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Lyrics to Mr. Jealousy

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The lovely ladies at K.nu have just posted the lyrics to Nigels11′s “Mr. Jealousy” and I think they did a great job! But they’re suck with one line… any ideas on what it could be?



Made a trip to the coast
She got to know me better
Strayed away from the truth
It wasn’t wrong (oh oh)
Figured out pretty quick because she knows I let her

??? of a pinch
I had to go, oh-oh


Its a tough one! Haha! Give us your guesses and we’ll pass them along to Robin and Steph! For the rest of the song lyrics, visit kirkpatrick.nu!

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  • Rebeca

    i have no idea how the lyrics go but its a really good song!!!!!!!!!!!!! isnt???!!! i LOVE it =)