this message to your blogs and bulletins, and as comments on fellow *NSYNCers myspace pages, and let other *NSYNC fans know that we need to push for more votes.
Let’s make Joey Fatone “Dancing With The Stars” Season 4 Champion!

10 – Due to a lost bet about Joey getting a perfect score on this week’s DWTS, Lance works as an intern for STAR 98.7’s Valentine and Lisa Foxx in LA. He got up early to be at the station by 7 a.m.; fetches coffee; plays, and loses “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”; pumps gas (at nearby Chevron in Burbank); Lisa and Valentine talk to Joey on the phone;

Just a quick reminder that my ass was in the bottom 2 with dancing with the stars, it was quite a shock for Kym and I, but now we are working our buts off to get out of there so if you are voting thanks!!! If you did not and want to this week would be the time we need all the help we can get. Thanks for everyones support, this has ben a great experence for me . And I hope with all the calls and emails I at least make it to the finals!

10 – From Lance’s MySpace: The Intern :
Yes I did lose the bet to Lisa Foxx this week!! I bet her Joey would get all 10s last Monday– he failed me!! So I had to get up at 5am this morning and 98.7′s bitch boy all morning!! It was fun though– and I didnt even get any free gas!!! I did make out with a few new cds!! Woo hoo!! Feel free to go to TMZ.com and check out me giving away free gas!

11 – Lance called in to Valentine and Lisa’s show in the morning, discussed the previous day’s interning, mentioned it had made the national news. Joey called in, apologized for putting Lance in that situation, reminded people to vote, Lance and Lisa made another wager?

11 – People.com asks celebrities what they are getting their Mom for Mother’s Day: JC says “I got my mom a Nintendo Wii system. I know that sounds so lame, but I bought one and I thought it was the coolest machine on earth. I was sitting in my house bowling and I thought, ‘My mom’s gotta have this.’ I gave it to her early, I just couldn’t keep it from her.”

11 – Billy Ray’s blog mentions that Joey will be doing an episode of Hannah Montana soon [June-ish?]

11 – Joey, Kym, and Alfonso Ribero photographed at the Jet Nightclub, Mirage Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

12 – Joey and Kym perform at Disneyland to tape a segment for Monday’s DWTS

12 – Joey and Kym photographed at the 14th Annual Entertainment Industry Foundation Revlon Run/Walk for Women

12 or 13? – TMZ caught up with “Dancing With the Stars” hopeful Joey Fatone in Las Vegas over the weekend — as he relived his *NSYNC days by singing karaoke-style to a Justin Timberlake jam! Gotta dance and sing!
Fatone started his evening by having dinner at Stack in the Mirage with wingman Aflonso “Carlton” Ribeiro. When they shifted to JET nightclub, Joey grabbed the mic started and “performing” Timberlake’s hit “Sexy Back.”
In mid-song, the crowd chanted for Ribeiro to add his famous “Carlton Dance” to the routine — and he graciously obliged!

13 – TMZ reports that Lance was recently spotted at a popular West Hollywood bar in the VIP area, wearing a strappy black tank top

14 – JC does a radio interview on KDWB, talks about being done filming his scenes for the movie he’s doing a cameo in (“Dead Of The Night”), done in two days

14 – Chris on XL 106.7 in Orlando in the morning?

14 – According to Variety, Logo is set to develop a music reality project with Lance

14 – MySpace bulletin from Lance: Tonight!
(Please do not respond to this bulletin)
Remember to vote for Joey tonight on Dancing with the Stars!

14 – Joey and Kym perform the foxtrot and the jive on DWTS, and get 30 for each dance, putting them in a tie with Laila and Maks for first. Lance and Alfonso Ribeiro are in the audience

14 – Apolo, Joey, Laila and Ian celebrate Apolo’s birthday at Lucky strike bowling alley in Hollywood with chicken fingers, fried macaroni and cheese, and cake.

14 – Joey, Lance, Alfonso Ribeiro, Ian, and Apolo photographed at Parc, celebrating Apolo’s birthday at a party hosted by Stride Gum

14 – The British tabloids claim that Jessica Biel spent the weekend with Justin in Manchester, including a trip to Old Trafford football stadium, where they watched Manchester United lose to London’s West Ham.

14-15 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, MEN, Manchester, England

15 – News that Joey and Michelle Kwan are scheduled to host a show called “Dream Makers” for new cable channel Disney Travel On Demand

15 – From Lance’s MySpace: Aids Walk New York
Ill be one of the hosts this weekend for the Aids Walk– hope to see many of you there!

15 – Kym and Joey do their jive for the encore dance on DWTS, and have a place in the final three, with Laila and Apolo

15 – After DWTS, Joey spotted having dinner with Kym, Alfonso, and assorted family and friends, wearing Team Fatone jackets

15 – Lance photographed at Sons of Hollywood party

16?-19? – Justin and Timbaland extend their stay in Manchester, recording videos, etc. Justin and Jessica Biel were reportedly spotted dining at Nandos (Portuguese), Shimla Pinks (Indian), and El Rincon (Spanish tapas)

17 – The final three DWTS couples tape an appearance for the Ellen Degeneres show, to be broadcast May 21

17 – From Joey’s MySpace: OK HERE WE GO!!!!

17 – The final three couples, including Joey and Kym appear on Larry King Live

17 – Justin records the video for Love Stoned at Web Studios, Little Hulton, Manchester

18 – Email from Lance, to everyone who signed up for AIDS Walk NY: Hello,
Just a quick reminder to join us this Sunday May 20, rain or shine, for AIDS Walk New York!
I’ll be there along with Whoopi Goldberg, Alan Cumming, Cyndi Lauper, TR Knight, B.D. Wong, Hal Sparks, Bruce Vilanch, Jason Steed, Stephanie Block, the cast of A Chorus Line, and thousands of other compassionate people, just like you!

18 – Timbaland and Justin do filming for Timbaland’s new single The Way I Are in a car park off Chapel Street, Salford, Manchester

19 – Joey and many others from DWTS are scheduled to attend the world premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, at Disneyland

19 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, Nottingham Arena, Nottingham, England

20 – Lance scheduled to attend the Spike for HOPE celebrity volleyball tournament, Hermosa Beach, CA (but does not)

20 – Lance appears at the opening ceremony of AIDS Walk New York

21 – Joey does radio interviews with Star 98.7 in LA, Z100 in NYC, WMMR in Philadelphia, and KIIS 106.1 in Seattle (probably more as well)

21 – On DWTS, Joey and Kym receive a score of 26 for their cha cha, and 30 for their freestyle. Kelly, Bri, and Lance are in the audience.

21 – Lance spotted at Winstons

21 – Lance photographed arriving at Parc

22 – Joey does a radio interview in Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM, Los Angeles

22 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, Bercy, Paris, France

22 – Joey and Kym reprise their Star Wars tango, and get a score of 30. They end up coming in in second place. Kelly, Bri (in a copy of Kym’s Star Wars costume), and Lance are all in the audience.

22 – Lance spotted at Hyde

22 – Lance and JC photographed at the Maroon 5 album launch party

22 – Lance spotted at Shag at the DWTS afterparty (no Joey, Laila, or Apolo)

23 – Joey and Kym photographed together by TMZ (at a nightclub?)

24 – Joey a guest on Howard Stern’s show

23/24? – From NY Magazine: Things were predictably bacchanalian aboard the Austrian Airlines flight carrying the design team Heatherette and friends—including Tinsley Mortimer, ex–’N Sync–er JC Chasez, and Amanda Lepore—to the Life Ball, a massive open-air AIDS fund-raiser in Vienna. At the preflight check-in there was surprise and concern that passengers might be asked to provide prescriptions for the abundance of Adderal and Percocet in carry-ons, and worry that the airline might object to smoking (it didn’t). The other ex–’N Sync–er onboard, Lance Bass, estimated that twenty people either joined or renewed their membership in the Mile High Club that night, but declined to say if he was one of them.
And from the NY Post about the flight: Lance Bass accidentally smashed a champagne flute against a fellow partygoer’s mouth while dancing wildly, thus requiring stitches. It wasn’t until the next morning that the smashee, a makeup staffer on the trip, realized glass shards were embedded in his bleeding lip. Luckily, a dentist and volunteer organizer named Fernando was on hand to provide stitches…. Bass hopes to renew his efforts to fly to the moon after completing his memoir, “Out of Sync.”…. “This could be No. 1,” surmised Bass, as he ranked the trip among his craziest of flights.
Also, Lance meets Pedro Andrade on the flight, according to an interview he did with People at the New York premiere of the movie Hairspray in mid-July

24 – JC is number one on the AOL Red Hot Music top 10, and #13 on Billboard Magazine’s 2007 “Hottest” Upcoming albums

24 – Lance photographed at the Welcome Party at the Lufthansa VIP Lounge hosted by LifeBall, Heatherette, and Austrian Air

25 – JC and Lance photographed at the Life Ball Party at Shambala?

25 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany

26? – Joey and Kym photographed on a Disney Cruise ship in Barcelona

26 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany

26 – JC and Lance attend the Life Ball AIDS Gala in Vienna. Both participate in the fashion show in front of Vienna’s City Hall. The “extravagant costumes” will be designed by NY designer duo Traver Rains and Richie Rich of Heatherette

27 – NutriSystem has adopted Joey as a spokesman

27 – Lance spotted clubbing at Hiro, the Maritime Hotel, NYC

28 – News release about Justin launching Tennman Records, a joint venture with Interscope Records

28 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow, Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany

28 – Lance photographed leaving Club Butter in NYC with a “huge roller case.” TMZ speculates he was “Hamptons-bound.”

29 – New radio release date for JC’s single “You Ruined Me”

29 – From the Village Voice: Everyone’s spectacular at the Tuesday night party Beige too, especially… when Lucy Lawless turned up (“to enable my gay friend,” she said, laughing) and so did Lance Bass (whose chumming it up with a Brazilian hottie in Vienna led to false items that J.C. Chasez hooked up with designer Esteban Cortazar). Lawless was in town to perform her rock show called Come to Mama, and no, she wasn’t toying with wearing a babydoll minidress, but she was concerned about what to do with her hair. Rather than even ask if she was performing with fireworks, I sardonically suggested she talk to Bass for coiffing advice, and she was perfectly willing to do so, having assumed he must be a hairdresser! (Ah, boyband fame is more fleeting than an enema.)

31 – Gossip from “The Gatecrasher” in the NY Daily News: Which still-closeted former boy-bander was making sure nobody got pictures of him with his handsome Spanish escort at a recent European charity event? JC?

31 – Lance and Mark Johnson attend a performance of Legally Blonde at the Palace, NYC. Photographed backstage with cast (and dogs)

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