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Never too late: ABDC S05E04: The Return of Crispycat

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Recap with snark is very late. I am only a little bit sorry about that. For those of you who didn’t already know, I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma from Wed. last week until Mon. Why was I in Tulsa? Well, Midwest Kings (MWK) played AN EPICALLY AMAZING show there and I went. When I say EPIC, I seriously mean REALLY FUCKING EPIC. For those of you who don’t know who they are (ie: all of you) they are the band that American Idol Season 7 winner, David Cook, was in when he lived in Tulsa. They are also part of David Cook’s band. David Cook played with them this past week. I love them. This is not the MWK show recap but I just had to share some of that flail.

Tonight’s episode recap will be up at some point tomorrow.

And by the way, ABDC, the Midwest does exist, I went there. It may have been a hellhole but that doesn’t mean you had to overlook it during regionals. Just saying!

Onward to the dance crews! Spoilers, duh!

It is finally time for nationals! We have survived heartwarming tales of crews rising out of the hood, tales of how Flipper has brought hip-hop culture across the ocean and tales about how Canucks can dance too. There have been tears, tribulations, jump ropes, T. Swizzle, cloggers, glitter, and even early bed times for the high schoolers. We have seen it all and we were left with the best of the rest. Jungle Boogie, Swagger Crew and Royal Flush!!! for the South. Blueprint Cru, Static Noyze and Saltare for the East. Poreotix, Heavy Impact and Hype-5-0 for the West.

I don’t know about you, but I’m PUMPED! Let’s see how many times we can cram fat puns into this show!

The entrances are kind of a mess but Blueprint Cru takes the WTF cake when the one girl on the end is doing a totally different dance than everyone else.

Oh snap! It’s Randy inspirational talk time! Desire is not enough. Bring it hard! Be brave and be bold. Randy whispers sweet nothings in Mario’s ear before he leaves the stage. How sweet.

Chart Topper Challenge

They’re still keeping things by region and the 3 crews that don’t make it through get to do a sudden death face-off. You know how it goes.


Hype-5-0 – They continue to push that Hawaii has a hip-hop culture beyond coconut bras and grass skirts. Could have fooled me. Did anyone else get the feeling they were watching Lilo and Stitch during the video? They’re doing this for their family and they’re committed for life. Just in case you doubted that they got tattoos to prove it. Awesome. I hope none of them ever have a falling out.

Why did it have to be Imma Be? This song makes me want to hurt things. Crazy high energy right at the beginning. Made me feel like they all did a big hit of speed right before getting on stage and then like ten seconds later they were crashing. I’d say they need to take a bigger hit next time but I don’t condone drug use. Try something legal like Red Bull. They’re working through their transitions which should make JC happy. I got a touch of deja vu when they did the cradle toss move. Didn’t someone do that last week? Like, *exactly* that? Maybe. Why did the guys have to strip off their jackets? I didn’t want to see that and I can’t be the only one who thought it looked awkward. And the snorkels. Really? I would expect that from the robot kids, not these guys. It was kind of corny.

Lil’ Mama – What is your hair, Lil’ Mama? What is your hair? Scarily enough Lil’ Mama and I appear to share a brain. *shudders* She says they gotta turn it up and represent.
Omarion – Likes that they rep for their city. Their nerves could be felt and they need to do better. Step up the intensity.
JC – It was an ok performance. The intensity was missing (is there an echo in here?). Gotta smash them right now if you want to win. Think about some new body lines so that the moves are less repetitive.

Heavy Impact – I have lost count of the number of weight puns so far. I give up. As we already know, they’re here to bust stereotypes. There is no stereotypical dancer. They’re tired of being cut because of their size, they’re coming for #1.

I don’t even know how he does it but Isaac just, unf. UNF, OK? I said it. I admit it. I don’t know where it comes from but I will embrace it. I want to have his babies. They gave me chills. I can’t even describe what is going on because my brain can not compute. They command attention when they’re up there and it’s hard to look away. Plus, all the floor work? Sexy. The back bend to flip move was fun. Did you see the one guy slide under the back bend? Amazing. And then, then Isaac just flips across the stage like a badass. ♥______♥

Omarion – Was digging the floor groove too. I think that maybe Omarion and I are both turned on. Just saying. Keep giving it your all.
JC – This is the perfect platform to give the finger to all the haters. The first half was boring, 1 and 2 and steps. The second half was good with the groove and the back bend/footwork. Then the turn kind of started to fall. If you’re going to do it you gotta do it. He then goes on to REPEAT what he just said. o.O
Lil’ Mama – Doesn’t see them as a gimmick crew. And now a trip down memory lane with Lil’ Mama, she danced with big girls growing up and they get busy. THEY GET BUSY! They gotta go, ‘We’re bigger but we hit it just like you!’. Translation: Don’t settle for being ok when you can work harder to be better. I think.

Mario always makes me cringe when he attempts to mimic the crews. Why does he do that? WHY?
Poreotix – Their film is pretty much everything we covered last week. They’re about being entertaining. They are the DVD to your boring book. Um? Apparently they are not for literacy.

I. HHHMMM I guess I just don’t see what everyone else sees. They’re slow and kind of boring. It’s like they just keep doing the same things over and over but the crowd eats it up. I mean, did anyone else just stare blankly at the screen when they did the weird like hand dancing thing. What was that??! Why did they spend a good chunk of time just huddles there flicking their fingers?? And what about the leg grabs? I felt that was such a subtle move that it didn’t translate to such a big stage. That being said, they’re fun and funny but is there anything more to them than that?

JC – True to is cray cray nature enjoyed the flashing because it was like Christmas, the sun, the moon, the sun, the moon! The storytelling is creative. Loves their isolation, they’re crispy but the whole thing was isolations. Gotta find a little something else.
Lil’ Mama – Is impressed by their body strength. One leg and then the next, that is some intense movement. . . Intensity is amazing. Have fun, grow. More choreo!
Omarion – Very clean isos but give more. Up your level, concentrate and be creative. He’s going to be watching them and he will know if they repeat a move. HE WILL KNOW! BEWARE BIG BROTHEROMARION

My guesses are Heavy Impact and Poreotix (because the judges still aren’t tired of them)
1 for 1 Poreotix
2 for 2 Heavy Impact


Swagger Crew – The South is just as good. They don’t have arrogance, they’re just confident. And now a moment to make our hearts swell with love. We learn that Jason’s house caught fire a few months ago and his mother brings tears when she says that she just wants things to go back to how they were. The crew put together a fundraiser to help. That is actually kind of touching.

This is like every army person’s nightmare. The entire thing is weird and just disjointed. I don’t really know what to say. Nothing really stood out and was kind of juvenile move wise.

Lil’ Mama – They’re loosing their swag. Transitions are getting thrown out of place. Energy was great but the performance threw her off. They did tricks and she didn’t understand why. She’s speaking from instinct.
Omarion – Didn’t look like they spent much time on the choreo. It was real mediocre. He’s seen them do better and have energy and intensity. And in case you weren’t sure what he was saying he repeats: They can do better.
JC – They’re expressing themselves through their art. He appreciates and respects that. And then the symbolism of ‘where your lighters at’ it says a lot about their character. The significance does not go unnoticed by JC’s perceptive brain. He appreciates the heartwarming sharing time. Jason was killing it. Was a bit 1-dimensional. Please break out of the box. Did anyone else just go back to an It’s Gonna Be Me place? Lulz!

Jungle Boogie – Apparently their name means the blending of their styles. They each have a patron animal. It’s like a patron saint except with zebras as Antwan so kindly points out. They bring cranking and move very fast. This equals A+ dancing. In some world they thought it would be cute to say ‘sprinkle’ in unison at me and I got creepy Children of the Cornesque vibes. Children of the Jungle Boogie? Raqi is the one to look out for. Beware.

You know that feeling you get when you’re kind of just hanging around and then something AWESOME happens and all of a sudden your adrenaline spikes and you feel like maybe you’ve gone just a little bit over the edge but you can’t stop freaking out because everything is just fucking amazing? That feeling is what Jungle Boogie brings. It’s like, for once I’m entertained and amazed and I don’t want them to stop. Ever. They exploded off the floor and then Raqi’s split and then how she got pulled through the guys was awesome. JUST LOVE. Then the back flip and transition into the tribal moves. They don’t play.

Mario, don’t ever roar again.

JC – Was taken a nap but is now very awake. Huge energy and enthusiasm. The opening was big and it didn’t stop. The backflipping man was crazy for coming withing a foot of falling off the stage. They are fearless. One of the kicks was elementary but he loved it. He’s so excited he’s talking all quick and excited. JC speak for OMGZ MOFOS
Lil’ Mama – She tries to catch on the JC’s exciting talking but turns it into some mutation of Valley Girl. This has been your Mamasez portion of the evening. Huge opening and are following their animal instincts while keeping it together. Raqi’s energy is off the chain and she has the eye of the tiger. (Happy Year of the Tiger!). Raqi’s reactions to all this praise is hilarious. They bring choreo but smooth is out and know how to pace. And then she says something that I don’t understand about catching racoons? Animal control is needed? I’m not sure.
Omarion – Props to Raqi for keeping things in line. He is unsure if they were trying to tie in African aspects to their wardrobe and the dance. I have no words, let’s just say that I have thoughts about his brain power.

Royal Flush!!! – They are aiming to be the best. 5 times trying out has motivated them to come back stronger. They want to be seen as a street dance crew that can do choreo. They are not about to give up. I love them. I don’t care what anyone else has to say.

The one thing I want to say about them is that they take the time to showcase everyone and I love that about them. There were guys doing flips and some doing tricks and the one girl had a moment and they just each got a chance to shine. It makes me happy to see that. It also means that I am entertained the entire time because there really aren’t any dull moments. They kept it moving and nicely paced and the end flip with the cards being thrown up in the air had me grinning. Am I gushing? I might be gushing.

Omarion – This time the cards were used creatively. He loved it. The flying squirrel stood out for it’s level of danger. He tells them to watch their lines and be extra clean. Keep doing their thing.
JC – He likes that they do a lot of things. (JC after my own heart) A little bit of everything for the second time around. And even the simple clck clck foot move was playful and he found it cute. He liked it.
Lil’ Mama – Well improved. Transitions and musicality were on point. The choreo shows that they are ready to evolve by highlighting each other and showing they can work together in duets and so forth. She likes them. Grow! (I think Grow! is supposed to be like saying Fight! at a football game or something.)

My guesses are Jungle Boogie and Royal Flush!!!
1 for 1 Jungle Boogie
2 for 2 Royal Flush!!!


Saltare – I feel my animosity waning. I feel the jump rope magic sinking into my brain. They will not be America’s Best Gimmick Crew!

They actually do leave me speechless. The timing is just fucking epic. I loved that they put the jumpropes down for a few seconds and then they did their little latin dance and I totally cheezed at the two guys in the middle. How so adorable? I actually watched it threefour times because I never wanted it to end. They made me eat my hate. The tracksuits have got to go though. And so do the jazz hands. I do think they’ll need to bring in a little bit more dance moves in the future but for right now everyone is in love.

JC – Wowed again. More excited! talking from JC makes me so happy. Throw it to them! Who cares?! He loved that they dropped the ropes and isos! Wowed! And just for good measure, he was wowed!
Omarion – Way to call out Brittany and her daring lip ring. He’s just saying, you know what he’s saying? They represented well.
Lil’ Mama – I am surprised at Lil’ Mama’s use of the phrase Catch-22. She is pleased they kept the ropes in the picture and staying true to themselves. She likes the partner salsa section. And the group jump was about union. This has been dance interpretation hour with Lil’ Mama. By the way, Saltare is poppin’.

Static Noyze – Suzette is the cutest thing ever when she talks about how they aren’t the typical hip-hop crew. They are pushing art before tricks and that has to be a first for the ABDC stage. Enrique collapsed with a back injury and watching that footage is actually scary. I’m glad he’s ok. First national episode and we already have an injury. Jeez!

They’re not kidding when they say they push theatrics. Watching this performance is a whole stroy in and of itself. It’s creative and beautiful watching how they interpret the story being told. Most notable moves were the opening/closing move where Enrique is holding Suzette back in mid jump and the love triangle section. Just, well done kids. Well done.

Omarion – Most diverse crew on the show. Should have been dancing to Mozart . . . apparently Mozart would be better storytelling music? Not sure what he means by that. *collective eye-roll* He says he can relate to the love triangle and felt he should have been up there. Oh, Omarion.
Lil’ Mama – They are one of her favorites. They are daring to step out a stage that has been dominated by b-boys/girls. Kudos to Enrique for being a team player. Lil’ Mama coins the term ‘freeze and tell’ to describe the beginning/end freeze frame. Just embrace the music and even when it’s slow, find some other beats and make them pop, make it pop. Pop, pop, pop, pop!
JC – He commends Enrique for bucking up and biting down on the pain and applauds the group for trusting Enrique to do the right thing. It was not necessarily the most athletic but it was experimental and emotional and he enjoyed it.

Blueprint Cru – LOL at them dancing in their winter coats. TL is apparently the disciplinarian and that is kind of obvious. At least they recognize that they are attempting to make this North America’s Best Dance Crew. They’re dancing to the Ting-Tings and that makes me happy.

The guys doing their femme attitude put some hearts in my eyes. Then one of the girls was flying through the air. What? WHUT? Yeah, that just happened. The entire attitude of this dance was just edgy and hard and I liked that aspect. There was a bunch of little things that were really fun, facial expressions and some of the smaller moves. The 1990 spin was nicely highlighted. Just not quite up to par with what I would have wanted to see from them.

Lil’ Mama – They can dance. They are strong performers. She saw many styles of dance and it was interesting to see them move so fluently and eloquently through the different styles. Natalie’s jump was big but the land was sloppy but they kept it moving and that was smart.
JC – They are very strategic for making TL watch them. They each have a role to play and they play to each other’s strengths. The blueprint is really well structured. He loved the dude’s who were all ‘hey’ in the front. The throw/jump and the girls popping out from behind the guys, the reveals were great and memorable. It felt like he was too excited to even finish his sentences. LULZ Oh spazzy JC.
Omarion – Props to the ladies but shout out to the fellas, call out to Vince for doing his thing, playboy. Translation: Omarion got the tingles in a happy place. Bboy Hero get’s a shout out for his 1990 and then, then Omarion PLUGS HIS OWN MOVIE FROM ’04 and says it was brilliant. For reals? FOR REALZIES!

My guesses are Saltare and Blueprint Cru
1 for 1 Blueprint Cru
2 for 2 Saltare

Sudden Death Showdown Tik-Tok – Ke$ha

Hype-5-0 – They do dance better under pressure and LULZ their police car. Introducing Hawaiian hip-hop to the nation. Lil’ Mama thought they were clean but Omarion felt it lacked intensity and JC said if they want to win they have to smash it.

Swagger Crew – They seem to put a lot of weight on tricks and it’s hard to just sit there and wait for the next trick for something fun to happen. Moves have lived up to their name and their confidence helped them smash. JC felt their intensity but Omarion said they hadn’t spent enough time refining their moves and needed to break out of the box.

Static Noyze – They’re just so darn entertaining. It feels more like they were a product of ‘Well someone has to be in the bottom 3′. Came on a mission to break new ground with original moves and one member overcame injury to perform but the judges thought they needed to embrace the music more and make it pop.

My guesses are Hype-5-0 and Static Noyze
1 for 1 Static Noyze
2 for 2 Hype-5-0

I would have been alright seeing Hype-5-0 go but Swagger Crew deserved to go tonight. They just didn’t bring it hard enough. Sad but true.

It’s anyone’s game at this point so have at it.

Next Week
Music Video Challenge!

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  • Dee

    Excited rambling JC had me laughing so hard when he kept going on and on about those ropes flying everywhere!

    And I’m with you, we may be in the minority but I like Heavy Impact. They give it their all each and every single time because they have a point to prove and they’re doing it amazingly well! Getting tired of the “fat puns” though. I hope they stop doing that.

    • Kary

      He has a rope, she has a rope, they have a rope, throw it to them, who cares! I couldn’t stop laughing either. He’s just so precious.

      Heavy Impact is just amazing. I wish I could explain it better but they just, I think they just have *it*.

  • Dee

    Excited rambling JC had me laughing so hard when he kept going on and on about those ropes flying everywhere!

    And I’m with you, we may be in the minority but I like Heavy Impact. They give it their all each and every single time because they have a point to prove and they’re doing it amazingly well! Getting tired of the “fat puns” though. I hope they stop doing that.

    • Kary

      He has a rope, she has a rope, they have a rope, throw it to them, who cares! I couldn’t stop laughing either. He’s just so precious.

      Heavy Impact is just amazing. I wish I could explain it better but they just, I think they just have *it*.