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*NSYNC Timeline – January 2007

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01 – Justin spent New Year’s Eve at an “ultra exclusive bash” at Kate Hudson’s home

03 – Justin photographed at the Alpha Dog press conference, Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills

03 – From JC’s MySpace: “Until Yesterday” is currently being added to radio stations around the country. We need everyone to call in and request “Until Yesterday”!
As stations add “Until Yesterday” I will be posting the station and call-in number on my site. You can call in as many times as you want…
Thanks for ALL your support and I will be visiting cities around the country in the next 6 weeks!

03 – Justin Timberlake has split from Cameron Diaz, according to a report in the new issue of Star.
The magazine, on newsstands this week, claims the pop star told friends in Memphis: “We’re done.”
Timberlake, 25, and Diaz, 34, were last seen together publicly on Dec. 16, when she introduced his musical performance on Saturday Night Live. But, according to Star, the couple spent the Christmas holiday season apart – Timberlake was at home in Tennessee and Diaz was skiing in Vail, Colorado.
The magazine quotes sources who claim Timberlake pulled the plug on their relationship after “a serious discussion that ended with Justin deciding that his days with Cam were numbered.”
Star reports that while partying at Senses nightclub in Memphis two days before Christmas, Timberlake told friends “the breakup is for keeps.”
Timberlake and Diaz started dating in 2003 after meeting at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Reports of break-ups and engagements have followed the couple.
Diaz, who ended an engagement to Jared Leto, previously dated actor Matt Dillon. Timberlake had a relationship with Britney Spears and dated Alyssa Milano.

03 – Justin appears on The Tonight Show

03 – Justin attends the Alpha Dog premiere at the Archlight Cinemas, Hollywood, with his mother. They go to the afterpary at Ivar Studios, then to Social Hollywood

04 – From Ted Casablanca’s Awful Truth: Lance and Reichen ring in 2007 together, but is it really happily ever after for these two? Yeah, and I’m Justin Timberlake’s next S.O.

04ish – US Weekly publishes a picture of Lance and Reichen’s NYE “smootch”

04 – From Lance’s MySpace: 2007 Woo Hoo!
Happy New Year everyone!
First off… some lovely person has hijacked my site and now every time you look at my page , you are sent to some other site. Have no clue how to change it, but waiting on some MySpace person to write me. In the meantime, when you click on my page and are sent to the other page….. click your back button and it will let you view my page.
Ok… enough of that. I hope everyone had a great holiday. Mine was pretty darn good. I started off in Mississippi to see the family and friends. I was a little scared to go to the “red neck” bars at first. But, believe it or not everyone was so cool about my coming out this year! I think everyone was more threatened when I was “straight” LOL I was very impressed and proud of my fellow Mississippians.
…. Then on the 23rd I flew to Salt Lake and went skiing for a few days in Deer Valley! First off, I have never been skiing in my life! I figured it would take me a long time to learn. Thank God Reichen is a pro skiier and use to teach. I picked it up really fast and was doing the blue square runs the next day! (Blue square is intermediate for those non skiers) So I spent Christmas there and had my first white Christmas ever!
…Then it was off to Miami for New Years. Met up with a few of my really good friends and did as much relaxing as I could. I spent New Years at the Delano hotel and Shore Club. Oh yea JC was down there too.
Now I am back in LA and ready to start work again. This year I have tons of things going. We are shooting the pilot for the CW in the next 2 months, Lovewrecked premeires on ABC Family this month, have a few tv shows im producing, my book comes out in October, etc.
I know 2007 is going to be an amazing year for everyone.. so take it by the horns and do something you have always wanted to do! No time like the present.
Peace, love, and hair grease. LB

06ish – From Reichen interview in In Touch magazine: “Lance and I are still together.”

08 – Lance and Reichen photographed together on Miami Beach

08 – Start of Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, San Diego, iPayOne Center

09 – Lance posts to his MySpace about Lovewrecked airing on ABC Family on January 21: Enjoy because this will be the last teen film I produce for a while. Think I have my feet wet enough to start exploring other genres. I personally think this film turned out great, Amanda Bynes and Jamie Lynn Sigler are superstars!!! Oh yea, don’t blink or you might miss my cameo in the film. Kinda like Where’s Waldo!! Play along at home!! LOL

09 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Anaheim, Honda Center

11 – Lance and Reichen photographed together on Miami Beach

11 – From Lance’s MySpace: The Trevor Project
A friend of mine is heavily involved with this organization. It has saved many lives and want to share with all of you in case you know someone or you yourself need someone to talk to.

11 – Chris in Pasadena for the Television Critics press junkets, for VH1’s “Untitled Boy Band Project.”

11 – Joint statement from Cameron and Justin: “It has always been our preference not to comment on the status of our relationship, but, out of respect for the time we’ve spent together, we feel compelled to do so now, in light of recent speculation and the number of inaccurate stories that are being reported by the media. We have, in fact, ended our romantic relationship and have done so mutually and as friends, with continued love and respect for one another.”

11 – From a Central Florida News 13 interview with Joey: Speaking of couples, what about the Lance Bass’ break up?
Fatone said: “Oh, he is doing great. He is doing fine. They broke up, but it wasn’t a big break up or a tragic thing. They just said it’s not working out and they are still friends.”

12 – Lance and Reichen photographed together on Miami Beach

12? – Justin talks to Ryan Seacrest on his morning show (via phone) about his breakup and tour

12? – Chris interviewed (without hat or bandana) on E! about Justin and Cameron’s breakup

12 – Lance posts on his MySpace: Pain Killers Much?
If she thinks any publicity is good publicity…. then I grant her her wish1 Enjoy!
and a link to a YouTube clip of a loopy Paula Abdul.

12 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Sacramento, ARCO Arena

13 – Lance and Reichen photographed at the annual pre-Golden Globes Gift House

14 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Phoenix, Glendale Arena

15 – Justin is a presenter at the Golden Globe Awards, Beverly Hilton

15 – Lance scheduled to attend post-Golden Globe party sponsored by E! and Environmental Media Association (Lance is on the EMA Board, he says), in Beverly Hills, at the former Robinson-May department store

15 – JC and Lance photographed/interviewed at the E! Golden Globe party. JC says he is going to Justin’s show on the 16th. Lance also photographed at the Paramount/Dreamworks party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

15 – From People.com: Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz, who announced last week that they’d split up, got into a heated argument at Prince’s Golden Globes afterparty early Tuesday morning.
The exes, who’d chatted politely during the awards ceremony and even shared laughs at InStyle’s annual afterparty, hit the rough patch in their officially amicable breakup at a wee-hours bash hosted by the singer at the Beverly Wilshire hotel.
According to witnesses, Timberlake was chatting with actress Jessica Biel when Diaz approached. Biel stepped away, and the former couple had a serious exchange.
Diaz walked away, Timberlake followed, and the two were soon spotted engaged in an intense 40-minute face-off in a side room.
Diaz reemerged looking composed, but not before Timberlake held his head in his hands and, says a witness, “slammed his fist (down) into a cabinet.”

16 – Manband (or whatever it ends up being called) starts filming in Chris’ house in Orlando?

16 – JC MySpace bulletin: East Coast here I come!
I will be leaving this weekend to start my East Coast Promotional Tour. I will be posting later this week where I will be. In the meantime, make sure to call your local radio station and request “Until Yesterday”.

16 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Los Angeles, CA @ Staples Center. Among the celebrities sighted: Orlando Bloom, Penelope Cruz,

17 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Fresno, SaveMart Center. Justin spotted wearing a tiny Ace bandage on his pinky. A remnant of his encounter with Cameron on the 15th, where Justin reportedly slammed his fist down onto a cabinet?

17 – Joey spotted by a blogger at at the BPM Magazine MySpace Guide to LA issue Release Party at Element in LA. He said he was supposed to be at Justin’s show the night before, but missed his flight. Lance and JC attended the show. Also from the blogger, Lance’s assistant says he will start working on a Christmas album soon.

18 – Lance leaves for Sundance

18 – From JC’s MySpace: I posted a schedule for the East Coast Promotional Tour.
Make sure to keeping requesting “Until Yesterday”!

19 – FutureSex/LoveSounds wins Best International Album at the NRJ Radio Awards

19 – JC on Joey doing Dancing With The Stars (from his interview on the 20th): He told – I literally got off the phone with him yesterday [the 19th] and he was like, “Yeah, I just got the call to do it, so I’m taking a meeting.” I know he’s thinking about doing it, anyway.

19 – Report from Reichen’s book signing in Atlanta: About Lance….He mentioned that Lance had his (Reichen’s) mother wrapped around his finger, he talked about Lance’s “coming out” being “all Lance” (not persuaded by Reichen), he mentioned that they keep their careers separate from one another (don’t travel together), that Lance is very competitive, and that they are both intense people who don’t comingle their business affairs. You got the sense that he really cared about Lance, which I thought was “nice.” No “intimate” details (like is Lance a great kisser or anything).

19 – Lance photographed in ski gear “Village at the Lift”, Park City, Utah

19 – Lance photographed at MySpace Nights at Tao party, Park City, Utah

19 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Las Vegas, MGM Grand Hotel.

19 – From Contactmusic.com: Newly single Justin Timberlake partied with actresses Eva Longoria and Alyssa Milano into the early hours of yesterday (20JAN07) morning while celebrating his mother’s birthday. The pop superstar – who recently confirmed his split with his girlfriend of four years Cameron Diaz – attended the exclusive Jet nightclub at The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada with his mother Lynn Harless, who turned 45 on Friday (19JAN07). Timberlake ensured Harless had the time of her life by keeping the champagne flowing, and even took to the mic to wish her a happy birthday, as she blew out the candles on her three-tiered cake, made by celebrity chef Jean-Philippe Maury. Olivia Wilde, Timberlake’s co-star in upcoming new movie ALPHA DOG, also joined in the celebrations.

20 – According to the Orlando Sentinel, as Lou Pearlman’s empire crumbles: Also Tuesday, Pearlman lost some of his stake in his two big boy bands, ‘N Sync and Backstreet Boys. Washington Mutual Bank was awarded a $9.8 million interest in Pearlman’s ownership of ‘N Sync Productions Inc. and Backstreet Productions Inc. in a judgment entered in Seminole County.

20 – Lance photographed (with bag of swag), Main Street, Park City, Utah

20 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Boston, Open House Party, 8:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. live on air

20 – Justin wins NRJ Music Award for International Male Artist of the Year

20 – Lance and Reichen photographed at Sundance

20 – MySpace bulletin from Lance: Watch Lovewrecked…. please.
Lovewrecked premieres tonight!!!! Sunday the 21st! ABC Family!!
Hope you like it!
Spread the word!
Please do not respond to this bulletin or my profile will explode! Thanks! Lance

20 – Lance and Justin photographed together at the Motorola Late Night Lounge, Park City, Utah

20 – Lance and Reichen photographed together at the Motorola Late Night Lounge, Park City, Utah

20 – Lance and Reichen photographed together at ChefDance, hosted by Bethenny Frankel and Chef Kerry Simon, Park City, Utah

21 – The first video clip is posted to the “Untitiels VH1 Orlando Project Blog #1,” featuring Chris doing a short tour of his house, where the show is being taped

21 – Lance and Reichen (and incognito Justin) photographed skiing together, Park City, Utah

21 – Lance and Reichen photographed at T-Mobile Café at Village at the Lift, Park City, Utah

21 – Lance and Reichen photographed at Genetic Jeans Party, Marquee at Harry O’s, Park City, Utah and the Tao After Party (also at Harry O’s)

21 – Lance and Reichen confirmed players for a poker tourament hosted by Doyle Brunson and DoylesRoom.com to benefit Operation Smile, at a private home during Sundance. Lance (and Reichen?) photographed playing poker.

22 – From Boston.com: Former ‘N Syncer JC Chasez, in town for an appearance on John Garabedian’s syndicated radio show “Open House Party,” was looking for a spot near the Hotel Commonwealth to catch last night’s Pats game. From a later article from Boston.com: JC Chasez, former member of ‘N Sync, posed for a lot of photographs and signed even more autographs while watching the Pats game Sunday night at “Game On!”

22 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Portland, Maine. WJBQ 12 noon, listening event, appearance at radio station with contest winners

22 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Portsmouth, NH. WERZ 2:30 p.m. station visit, on-air interview

22 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Providence, RI. WPRO 6 p.m.

22 – “Not So Blind Item” from Perez Hilton: What gay celebrity that Perez hates had a foursome in Atlanta this past Friday night with Davis from the Real World and some other homos? This loser – whose boyfriend was skiing in Utah – has a real affinity for fellow reality TV whores!

22 – Lance photographed at the American Eagle Outfitters Gift Suite and Spa, Park City, Utah

22 – Lance photographed at Late Night at the Heineken Green Room, Park City, Utah

22 – Lance photographed at the Blender Sessions at Tao with Nelly and Akon

22 – Reichen also photographed around Sundance, but not with Lance

23 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Albany, NY. WWKF, 12 noon listening event, appearance at radio station with contest listeners

23 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Albany, NY. WFLY, 2 p.m. stop at station for quick on-air promo of listening party at Houlihans

23 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Albany, NY. 5 p.m.-7 p.m. listening party/appearance at Houlihans Restaurant, Crossgates Mall, Albany

23 – From E! Online’s Marc Malkin: Are Lance Bass and Reichen Lemkuhl kaput again?
The latest from the slopes of Sundance has it that they’ve called it quits. This is not the first time that the lovebirds of eight months have broken up.
This time around, Bass showed up solo at last night’s Blender Sessions party at Tao. Later on, a source spotted him sulking at a party at the Village at the Lift’s Heineken Lounge. Bass left the bash around midnight after hanging there for a measly twenty minutes, the party-goer says.
Another source reports that Lemkuhl is still in Park City, but has told friends he is cutting his trip short. He says he wants to get on the earliest flight out tomorrow morning, the source says.
The two were seen having breakfast together just yesterday at the T-Mobile Café. “They didn’t look too happy,” an eyewitness says. “They were both on their Blackberrys and they weren’t talking.”
As I reported earlier today, Bass and Lemkuhl were spotted skiing with Bass’s pal, Justin Timberlake, this weekend.
Bass’s rep declined to comment. Lemkuhl did not return calls.

23 – The “Manband” performed at halftime during the Mavricks/Magic basketball game in Orlando

24 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Syracuse, NY. WWHT 2 p.m. on-air interview.

24 – First promo pictures of Chris and the rest of the “Manband” group released

24 – Justin photographed during the Black Snake Moan portraits, Delta Sky Lounge, Park City, Utah. Also photographed at the Luxury Lounge, Main Street, Park City, Utah

24 – Sundance premiere of Black Snake Moan, Eccles Theater, Park City, Utah. From Salt Lake Tribune: Park City High School’s cheerleaders have a new cheer. The team was practicing Wednesday evening in the school’s gym, adjacent to the Eccles Center’s green room, when singer-actor Justin Timberlake walked by on his way to the Sundance premiere of his film, “Black Snake Moan.” The girls burst into synchronized cheers of, “We love you, Justin!” Timberlake obliged by stopping, chatting with the cheerleaders and posing for photos.

24 – Klipsch after-party for Black Snake Moan at the Celsius Lounge, Park City, Utah

25 – JC late to his morning radio appearance, 9 a.m.

25 – According to Perez Hilton, Jessica Biel met up with Justin in Park City, and spent some time snowboarding together

25 – According to the “untitled boyband project”’s MySpace, the band is now going by Sure Shot Band.

25 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Rochester, NY. WPXY, 6 p.m. appearance at radio station, lounge listening event, HSBC Plaza, Rochester. (Also with PXY’s Spezzano & Sandy’s Road Trip, broadcast live from the Geneso Family Restaurant?)

26 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Buffalo, NY. WRVQ

26 – From GayWired.com’s Ross von Metzke: Let’s start with the meanest moment of Sundance. We all know gossip columnist Perez Hilton has been on a rabid quest to break up newly out boybander Lance Bass and Amazing Race winner Reichen Lehmkuhl since the minute he confirmed their relationship. First was the rumored affair, then Reichen threatened Perez with a lawsuit—at once point, even a publicist for Bass confirmed the two had split.
But then they both showed up in Park City, sharing a ski lift with Justin Timberlake, who’s here singing, dancing and promoting his latest flick Black Snake Moan. Things looked just peachy until Perez posted a story alleging that Reichen had flown into Park City to be with his man fresh off some group action in Atlanta. One of the guys Perez alleges Reichen slept with it Davis from this season’s The Real World. Boy, if these rumors are to be believed, Reichen sure likes to keep it in the family.
Neither one of the boys have yet to confirm whether they’ve called it quits for good this time around, but Lance was spotted at a party in Park City earlier this week “thanking” Perez? What? Now there’s a duo I’ve never seen chatting it up, let alone being friendly about it? How much truth is there behind the rumors? I just don’t have enough evidence to say one way or another, but I do know this much. If Lance is actually giving Perez the time of day, there’s drama somewhere in paradise.

27 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Richmond, VA. WRVQ

27 – From Lance’s MySpace (which also shows his relationship status as single): Success! Woo Hoo!
Just to let you know, thanks to all of you…. LoveWrecked did amazing for ABC Family. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed making it.
For the 1% of the people that actually care to know… here is the press release that was sent.
On Sunday, January 21, 2007, ABC Family’s latest original movie “Lovewrecked,” starring Amanda Bynes and Chris Carmack, debuted as basic cable’s No. 1 program in the time period in young Adult and Women demos and ranked as the Net’s most-watched non-holiday original premiere in these key demos in almost a year. Moreover, driven by the premiere and encore airings of “Lovewrecked,” ABC Family finished as Sunday’s most-watched basic cable network in Prime in Adults 18-49 and Women 18-49, and placed a solid No. 3 in Total Viewers. Additionally, “Lovewrecked” outperformed year-ago time period levels, across-the-board, including more than doubling in Total Viewers and Adults 18-49, and more than tripling in target Women.
I know you probably dont know what this means… but it is good.
Very happy.
P.S. To all those concerned about recent events… I am totally fine.. so dont worry about me.

27 – Joey, and Joey’s father, spotted at FX Convention in Florida

27 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, St. Paul, Xcel Energy Center

28 – Joey’s 30th birthday

28 – Lance photographed with Wendy Thorlakson at the 13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles

29 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Harrisburg, PA. WHKF

29 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Allentown, PA. WAEB

29 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Pennsylvania. WKRZ

29 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Buffalo, NY. WRVQ

29 – From People: Lance Bass confirms to PEOPLE that he and Reichen Lehmkuhl have called it quits once and for all.
“We broke up last week,” Bass tells PEOPLE. “But we’re really good friends. Nothing bad at all – nothing bad at all to say.”

29 – From Reichen’s MySpace: The Break Up
Thanks for your many letters of concern about the recent changes in my life as well as your understanding of my need for privacy over the next few weeks.
Although it would usually be more of a challenge to find some peace during this time, your positive wishes have helped.
Our parting of ways is amicable and we remain friends who care about and love each other. I sincerely appreciate all those who have supported me and Lance as a couple over the past year. I would appreciate, just as well, your wishing us each, as individuals, the very best going forward.
With respect,

30 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Toronto, Air Canada Centre

30 – From one of JC’s Promo Tour questions about his Leo necklace: I cut it off this summer. I’ve been wearing it for over ten years, maybe even fifteen. And I went to do my photo shoot for this album, I was shooting it right around…at the end of summer, and I’d just finished taking all those and I was like, “You know what?” It was just time. It’s still dear to me and I still have it, but it was kind of significant to me for, this is a new record, this is a new me.

30 – From Manband blog: What do you think of the name Sureshot?
What do you think of the name “SURESHOT”? Let us know!
Reply to this blog telling us what you think of our name, SURESHOT! We’re interested and excited to hear your feedback!

30 – Rich C posts Manband/Sureshot pictures on his MySpace

30 – Sureshot appearance/performance at Mansion, Miami, FL

31 – Justin’s 26th birthday

31 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Philadelphia, PA. WIOQ

31 – JC East Coast Promo Tour – Trenton, NJ. WPST

31 – Justin’s FutureSex/LoveShow with special guest Pink, Montreal, Bell Centre. The crowd sing “Happy Birthday To You”, and at the end of the show Timbaland presented Justin a birthday cake

31 – Lance photographed at the House of Cassette launch party at Here, West Hollywood

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