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*NSYNC Timeline- February 2007

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01 – JC does an interview at radio station Q107.3 in Columbus, Georgia

01 – Joey photographed at On 3 Gift Suite, Miami Beach Convention Center

01 – Joey photographed at Shaq’s Super 60 Dinner, Casa Casuarina, Miami Beach, Florida

02 – Joey photographed at Sprint Style Villa, Lummus Park, Miami Beach

01 – A new video blog is posted on the Sureshot MySpace page, including a shot of Chris sitting on a exercise bench getting a tattoo

02 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Washington, Verizon Center

02 – Joey photographed at the Playstation Oasis, Raleigh Hotel, Miami Beach

02 – Joey photographed at Friday Night Lights At Nikki Beach

03 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Cleveland, Quicken Loans Arena

04 – Joey photographed at the Hennessy Game Night Party hosted by Pharrell at Mokai, Miami Beach

04 – Justin photographed at the Hennessy Game Night Party hosted by Pharrell at Mokai, Miami Beach. Perez Hilton claims that Justin met up with Scarlett Johansson at his bungalow at the Delano, were spotted at the party together, and left together back to the Delano.

05 – JC photographed at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2007 at the shows for Jill Stewart (Astor Hall in the NY Public Library), Luca Luca, and John Varvatos, as well as the Marc Jacobs afterparty at Eugene’s, NYC. From the NY Post: It’s a sure sign the Fashion Week celebrity scene ain’t what it once was when photographers are crowded around JC Chasez (who one front-row editor said was looking “less Dolce & Gabbana gay, more Dior Homme gay”), as they were at Monday’s Jill Stuart show at the New York Public Library.

06 – JC photographed at the Heatherette show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NYC

06 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Boston, TD Banknorth Garden

06 – JC spotted with Britney at a NYC nightclub?

07 – JC photographed at the Premiere & Launch Party for VH1’s The Agency at the Bryant Park Hotel, NYC

07 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, NYC, Madison Square Garden. He performs Dick In A Box with Andy Samberg.

08 – JC photographed at the EW and Timbaland pre-Grammy party at Boulevard3, West Hollywood, CA

09 – Justin hosts a pre-Grammy party at Avalon. JC and Lance both were in attendance. He also launched his JT-TV for Verizon Vcast

10 – Justin, scheduled to perform at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy party, has to cancel because of illness

11 – Justin performs at the Grammy Awards, and wins two awards: Best Rap/Sung Collaboration “My Love” featuring T.I., and Best Dance Recording for SexyBack

12 – From the NY Daily News: So JC Chasez seemed very interested in meeting a particularly handsome young gentleman during Fashion Week. Of course, the poor bastard had to pick a guy who was friends with a gossip columnist. “[His publicist] was like, ‘JC is going to be at such and such a place later, and he’d love to hang out with you,’ ” sez the olive-skinned hunk, who declined to share his phone number. Chasez’s rep says he does not recall that conversation taking place. “And if it did, it would just be to hang out in a group, because he’s a cool guy, not like a setup,” he explained. Snickers bar, anyone?

12 – Joey sets up a new MySpace for his fans: www.myspace.com/joeyphatone: for myspace friends and fans
OK Everyone I did !!! I have a myspace for everyone I did not invite to my other myspace! And yes it is me no BS!! I will keep everyone posted on what I am doing VERY SOON! Also this is not someone typing or doing my myspace account like others do! So thanks for everyones support and all the emails on my other myspace!

12 – JC spotted at the Elle Style Awards, Roundhouse Theater, London

13 – From Perez Hilton: Spotted: Former Nstync-er J.C. Chasez and a male friend at the Gharani Strok show in London Fashion Week on Tuesday. Both had full makeup on.

14 – From Lance’s MySpace: Valentines Day
Hi all!
Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Valentines Day!!
He also adds a short history of Valentine’s Day.

14 – From JC’s MySpace: Quick Update
I am having a great time in London. Tonight I’ll be at the SONY/BMG Party after the Brit Awards.
I am back in the United States this weekend to continue promoting my single “Until Yesterday”. I hope to have a schedule up on my page by next week.
Keep requesting my single, “Until Yesterday” at your local radio station.

14 – Justin reportedly snubs Jessica Biel at Social Hollywood. ”Despite briefly exchanging whispers, the pair spent most of the night on opposite sides of the lounge.
They took great pains to avoid each other and, at one point, were both out on the dance floor with other partners, dancing back-to-back.
A Timberlake pal tells Us Weekly, “He doesn’t want a girlfriend. He doesn’t want to settle down.””

15 – Justin wins Best International Male at the Brit Awards

15 – JC photographed at London Fashion Week. Pinko Cocktail Party

16 – Justin spotted at club Les Deux in Los Angeles

16 – Justin reportedly spotted leaving the Whiskey Bar at the Sunset Marquis with Cameron

18 – From the Sunday Mirror (UK): NINETIES crooner Marti Pellow hasn’t lost his touch. N’Sync’s JC Chasez, David Gest, Eddie Irvine, Hannah Waterman and even Gloria Hunniford have turned up to see him in action at London jazz club, Ronnie Scott’s

18 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Buffalo, HSBC Arena

19? – From MTV-UK: JC Chasez has called for everyone to leave Britney alone, amidst claims that she’s on the verge of a breakdown.
The former *N Sync star, who will so release the follow-up to his 2004 debut solo album, chatted to MTV News’s Tim Kash down at London Fashion Week, lending his support to his former bandmate’s former sweetheart. “This poor girl is in the middle of a divorce!” Said Chasez. “There is no denying it.
“I’ve known her since she was 12 years old. She is one of the sweetest people you have ever met. She has a heart of gold. A divorce at 25 is never going to be easy.
“The one person that she trusted more than anybody in the world now, is not with her. It’s a transition and I genuinely feel bad for her. I mean sure she goes out with a beer and cigarette in her hand and everybody flips out. She is 25 kids! It’s not illegal.”
Meanwhile in non-Britney news, JC also spoke to Tim about working with Justin Timberlake on his new solo album. “The first single is with Justin,” JC told Kash. “It’s called ‘Until Yesterday’.
“The vibe is a very dramatic record. But tongue and cheek as well. There is a great story of you falling apart in this relationship. The actual story is you have been dating this girl for a while. You get her pregnant; you think it’s your baby. She has the baby. She has the baby; it’s not your baby. Hence, I loved you all the way until yesterday.”

19 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Value City Arena, Columbus, OH

20 – From Joey’s MySpace: Yes I am doing it!!!
OK so I am sure some of you are aware I am do DANCING WITH THE STARS this next season for those of you who do not …..there you go! I know by this morning (21st of feb) they have anounced everyone on Good Morning America , I hope you all tune in to watch me try and be lite on my feet and I hope my fat ass loses some weight! And on that note I know I really am going to have fun and have a great time trying these dances since I have never done them before, even though I have danced but I am sure this will be a challange. And I am cool if I do not win but hey who does not want to win right?!! Soooo I need everyone on here to tell all your friends and family to watch March 19 for the first show and this season I believe they start kicking people off the week after. SOOO CALL AND VOTE FOR ME OR IF NOT,,,,,,,, LET ME KNOW IF I SUCK!!!

21 – Official announcement of the Dancing With The Stars competitors on Good Morning America, including Joey

22 – From Lance’s MySpace: A I
So what are you thinking of American Idol this year?
I am not impressed at all this season.
I do have a few favorties and want to hear what you think.
The guys suck and the girls might dominate.
At first i didnt think I was going to like the beat boxer kid… we get enough of that from Justin… but then he sang and I really liked him a lot!
Sorry I dont know the names of them yet…..
Then I like the guy that is a backup singer for Christina
And my 3rd pick is the bald guy that just had the baby and needs to put his hat back on. He has really good pitch.
On the girls, no one really stands out except the last girl that performed.
I also like Alaina Alexander because she is my friend Oliver’s freind. So I will be rooting for her.

22 – Lance photographed at Vanity Fair’s Sixth Annual Amped Concert at Boulevard3 in Hollywood

22 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Tampa, St. Pete Times Forum. Joey attended the show. Timberlake emerged center stage to toast the birthday of a crew member and give a shout out to former ‘N Sync band mate Joey Fatone in the audience. “You better win ‘Dancing With the Stars,’” Timberlake told Fatone.

23 – From Joey’s MySpace: An update on training
ok just a quick note to let everyone know that I started dancing and my feet are fucking killing me!! This twinkle toe stuff is not easy at all and I am trying to make my body move in ways i never did…. Crazy it is only 2 days !! I will keep ya posted! And make sure to tell friends and everyone you know to vote if I do a good job!

23 – From Joey’s MySpace: dance partner
If any one wants to know her name in Kym Johnson she danced with Jerry Springer

23 – Joey photographed with his dance partner Kym Johnson in front of the Cinderella Castle, Disneyworld

23 – Lance photographed at Vanity Fair’s 6th Annual Amped party, Boulevard3, Hollywood, CA

24 or 17 – Chris spotted at Muzik, Toronto, after going to the Hard Rock Café. He was in Toronto while VH1 was “fluffing” his house for the Manband show. “Obviously,” he then said, “I never have to lift a finger again,” given all the success he had with his original band.
He said this with a matter-of-factness that I found actually charming, and with a subtext that was paved between the words and that distinctly read: “Hey, man, I?m just doing this for fun.”

24 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Miami, American Airlines Arena

25 – Lance photographed at The Envelope Please 6th Annual Oscar Viewing Party to Benefit APLA Presented by SBE Entertainment hosted by Jennifer Love Hewitt

25 – Children Uniting Nations Awards Viewing Dinner Celebration and Afterparty at the Music Box at the Fonda Theater, Los Angeles. Joey, AJ, and Nick and Aaron Carter are all scheduled to attend. JC photographed there

25 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Ft. Lauderdale

26 – Chris fills in for Doc on the Doc and Johnny Show radio show in the morning on XL106.7 in Orlando, and should be in all week

26 – Joey on Good Morning America with some of the other Dancing With The Stars contestants

27 – Chris fills in for Doc on the Doc and Johnny radio show in the morning on XL106.7 in Orlando

27 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Atlanta, Philips Arena

27 – Chris spotted at Vintage?

27 – Joey photographed at the Launch Party for season three of The Girls Next Door, at the Playboy Mansion in Bel Air, CA

28 – Chris is a no-show on the Doc and Johnny radio show in the morning on XL106.7 in Orlando

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