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*NSYNC Timeline- March 2007

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01 – Chris fills in for Doc on the Doc and Johnny radio show in the morning on XL106.7 in Orlando. He arrives a little late (around 7 a.m.). The previous day he woke up late/hungover, but this morning he used an alarm clock

01 – From Davis Mallory’s Myspace (he’s the guy rumored to have “broken up” Lance and Reichen): Homewrecker I am not
I want to put an end to the gossip circulating about the Lance/Reichen break up, and my part in all of this. I thought this nasty rumor was over; however, I still get people daily wanting to know if this story is true or not.
I did meet Reichen in Atlanta in early January at a night club. We spent the evening talking and left with a large group of friends to an after party. During the evening Reichen made it clear that he and Lance had already broken up. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and so was under the impression we were both two single guys. So what’s so wrong with that?
Soon after this evening websites such as Perezhilton.com and others began posting that Lance and Reichen had officially split and that I was accredited to the breakup. I was asked by Life and Style to give any “juicy” details, but I chose only to give the simple statement that “I honestly can’t believe this has escalated to the point where they split up.” What I meant by that statement was that I can’t believe Reichen and Lance were even still dating at this point. I can’t believe this story about Reichen and I in Atlanta is now the one that is causing them to break up. I was not trying to get credit for Lance and Reichen’s break up. I was commenting on the fact that I don’t feel that that is even the case: Reichen was single beforehand from my understanding.
This entry is deleted around March 9

01 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, New Orleans, New Orleans Arena

02 – Chris fills in for Doc on the Doc and Johnny radio show in the morning on XL106.7 in Orlando. Joey calls in and they discuss DWTS

02 – From an interview with Rich Cronin about Manband/Sureshot: Each of the guys quickly developed a role in the group, with Kirkpatrick taking on the leadership role. “Out of all of us, he was just ridiculously successful, and he must have learned a thing or two,” Cronin said.

02 – From Lance’s MySpace: Dancing with the Stars
I have to say I am very excited about Joey being on Dancing with the Stars! I have never seen the show, but it will be amazing to see him on it!
I also have a feeling he is going to kick some ass.. he is a really good dancer.
He also posts another entry on the moon, etc.

03ish – Lance in Puerto Vallarta

03 – From Sureshot’s MySpace: Chris Kirkpatrick and Jeff Timmons of SURESHOT will be featured live on 97.1 Free FM in Los Angeles on Sunday March 4th at 5-7PM PACIFIC TIME. They will preview clips of their new music and talk about their reality show on VH1. Hosted by David Adelson and Roy Trakin, the show will also feature fellow MySpacer, Tila Tequila.
Not in LA? Tune in live online at http://www.971freefm.com
Check back here later in the week for a video blog from the radio station visit!

03 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Bossier City, CenturyTel Center

04ish – Lance’s friend Baub post pictures of a baby shower he and Lance attended where they had to dress as their favorite decade. Lance chose the 80s.

04 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Houston, Toyota Center

04 – Chris and Jeff appear on 97.1 in LA

04 – Chris and Jeff photographed with their Sureshot decorated guitar at the radio station

05 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Fresno, Dallas, American Airlines Center

06 – Perez Hilton posts a picture of Lance in Puerto Vallarta from the past weekend

06 – Lance photographed at an exhibition tennis match during the Duel in the Desert to benefit the National Junior Tennis League and Save Doubles non-profit charity organization in La Quinta, California

06 – Justin photographed with Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks after a game of HORSE after a game against the New Jersey Neeets at the American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

06 – Joey attends sportscaster Lee Goldberg’s celebrity poker tournament in Orlando

07 – From People.com: Lance Bass to Write His Autobiography
Former boy-bander and aspiring cosmonaut Lance Bass is adding a new title to his résumé: author.
The onetime ‘N Sync heartthrob, 27, plans to reveal “all about his life, his music and his sexuality” in a memoir, Out of Sync, his publisher, Simon Spotlight Entertainment (an imprint of Simon & Schuster), announced Wednesday.
The book will hit stores in October.
In it, Bass will tell readers about his childhood in small-town Mississippi, his experiences as a member of the hugely popular boy band (which started with a phone call from Justin Timberlake when Bass was 16), and, in 2002, his four months in Russia training to be a cosmonaut on a space mission (though he was forced to drop out because of a lack of funds).
He will also talk about his life as a gay man, including his struggle to keep his sexuality hidden from fans and his decision to come out of the closet on the cover of People in July.

08 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Omaha, Qwest Center

08 – Lance photographed at Time Warner Cable and MTV Networks Celebrate the Launch of Logo and Logo On Demand, at Boulevard3, Hollywood

09 – Originally scheduled date forJustin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Ames, Hilton Coliseum, cancelled in December

09 – From eonline.com: Did Lance Bass have a too-close-for-comfort encounter last night with the man who reportedly came between him and former beau Reichen Lehmkuhl?
Bass was at Logo’s Time Warner Cable party at Boulevard3 in Hollywood when he ran into Real World: Denver star Davis Mallory, who allegedly hooked up with Lehmkuhl in January while Lehmkuhl was still dating Bass.
Bass reportedly dumped Lehmkuhl after hearing about the alleged liaison.
An onlooker reports: “Lance was making his way to the bar but didn’t realize he was literally an inch away from Davis. Lance turned around when someone accidentally bumped him, and that’s when he came face-to-face with Davis. He just kind of looked at Davis, and there was this awkward moment of them making eye contact, and then Lance and his friends went to a different part of the room.”
However, I’m told things between the two may not be as frosty as it appeared. Another source tells me that Bass and Mallory chatted at one point during the evening. “They’re actually not angry with each other,” the source says, “because Davis really didn’t think Lance and Reichen were still dating when everything happened.”
As for Bass’ posse, many—including myself—wondered if the tall, tan and well-coifed hunky fella he was hanging with was a new romance. “It’s not anything like that,” a source says. “It’s very platonic.”
Bass’s rep declined to comment.

09 – From Reichen’s MySpace: My Latest MEDIA STALKER from Atlanta
I’ve had stalkers, and even media “blogosphere” stalkers, (and even BLOB-os-phere stalkers!), but this is one is getting ridiculous…
I’ve heard that my ‘silence is deafening’ on the recent developments that speculate about my personal life and what ended my relationship, but that’s been on purpose. This isn’t something I choose to speak about publicly. The biased views of this situation on some websites and from some other people have been made clear and are, for some, rooted in comical jealousy and bitterness. I get a kick out of being judged by all the perfect people who have chimed in on what is none of their business—my life. Yet all those who have never made a mistake, apparently, continue to judge and thrown their stones…and even make money from it all, from internet “hits”. I still have some admiration for smart business people, so I understand what you’re doing, I guess.
As always, I choose to keep the personal and private aspects of my life just that–private. The dynamics, incidents, and aspects of any relationship couldn’t possibly be fully understood by the public or anyone else, for that matter, if that person is not actually IN the relationship. Rumors and stories that “leak” about the on-goings of my life and relationships will always be incomplete and fully or partially unsubstantiated, leaving much room for unjustified opinions. I think we can all agree that no media entity can ever possibly get the full story in any realm without actually “living” the story. I can assure you that what you are reading on some of the “blogs” and printed publications is inaccurate, incomplete, and serves to, ultimately, make money…not to tell the truth.
Unfortunately, in this particular case and with this particular pathetic person who has chosen to publicize his packaged story about me, it becomes more clear to us all that there are people in this world who will stop at nothing, nor think of anyone other than themselves, to get their name in LIGHTS.
It’s really disgusting. But nothing is more disgusting to me now than the “interaction” I had with this particular person in Atlanta, which was brief and of bad judgment. I was warned to stay away from him after someone told me that he asked someone on my management staff on the night that we met, “How do I become a big name out of reality television, like Reichen is?” among other stardom-hungry questions, and along with, “What’s up with Reichen’s relationship?” His answer from everyone he asked was, “They are still together.” Someone on my management staff had to explain to him that I’ve served in the military, have fought in Congress for gay rights, have written and published a book, started companies, produced my own television show, and, well, basically that I had to work for what I have and that it didn’t come easy. He didn’t ask me these questions personally, but asked others around me, so I’m only going on what I heard that night and on what is continually confirmed to me by several sources up to date.
Upon my departure from Atlanta, this person assured me that he was a “very private guy” (exact words) and that he would allow me to conduct my own life and to answer for my own behavior to my relationship without his interference. I asked, clearly, to be able to explain my behavior first, and on my own terms, before he interfered. By this same person’s mouth and keyboard, according to several sources verifying that he “leaked” this sordid story, I was not given even 24 hours to have that luxury, chance, or respect that this person promised me originally. Maybe I didn’t deserve it? I guess that was up to the universe. It’s never been quite as obvious as it is now that what comes out of this person’s mouth is not for me to take seriously or with any validity, which I’ll address further in this letter.
This person also told me he had a boyfriend (which I understand now that he never had) over a discussion in which he assured me that he understood the importance I placed on my own relationship.
Important: That I told this person that my relationship was over at any point in my brief interaction with him is an absolute lie, and an obvious way for this person to save his reputation while he is accused of being a “home-wrecker”. This person brought this kind of judgment onto himself in his need to go public (and private) with his wonderfully-scandalous story. I can’t imagine this was so fun for him, but I guess we all have different tastes. I have no sympathy for this person and his being labeled as a “home-wrecker”. He is a “home-wrecker” in my opinion. The worst kind, in fact, who uses his one chance for a hit in the mainstream media to get some attention, and compromising the ability for people to work out their own issues in their relationship—and with people who clearly avoid the craziness of media attention when it comes to personal life issues.
I’ve had to admit many things to the people who matter to me in my life within the past month, and I’m all about the truth when it comes to them with absolutely nothing to hide now. I don’t owe that sort of candor to the public, nor will I ever because I value my privacy, but I owe it to those I care about. That, I’ve accomplished.
But let me be candid and “public” briefly so I can say with 100% accuracy, once again, that his claim that I told this person that my relationship was over at any point in my interaction with him, is an absolute and complete lie. I’m not perfect, but I’m also not that creative or pre-meditative, especially during a night that was supposed to be a celebratory occasion. Celebratory champagne turned into an addition to bad judgment.
So now I’m on the road to salvaging whatever happiness and relationship goals I have left and I’m doing it with truth, dignity, PRIVACY, and on terms that I’m allowed. This constant buffoonery coming from this person and the “blogosphere” circus-like reaction to it, as well as their continued need to chime in on my life and relationship of which they truly know nothing about, are sickening but transparent, to say the least.
Luckily I have a thick skin, good friends and family, a big heart that I’m proud of, and a conscience that has allowed me to move on from this incident in a truthful, loving, and empathetic way because of the love I have for the main person and people in my life who this has affected. When something like this happens in the “actual world”, there isn’t the aspect of public opinion and speculation. That’s a tough added part to all of this for me. I could NOT possibly resent any more than I do, that this disgusting person has caused me to have to answer to my personal issues on a PUBLIC level, in addition to what I have to deal with on a personal level. Yes, I am very upset about this.
I understand the fascination with this story, but I respectfully, one last time, wish for and ask that anyone outside of my relationship or life, including this person, to allow me and us the privacy, peace, and time to heal. Again, I am not perfect, but I can learn from everything that happens in my life, good or bad. I’m focusing on the positive and what I have learned from this. That’s the best anyone can do, in my opinion.
I do hope that this un-needed and continued “annoyance” and distraction will be kept from all involved and who have an interest in moving onto a happy life away from this person and his game, and from those others beside this person who make it their business to cloud the natural process of healing that exists, if it’s allowed to.
In other words, “Dude, just leave us the hell alone. We have important and meaningful work to do and we’re far above this game of ‘get popular’ you continue to play at our expense. Good for you! You got to have your fun night with people who actually allowed you into their very trusted circle. Then you got to tell everyone you could about your version of the experience. But in the end, it and you meant nothing and will continue to mean nothing to me. Stay away from us all, please. Do something important on your own to get popular. And good luck to you. Just, please, get a new gig for yourself and stop being my media-stalker. Stop writing about us. You don’t KNOW us. Stop trying to approach us at parties. LEAVE US ALONE. SERIOUSLY. Enough is ENOUGH.”

09 – From Sureshot MySpace, information about celebrity auction, “Rock, Paint, Bid”, Sureshot will be decorating one of the guitars

09 – Justin and Cameron spotted at the Whisky Bar, Sunset Marquis Hotel, LA?

10 – Justin concert at Joe Louis Arena, Detroit?

10 – Timbaland’s birthday party and JT afterparty at Confidential and Plan B Nightclub, Detroit?

11 – Justin photographed shopping in West Hollywood

11 – Justin and Cameron spotted surfing together on a Malibu beach?

11 – JC photographed at Dallas Austin’s 2nd Annual Don’t Stop The Music Gala, Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, Georgia

11 – Lance photographed at a Boy Culture promo party, at Privilege

12 – JC posts twice to his MySpace: Update
I will be updating my page with additional music and news soon…keep checking back.

Southern California
I will be announcing a promotion with KIIS FM LA for Southern California in a couple weeks… keep checking back for updates.

13 – Lovewrecked released on DVD

14 – From Extra!: When “Dancing” hits ABC, the one thing certain among the uncertain dancer is that everyone will hail the “Dancing” queen, two-time champ Cheryl Burke.
Cheryl told “Extra” that she and “90210” star Ian Ziering have their eye on one guy.
“Definitely Joey,” Burke said.
But is ‘N Sync star Joey Fatone ready to re-release his boy band moves to America?
“If you put me through the finals you may see something sleeveless,” he promised.

14 – Lance spotted at East/West, a “happenin’ homo haunt in WeHo, looking quite cozy and cuddly with a new boy accoutrement.” He was also reportedly seen going to the men’s room three times in ninty minutes.

15 – From John Norris, MTV News correspondent, at South by Southwest: Ah yes — just a sampling of the greetings you get trying to shoot a news brief at 11 a.m. in the middle of Sixth Street on day #2 of SXSW. Who said they don’t get up before noon at this festival? In fact, one person who was up early was none other than Chris Kirkpatrick. Yes, as in, formerly of ‘NSYNC Chris Kirkpatrick… though decidedly more tattooed than the last time I saw him. Chris has been to South By before but was ready to proclaim this one “maybe the wildest one yet.” (Uh, totally awesome, bro.)

15 – From Lance’s MySpace: “This is Awful.”
This is so sickening to me! I can not believe that even when it is proven that being gay is biological people can still be so ignorant!!!
“Furor Over Baptist’s ‘Gay Baby’ Article”
and posts the text/links to the AP article

16 – Lance puts a big Dancing With The Stars banner on his MySpace that says vote for Joey. He also commented in Joey’s MySpace: You better win damnit!!!

16 – Justin spotted playing basketball and lifting weights at the downtown YMCA in Nashville

16 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Nashville, Nashville Arena

16 – After his Nashville show, Justin and Timbaland go to Layl’a Rul for an afterparty, and perform a little

17 – Justin reported in a Nashville studio recording with Reba McEntire for her duets album.

17 – From Lance’s MySpace: Joey DWTS
Be sure to see Joey on Dancin W The Stars this week!!
You can add the link on my page to yours, to be able to vote quicker!
(Please do not reply to this bulletin)

18 – JC photographed at Dina Bar-El Fall 2007 fashion show, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Smashbox Studios, Culver City, CA

18 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Charlottesville, John Paul Jones Arena

18 – From Joey’s MySpace: THANKS AGAIN!!!!
So ok I am starting my journey with DWTS today !! Thank you for all the support you guys have given me and continue to give me!!!!! All I can say is I have such great people backing me up so I hope you enjoy the first dance if you watch it and it is a Bee Gees song just so you know and you know it is really me writing this. Let me know how I do love the feed back and sorry if I can not send everyone a message back but I do read them all!!!!!! Thanks again!!! Much love Joey!!!

19 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Pittsburgh, Mellon Arena. Chris is photographed attending the show along with Ben Rothenberger

19 – Dancing With The Stars with Joey premieres. Joey and his partner Kym get the top score of the evening, dancing the cha-cha to “You Should Be Dancin’”

19 – According to EW’s Popwatch, Justin delayed the start of his show so he could watch Joey’s DWTS debut

19 – Lance spotted with Jamie-Lynn Sigler at Butter, Manhattan

20 – From TMZ: Lance Butters Up New Dude?
After a night of partying at Manhattan’s swanky club Butter last night, TMZ spotted former boy-bander Lance Bass leaving the nightspot with a brand new mystery man.
A mammoth bald bodyguard escorted the two into the back of a waiting cab, which then whisked them away into the freezing cold night.
Earlier this week, TMZ spies spotted Bass in a St. Patty’s Day liplock in Los Angeles. While we cant confirm that Lance’s Butter bud is also his Irish kissing pal, we can confirm that Lance is loving the single life.

20 – Lance photographed at Pastis for lunch, NYC

20 – Lance and Jamie Lynn-DiScala attend the LVHRD Master-Disaster Vending Machine Challenge, “the world’s only competitive eating vending machine contest,” at the Pioneer Bar, NYC

21 – State Senator Ophelia Ford introduced Senate Joint Resolution 148 to honor Justin “for his highly successful music career and for his meritorious service to the State of Tennessee,” but the measure was removed by state Senator Raymond Finney

21 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Uniondale, Nassau Coliseum

21 – Lance photographed at Nylon Magazine’s 8th Anniversary Celebration, Hotel Gansevoort, NYC. New boyfriend Mark also attends?

21 – Justin made a brief, late appearance at Nylon Magazine’s 8th Anniversary Celebration, Hotel Gansevoort, NYC

22 – Justin wins two awards from the International Dance Music Awards: Best R&B/Urban Dance Track, and Best Pop Dance Track, both for “Sexyback”

23 – From JC’s MySpace bulletin: This Monday I will be co-hosting JoJo’s Top 9 at 9 on 102.7 KIIS FM LA. Be sure to tune in!
During the show you will be able to hear the debut of my single, “You Ruined Me”

23 – Justin nominated for seven Music Video Production Awards

24 – From Joey’s MySpace: MONDAY!
So thanks everyone for your votes and support!! Get ready for this week it is going to be interesting to see how everyone does as for myself this week, for the guys the dance is the quickstep! And it sure is!!! It is not easy as it looks. So try and tune in monday and let me know what you think! And thanks again for all your suppoprt if it was not for all of you I would not be where I am today!!! THANKS!!!!! Joey

24 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Uncasville, Mohegan Sun Arena

25 – From JC’s MySpace: MONDAY NIGHT
Be sure to tune into LA KIIS 102.7 at 9PM! I will be co-hosting JoJo’s Top 9 at 9 and debuting my new single “You Ruined Me”
Also, during the show we will let you know how win a chance to have JOJO and I come party at your house…

26 – JC working in Babyface’s studio

26 – From JC’s MySpace bulletin: Just hours away…
from the debut of my single, “YOU RUINED ME” on KIIS 102.7 Los Angeles.
Be sure to tune in tonight as I co-host JoJo’s Top 9 at 9 for the hour.

26 – Robbie Williams is in the audience of DWTS to see Joey. From EW’s Popwatch: EW: What brings you out tonight, Robbie?
Robbie Williams: Well, I’ve met Joey [Fatone] quite a few times before. He’s a really lovely guy. And I love rubbish television. So he and I were out in the same place last week [Hollywood hotspot Les Deux], and I thought I’d combine my liking Joey with my liking crap television by visiting both of the same time.

26 – JC a guest on JoJo’s show on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles

27 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Philadelphia, Wachovia Center

27 – JC and Lance photographed at Mika’s CD release party, at Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel, LA

27 – From the NY Daily News: Out and proud former boybander Lance Bass came face to face with online gossip Perez Hilton Tuesday night at an album-release party for British pop star Mika in L.A. “Are you still mad at me? You know that’s just business,” purred Hilton, the blogger who virtually forced Bass out of the closet with epithets like Princess Frostylocks. “I couldn’t hear what Lance said,” a witness told us. “But they hugged it out.”

29 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, East Rutherford, Continental Airlines Arena

30 – From Janet Charlton: Here’s a mini-mystery: Lance Bass was seen driving in Beverly Hills toward Mr Chow and about a block away our photographer noticed an older guy get OUT of Lance’s car and WALK toward the restaurant. Lance and the mystery man – who is believed to be billionaire Hollywood mogul David Geffen – arrived separately but sat down TOGETHER at a table inside Mr Chow. They had pleasant dinner together and then left at different times. WHY all the subterfuge? (Was David afraid Keanu Reeves would be jealous? Just JOKING!) Was Geffen inviting Lance to join the Velvet Mafia? Any guesses?

30 or 31 – Joey and Kym scheduled to tape an appearance for Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Universal Orlando. The show is scheduled to air April 2

31 – Justin hosts Nickelodeon’s 20th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards, UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion, Los Angeles. He wins Favorite Male Singer

31 – Fatone Family Foundation’s “A Night of Hope,” Soundstage 33, Universal Studios, Orlando. Joey and his dance partner Kym are scheduled to attend

31 – From Joey’s MySpace: HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!
Well yet another dance this monday it will be the tango and for all you star wars geeks which I am you dont wanna miss this show that is all I can say it will be interesting, AND ONCE AGAIN THANKS FOR EVERYONES SUPPORT AND WATCHING!!! This week has been tuff!! I hope it pays of and everyone likes it!!! hope all of you watch the show on monday and tuesday!!!!

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